What Is The Best Way To Read A VA Disability Pay Chart?

What Is The Best Way To Read A VA Disability Pay Chart?

A VA disability compensation claim can be filed through the Department of Veterans Affairs (VA) if you feel your disability is connected to your service. When the VA decides whether your disability is related to your service, it will assign you a rating to determine your compensation.
You will be assigned a rating based on several factors and the severity of your condition. The VA may also give you multiple ratings if you suffer from various conditions.

Do you have trouble reading the disability chart? Here’s how the rating system works and how to read the chart.

What is the process by which the VA assigns ratings?

The VA assigns ratings according to a complex system. Each condition is categorized according to the VA Schedule of Rating Disabilities. Medical issues are categorized, medical problems are divided into diagnostic issues, and diagnostics are coded differently.
Furthermore, each diagnostic code includes a list of symptoms you must suffer to qualify for that rating. There are four categories under the digestive system: ulcers, weight loss, abdominal conditions, and post-gastrectomy syndromes. Following that, there would be four groups of ulcers: severe (60%), moderately severe (40%), moderate (20%), and mild (10%). Symptoms defined for the severe group must be present to qualify for a 60% rating.

VA Ratings: How Do They Work?

Using your category and diagnosis, the VA will determine which code best describes your disability. Moreover, you will only be paid according to one diagnostic code, even if you are assigned more than one disability.
The VA will choose the highest rating if you are assigned multiple codes. If the VA’s schedule does not list your disability, the department will find a condition close to your disability.

What Is The Best Way To Use The Chart With Multiple Ratings?

The VA will not assign you a 100% rating if you have two ratings- 40% and 60%- for instance. A combined rating chart will be used instead of combining your ratings.
The combined rating table can be accessed by searching for 40 in the table. Once you’ve found it, look across the left column for 60. You’ll reach 76, and the number must be rounded off to the nearest ten. In other words, 76 will be rounded up to 80. As a result, your rating will be 80.
The VA will give you the benefit of the doubt if you have a service-connected disability and a non-service-connected condition. Your service-connected disability will be assumed to be the cause of your symptoms. You would receive a higher rating if you did this.
When the department determines your rating, the VA will assign you a staged rating that might be lower than you deserve. However, you can submit medical evidence stating that your condition is getting worse.

Disability Ratings

Sign in to either of the following platforms to view your VA disability rating:

  • ID.me
  • DS Logon
  • MyHealtheVet

ID.me allows you to create a free account if you don’t have one in any of these.

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