VA Home Loans Frequently Asked Questions

VA Home Loans Frequently Asked Questions

Q: How do I apply for a VA-guaranteed loan?

A: Any mortgage lender participating in the VA home loan program can provide you with a VA loan. Obtain a Certificate of Eligibility from VA to prove you’re eligible for a VA loan.

Q: What is the process for getting a Certificate of Eligibility?

Send the Atlanta Eligibility Center a completed VA Form 26-1880, Request for a Certificate of Eligibility for Home Loan Benefits, and proof of military service to obtain the Certificate of Eligibility. While evidence of service may not be required in all cases, you should provide it if you want to avoid any delays.

Q: Will my lender be able to obtain my Certificate of Eligibility?

A: Most lenders have access to the system called Web LGY. In a matter of seconds, this online application establishes eligibility and issues a Certificate of Eligibility. We can process only those cases through Web LGY for which we have sufficient data in our records. You should, however, discuss this method of obtaining a certificate with your lender before proceeding.

Q: Which forms of proof of military service are acceptable?

A: The adjutant, personnel officer, or commander of your unit or higher headquarters must sign your original statement of service if you are still on regular active duty, which identifies you and your social security number, identifies your date of entry into active duty and explains how much time you have lost from active duty.

In addition to VA Form 26-1880, DD Form 214, Certificate of Release or Discharge From Active Duty should be included if you were discharged after January 1, 1950. You should consist of DD Form 214 copy 4 if you were released after October 1, 1979.

Your original statement of service must indicate when you entered active duty and how much time you have lost while still serving on regular active duty. The information must be signed by the adjutant, personnel officer, commander of your unit or higher headquarters.

To receive a discharge from the Reserves or the National Guard, you must prove that you have honorably served six years. NGB Form 22, Separation and Service Record, or NGB Form 23, Retirement Points Accounting, is required following your discharge from the Guard. If removed from the Selected Reserve, you might submit your last annual points statement and evidence of honorable service. The Reserves and National Guard do not use the same form as the DD Form 214. Your responsibility is to provide adequate documentation of at least 6 years of honorable service.

You must include a statement of service proving the length of time you were in the Selected Reserves or the National Guard if you are still serving in the Selected Reserves or the National Guard. The statement must be signed by the adjutant, personnel officer, or commander of your unit or higher headquarters. It is necessary to provide documentation of at least 6 years of honorable service.

Q: What is the best way to obtain proof of military service?

A: Standard Form 180, Request about Military Records, is used either for regular active duty or selected reserve service to obtain proof of military service. VA does NOT process this request form, and the custodian of military records must complete Standard Form 180 and mail it to VA. There are instructions on the reverse side of the state to determine the correct forwarding address.

Q: My VA loan application has already been approved. Is it possible to get another one?

  1. Depending on the circumstances, your eligibility may be reusable. You can restore your used eligibility if you have paid off your prior VA loan and disposed of the property. A one-time reinstatement of your eligibility may be possible if you have paid off your previous VA loan but still own the property. In either case, the veteran must send a completed VA Form 26-1880 to our Atlanta Eligibility Center to obtain restoration of eligibility. Adding evidence of the payment of the prior loan and, if relevant, the disposition of the property can prevent delays in processing. The former lender’s paid-in-full statement or a copy of the HUD-1 settlement statement may be used as evidence.

Q:Based on my prior VA loan, I sold the acquired property. Is it possible to restore my eligibility for a new loan?

A: A qualified assumer must also be an eligible veteran willing to substitute their eligibility for the original veteran to restore the veteran’s eligibility.

Q:Due to the fact that I no longer own the property, only a portion of my eligibility is available. Is a VA home loan still available?

A: It depends on the circumstances. It is possible to recover a veteran’s remaining eligibility if some of the veteran’s eligibility has already been used. An experienced veteran would have to discuss with a lender whether the remaining balance is sufficient to cover the loan amount and whether a down payment is necessary.

Q: Does the surviving spouse of a deceased veteran qualify for VA home loan benefits?

A veteran’s unmarried surviving spouse who died on active duty or suffered a service-connected disability is eligible for a home loan benefit. You can apply for these benefits by contacting our Atlanta Eligibility Center. A veteran’s surviving spouse who obtained a VA home loan before death may also qualify for a refinance loan with an interest rate reduction.

Q: Are children of veterans, living or deceased, eligible for VA home loan benefits?

A: Home loan benefits are not available to children of eligible veterans.

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