What Is The VA Loan Certificate Of Eligibility?

VA Loan Certificate of Eligibility

What Is The VA Loan Certificate Of Eligibility?

In addition to getting medical assistance and being open to numerous development programs, one of the most noteworthy benefits US military members receive is the opportunity to purchase a VA home loan. However, to reap the benefits associated with this loan program, you must meet certain criteria and attain a VA loan certificate of eligibility to verify your eligibility.

Most people ask what exactly is a COE and why it is important. Well, here’s a list of everything you should know about this certificate and how to attain it.

What Is The Certificate Of Eligibility?

In order to qualify for a VA mortgage, you must prove that you are a current/former military member, reservist or family member. This is when the VA loan certificate of eligibility comes in handy.

A COE is a document that verifies your eligibility for the loan. To proceed with the application procedure, your lender must have this document to validate your/your sponsor’s service type, grounds of discharge and other vital requirements.

Who Needs The COE?

There are absolutely no exceptions when it comes to attaining your VA loan Certificate of Eligibility. All applicants, whether they are active military members, Veterans, members of the Reserves, National Guard, spouse, family member or a disabled military member, COE is mandatory for everyone.

Moreover, an applicant can start the application process without this document, but your loan will not close until you present the certificate. Usually, it is wise to apply for COE months before you even apply for the mortgage, so you don’t face any unnecessary hindrances.

Eligibility Criteria For COE

To obtain your VA loan certificate of eligibility (COE), you must meet EITHER of the following parameters-

  1. You are a current/former military member and have either served 181 consecutive days during peacetime or 90 consecutive days during wartime.
  2. You are a member of Reserves or a national guard with at least six years of experience.
  3. You are a spouse of a Veteran who either went missing in action, was a prisoner of war or died while on-duty/from a service-related injury/disability.

In case you have not served the above-stated time period, your grounds of discharge must be due to a service-related injury or a disability.

Applying For The VA Loan Certificate Of Eligibility

There are usually three ways to apply for this document.

You can either apply online by accessing the VA’s online platform, given all your information is already mentioned. There might be some cases where this platform might not have the required information you need for applying. Applying as a spouse or as an applicant who has had a foreclosure before are examples of these cases.

In such cases, you can apply through other ways.

The second option is asking your private lender to get it for you. This is the easiest and fastest way to get your VA loan certificate of eligibility. However, sticking to just one lender can reduce your chances of getting an even lower interest rate. The last option is to fill out the Request for Certificate of Eligibility Form at your regional VA center.

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