Wounded Warriors in Action

Wounded Warriors in Action

Who are the Wounded Warriors in Action? 

WWIIA (Wounded Warriors in Action Foundation Inc.) offers world-class outdoor activities to combat wounded Purple Heart recipients, showing respect and gratitude through outdoor activities that help promote healing and wellness.

Through the growth of the community and a sense of camaraderie, this project not only honors their sacrifice but also promotes healing, wellness and independence.

Wounded Warriors in Action Programs

This nonprofit organization offers free services to wounded veterans with post-traumatic stress disorder (PTSD), traumatic brain injury (TBI), combat stress and other invisible wounds.

MENTAL HEALTH & WELLNESS – WWAP offers free programs and services to help treat PTSD, TBI, combat stress, and other invisible wounds.

WWAP supports warriors in achieving and maintaining their mental health goals by providing practical tools and ensuring entire community and family support.

PHYSICAL HEALTH & WELLNESS – Wounded Warriors Project offers physical health and wellness services to wounded warriors. Creating goals, coaching, developing skills, and practicing physical activity can help warriors adopt a healthy lifestyle. Nutrition advise and exercise coaching is included in the program.

CAREER & VA BENEFITS COUNSELING PROGRAM – Financial stability is essential to a successful recovery. Financial instability makes it difficult for a warrior to focus on anything else. The WWP helps veterans to claim Department of Veterans Affairs (VA) and Department of Defense (DOD) benefits. Troops can also obtain rewarding civilian careers through career services.

INDEPENDENCE PROGRAM – If a warrior is severely injured, we can help. For severely wounded warriors, specialized care and services are often required. Whenever the government cannot provide warriors with what they need, WWAP steps in. WWAP includes support for these warriors. Warriors are provided resources to enable them to flourish as independently and meaningfully as possible through the Independence Program.

WWII’s Northern Healing Center: Camp Hackett  

The WWIA has operated Camp Hackett since 2007 in northern Wisconsin. A paradise for athletes, Camp Hackett is owned and used by WWIA. The majority of Hackett is wild forestland, except for 570 acres owned by Illinois directly east of Hackett. Hackett is conveniently located near other similar-sized forests that are owned by private citizens. As a result of the new land, our heroes can take part in twice as many outdoor adventures as before.

Hunters and fishers can hunt and catch some of North America’s most unique game and fish species in this magical area. Among the many activities and sports available at Camp Hackett are trophy deer hunting with bows and arrows, black bear tracking, fishing for freshwater musky, and Canadian goose hunting.

Even though Camp Hackett’s accommodations are pretty sparse, they are still quite adequate. After all, this is a “deer camp.” This bunkhouse is well insulated, externally heated and well built. It provides a safe place to sleep, share stories and bond with other veterans. There is no electric power at Camp Hackett, but propane generators provide clean energy to substitute for foreign oil.

Guide School

Designed for Purple Heart recipients, the WWIA Guide School offers the world the first multidisciplinary, adaptive sports guide program. It is an all-expenses-paid, 10-day course.

Three classes of Purple Heart recipients have been trained and certified by WWIA instructors since 2016. Their leadership at other WWIA events shows their dedication to their fellow combat-wounded veterans.

WDIA identifies Purple Heart Associates who have demonstrated leadership potential and nominates them for Guide School.

Culinary Arts 

To examine the needs and potential of the initiative, WWIA formed a Culinary Arts Committee in 2017. As part of their healthy lifestyles, our heroes and their significant others were intrigued to learn more about wild game and fish preparation and presentation.

Our culinary arts program launched with two events in 2018, Galveston Couples Fishing and Culinary Event and Minnesota Caregivers Culinary Experience. The Galveston Couples Fishing and Culinary Event continues annually because of the positive feedback from these events. This program seeks to expand and involve more heroes and their families.


In upstate New York, you can enjoy an unforgettable experience at the 8th Annual Kuneytown FLX Ducks and Bucks event. The Kuneytown Sportsmen’s Club is your host and will provide you with lodging along the lake, gourmet meals from Chef Moira Tidball, and great camaraderie.

8th Annual Western PA Guided Archery Deer Hunt

There are all the comforts and amenities of a home at the lodge. It conducts a guided archery deer hunt on 170 acres of private land, including 50 acres of crops for drawing deer and 120 acres of woods that provide good cover and bedding areas for deer in this event. Hunting enthusiasts can settle in at this property and tour the property before eating dinner at the lodge. Depending on their preference, the hunters will have access to multiple tree stands and ground blinds, all within easy walking distance or ATV access. Delicious home cooking is provided.

