VOW To Hire Heroes Act of 2011

VOW To Hire Heroes Act of 2011

If we talk about the word VOW, it is Veteran Opportunity to Work. The main reason to start this act “Vow to hire heroes” was to reduce the unemployment in the veterans.

There are more than a million veterans who are unemployed in the U.S., especially veterans who have more financial liabilities but less finance and those ages from 35 to 64.

How the unemployment can be recognized in veterans through this act:-

By the following ways unemployment can be recognized in veterans:-

  • Education and training expansions:-To start keeping the moving veterans away from unemployment line, to be eligible for service in high demand sector like technology from trucking ,the 100,000 veterans which are unemployed of old eras and wars receives around 1 year of additional Montgomery GI Bill benefits through this vow to hire heroes act of 2011.The veterans those are disabled will receive up to 12 months of additional VA vocational rehabilitation and employment benefits for those who have finished unemployment benefits .
  • Refining the transition assistance program:- Many member those are in service do not want to enter in life of civilian or take part in TAP without the basic knowledge or understanding of competing in a stressed job market. That why for most of the people who are service members and going to transition in a civilian life, this transition assistance program is necessary and for those who want to update the options of career counselling, skills of searching the job and also this program will be according to individuals and job market of 21st century.
  • Enabling seamless transition:-To get the jobs in civil services takes time like few months. That’s why a veteran has to look for unemployment benefits. After discharge to reduce the time to begin a federal service, by acquiring before separation the preference status of veterans, this bill give permission to service members to start the federal employment process. It provides seamless transition to the federal agencies that give job to our veterans and civil service at VA and benefit them.
  • Military skills and training translation:-Through this bill it will be easy to get certification and licenses and it will also need for the department of labor to see towards that how to do translation for military skills and training for civilian sector job.
  • Veterans tax credits:-For recruiting veterans and veterans those are disabled and out of work, they will receive tax credits by the VOW to hire heroes act.

Speech by president Obama on unemployment and veterans:-

As per President Obama, the experience gained in military on leadership and technology should be used to act as a leader even at home. There are challenges to move back to regular civilian life and president Obama touches base on different challenges the veterans face once they leave the military.

Companies these days need only skilled worker and this is the reason, it is one of the priorities of president Obama to help the veterans in smoothly moving to the civilian life. Within this program, post-9/11 GI bill is fully funded which includes providing help to 500,000 and more veterans and members of the family to undertake a degree from college. This initiative is also extended to provide help for apprenticeship training and non-degree courses.

With more than 100,000 veterans hired, the Federal government acts as one of the prime example. President Obama urges other private companies as well to provide their commitment to give opportunities to more veterans. In order to encourage the companies, certain tax credits for returning hero’s is provided so that the companies show enthusiasm in hiring returning veterans or veterans who are suffering a disability. This is extended to the campaign around Joining Forces and asks them to hire around 100,000 veterans. This is to be done by 2014.

Department of Defense and Veterans Affairs in addition are also preparing a boot camp which would facilitate the veterans to know all the benefits. This will also teach them as to how they can convert their military training for any civil industry and take up an opportunity that suits them best. All these steps are taken with a mindset to allow companies to hire veterans and let veterans become completely eligible for these companies.

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