VA Loan Certificate of Eligibility: Getting Your Armed Forces Loan

VA Loan Certificate of Eligibility Getting Your Armed Forces Loan

VA Loan Certificate of Eligibility: Getting Your Armed Forces Loan

For veterans of the US Armed Forces, there exist a variety of home loans as well as refinancing schemes to help them get better homes at affordable mortgages. The first step in availing this benefit is to get a COE or the Certificate of Availability. Getting this certificate is not that hard a process, and, following are some of the important guidelines associated with it.

Getting it online via your lender

The Request for COE or Form 26-1880 is the easiest path to get a Certificate of Eligibility. You do not need to do anything in the process- a VA approved lender, along with the access to webLGY, can get it electronically for you if you are a borrower in the system. Borrowers of this kind make up the bulk of eligible candidates for VA loans.

DIY or Do it Yourself

You as the applicant can also fill up and give the form by mail or submit it online. Veterans and service members, whose names do not exist in the system, need to furnish proof of service in the military along with the completed application.

For current and former members of the National Guard or the Reserves, activated on the federal level, there is an additional requirement to attach a filled DD 214. While filling up this form (if required by your nature of service), do pay attention to items 24 and 28, which are for the character or type of service and the reason for separation respectively.

For those service members who are at duty while they apply for the VA loan’s COE, submission of a written statement including their name as it should be there on the certificate, along with their DoB and Social Security number, along with the dates of active duty and those lost during their service. Any such written statements should be on a military letterhead, accompanied by signatures of the adjutant and the personnel or commanding officer of the unit to which the applicant belongs.

Other eligible candidates

The discharged members of National Guard, or were never activated can also get the eligibility certificate for a VA Loan. It requires them to submit a completed NGB Form 22, also known as the Record of Service and Report of Separation, required for every service period in the National Guard. Former members of the Guard can also fill in the paperwork for Retirement Points Accounting, which is the NGB Form 23, along with proof of the service type.

Benefits for survivors

Surviving spouses of service members are also eligible to get VA loans depending on how the service members died. If they died during duty or due to some injury caused while on duty, their spouses are considered eligible and  they need to apply by sending in form VA 26-1817 via mail. It is required that you attach it with all relevant documentation of the deceased service member along with a copy of the marriage license.

Any other and related information about VA loans is available from the local center of the VA or with their help desk, available at their 1-800 numbers.

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  • Phil Chapman
    Posted at 11:59h, 15 October Reply

    My son is trying to get his and is getting stonewalled! He went to the VA and they had no idea what he was talking about…Nice! NOT!

  • Bob
    Posted at 14:10h, 18 May Reply

    For years the 22 and 214 were the only forms required. Now they want you to provide a point earned 23. Why don’t they just pull it ip. No 60 to 90 day wait. In my opinion a sad scam delay.

  • Matt Harriss
    Posted at 15:57h, 16 November Reply

    How do I get my NGB 23?

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