12th Annual Mokan Ducks N’ Bucks 

A Chapter event, the 12th Annual WWIA MoKan Ducks N’ Bucks, was held on April 22, 2019. In addition to Missouri Firearms Whitetail Hunts, Kansas Archery Whitetail Hunts, Kansas and Missouri Duck Hunts, and Missouri Trapping (Trapping College), this action-packed event includes Missouri Whitetail hunting. The MoKan (Trapping College) will select two Heroes to learn the challenging sport of trapping during this event.

3rd Annual Naples NY VFW Big Buck Hunt

Hunt some of New York’s biggest bucks using 40 deer stands over food plots and 400 acres of prime hardwoods.

8th Annual Double Creek TN Whitetail Deer Hunt

Deer activity can be observed using multiple cameras set up during the cold weather. Approximately 600 acres are available for hunting during these events. This log home property is located two hours southwest of Nashville, Tennessee, surrounded by 100 acres of wooded beauty and abundant wildlife. An avid hunter and outdoorsman with his wife offer a rare opportunity to hunt whitetail deer. The couple provides lodging and meals.

Applying to WWIA

World Wounded Warriors Association is a national program that honors, connects and heals wounded veterans.

Application: A copy of the orders for your Purple Heart or a DD214 proves that you have been awarded.

You are required to provide photo documentation to facilitate our meeting and identification in an airport.

Your application can be filled out and submitted here.

How Do I Contact Wounded Warriors in Action?

You can contact wounded warriors in Action:

330 Pauls Drive, Suite 215
Brandon, FL 33511

Phone: 813-938-1390

Mail: info@wwwiaf.org

Ways to Get Involved

Refer a Purple Heart Recipient

If you know a Purple Heart veteran, refer them to the WWIA application. We would be honored to serve them in a world-class outdoor sporting activity!

Host a Fundraiser

You can engage your community and show support for Purple Heart veterans by holding a Purple Heart fundraiser. A few of the events the WWIA has supported have included banquet dinners, games luncheons, silent auctions, athletic events and holiday parties.

Spread the Word

Don’t forget to tell your friends about WWIA! The mission of Wounded Warriors in Action is made possible with the help of a nationwide network of individuals and organizations.


  1. Donate with your credit card
  2. Direct accepts credit and debit cards
  3. You can mail a check to headquarters:

Wounded Warriors in Action Foundation

6516 Dolphin Cove Drive
Apollo Beach, FL 33572

Please note the event name in the memo field of your check if you are donating to a specific event.

Become a Corporate Sponsor of the WWIA

Support our nation’s Purple Heart veterans while enhancing your visibility and philanthropic goals. More information can be found on our Sponsor Page or by downloading our Corporate Sponsorship Packet.

Make a Vehicle Donation

By completing an online form, you can donate your car, truck, motorcycle, RV or boat to CARS, and CARS will contact you to arrange the pickup of your vehicle donation.

Host an Event 

Creating 50+ unique events each year for over 250 Purple Heart recipients wouldn’t be possible without our event hosts’ hard work and dedication.

It is the job of the foundation to make sure that every event is successful by providing comprehensive assistance. The planning, coordination and resource allocation for an event serving three to five Purple Heart recipients over three to five days, are critical.

Host a Fundraiser  

Support the Wounded Warriors in Action Foundation by inviting your family, friends, coworkers and customers to join you. The opportunities to support our Purple Heart Heroes are endless!

How are Wounded Warriors in Action Foundation different from other organizations?

The Purple Heart Foundation (WWIA) devotes all of its energy and resources to supporting Purple Heart recipients wounded in combat. No matter what era of conflict they served in, all Purple Heart recipients have access to world-class outdoor sporting activities that aid their recovery. These activities are offered free of charge to all Purple Heart recipients.

What other Wounded Warrior organizations are affiliated with WWIA?

No. WWIA is an independent 501(c)(3) nonprofit organization registered with the IRS.

How do I apply?

You have been a great help to us! If you are interested in hunting or fishing, we invite you to attend at no cost one of our world-class events.

Your application can be filled out and submitted here.

Who are the WWIA Purple Heart Associates?

WWIIA Purple Heart Associates are combat-wounded veterans who have been nominated and endorsed by their peers as individuals who are loyal and dedicated to supporting our mission and the Heroes we serve.

Purple Heart Associates provide invaluable support between the Heroes, host organizations, and the WWIA at all events once they have been trained.

How do I become a Purple Heart Associate for WWIA?

A nominative process selects prospective Purple Heart Associates, and the WWIA staff verifies the results.

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