Wounded Eagles

Wounded Eagles

What is Wounded Eagles?

Wounded Eagle UAS (WE) is a non-profit veteran’s service organization located in Los Angeles that is committed to giving injured and disabled veterans a path to a professional career as FAA Part 107 UAS operators in the burgeoning sUAS (small unmanned aerial systems) sector.

Wounded Eagle UAS also trains students to fly via remote control (RC) and drone piloting. Joseph Dorando, who is a Navy veteran, founded the organization.

After receiving the initial drone reports from Afghanistan and Iraq, Dorando realized that unmanned aerial vehicles (UAVs) were the future of law enforcement.

He saw that there would be a sizeable civilian job market for commercial UAV operators, which inspired him to establish Wounded Eagle UAS to train wounded and disabled veterans to build, fly, operate and repair UAVs.

The organization was established with a vision of paving a professional roadway for wounded and disabled veterans as an operator of sUAS in the rapidly growing industry.

Wounded Eagle strives to train their members to become (Federal Aviation Administration) FAA-certified commercial drone operators through comprehensive training and resources.

WEUAS is also featured in the National Resource Directory of the United States Government.

WE Service Programs

The main objective of the WEUAS training program is to offer mentorship and training to students. It enables them to become FAA Part 107-certified sUAS commercial remote pilots and FCC-listed radio operators.

  • Hands-on flight training with FAA Part 107 licensed pilots is included in the curriculum. Both stick- and laptop-based flight training is included.
  • Students study the design principles, building, operation, maintenance and repair of fixed-wing and multi-rotor sUAS platforms.
  • They also offer assistance to students pursuing their FCC technician’s level license. This course is a valuable resource for people who require higher-powered transmitters and frequency access for streaming video with low lag or those who need higher data transmission speeds.
  • Additionally, WEUAS provides adaptive recreational therapy so that fellow veterans can discover the joy of flying.
  • An advanced course includes orthomosaic photogrammetry training for 3D modeling and mapping projects.

WE Training Program

WEUAS has partnered with WelcomeHome.Vet, which hosts the learning management system, and Mappix.io to provide online training and tutorials to students who cannot attend training facilities.

This course, powered by Pilot Training System, will help you pass the FAA Part 107 exam for free.

  • This course has nine lectures, each with a quiz (15 questions) and a practice exam that simulates the FAA’s 60-question, multiple-choice exam.
  • One cheat sheet for regulations and eight detailed, easy-to-understand training videos (97 minutes of content).
  • Correct and wrong responses get detailed explanations.
  • Track your progress with an integrated learning management system.
  • The FAA exam registration link appears on the course completion certificate.
  • Thousands of pilots have been trained, with a first-time pass rate of more than 99%.

Who qualifies?

  • Disabled American Veterans (DAV), American Legion, and American Veterans (AMVETS) are eligible and can enroll themselves as students.
  • The veteran must have a disability rating of at least 10% from the Department of Veterans Affairs to be eligible.

What skills will you gain?

Finding a competent candidate is a time-consuming and challenging process for any organization. WEUAS makes that task a little easier to overcome by upskilling the veterans. They will gain extensive knowledge of the industry such as:

  1. A FAA Part 107 drone operator is authorized to fly commercial drones weighing less than 55 pounds.
  2. Extensive knowledge of unmanned aerial systems (sUAS) and their components.
  3. Ability to troubleshoot.
  4. Hands-on repair experience.
  5. In-depth knowledge of safe flight operations and risk management.
  6. FCC-licensed service provider.
  7. Wounded Eagle also offers personal flight instruction and aircraft for students in the Los Angeles region.
  8. As a licensed radio operator, you’ll take an FCC Technician Level certificate course to learn about frequency utilization.

As a result of your understanding and experience with remotely piloted aircraft, you will stand out among your peers.

The veterans will not only profit from a new profession in the sUAS business, but they will also experience the joy that flying can provide.

Skydio Drone Giveaway

Three high-end drones have been generously supplied by Skydio, an American drone firm, and will be given away at the completion of the drone training lecture series.

Contest Rules:

Rule #1
The veterans who have the highest attendance (determined by cumulative time in Zoom attendance) and refer other attendees, including civilians, will receive a link to the Skydio essay contest.

Rule #2
There will be a notification to the top five veterans who scored the highest on the cumulative quiz about Skydio’s essay contest. They will be evaluated before each lecture and graded on the previous week’s quizzes in addition to their attendance.

Rule #3
The top five veterans who finish the FAA exam before Labor Day will receive a link to the Skydio essay site.

Note: Among the 15 (or fewer) participants who submit essays for consideration, a jury of Skydio veterans will pick three winners.

How Do I Contact the Wounded Eagles?

Mailing Address:

540 N Golden Circle Dr
Santa Ana, CA 92705


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Donate to Wounded Eagles

You can help the Wounded Eagles team train our wounded and disabled veterans by donating to them and providing a head start in the UAS and ROV sector.

The students’ training is provided at no cost to them. The books, equipment and aircraft are all provided to them. You may be able to assist their training with your generous donation. All you have to do is choose the donation level and method.

Donation Method:

  1. Donate by Mail- Make your check payable to Wounded Eagle UAS Inc and send it to the above-mentioned address.
  2. Donate Online- Request and connect with them to donate online via Paypal.

Check out WEUAS’ FAQ page for more information about Wounded Eagles and their veterans’ programs.

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