VA Eligibility Criteria For Health Care Benefits

VA Eligibility Criteria For Health Care Benefits

In addition to providing home loans, the VA also provides a wide variety of healthcare benefits to eligible members. However, to reap these additional benefits, an applicant must pass specific VA eligibility criteria.

VA Health Care

If you are a Veteran, active military member, reservist or spouse/family member who has met the eligibility criteria, you can access several healthcare benefits like elder care and home health. You can also get medical equipment, prescription and prosthetics and book appointments with gynecologists, cardiologists and mental health specialists.

Following is the list of everything VA health care benefits provide-

  •  Mental health services for PTSD, depression, military sexual trauma, grief, anxiety and other conditions.
  • Coverage against any disease caused due to chemical or hazardous material exposure.
  • Medications and medical equipment
  • Community care programs

VA Eligibility For Health Care

To establish VA eligibility for health care as a military member, you must pass the following requirements.

If you are enlisted after September 7, 1980, or entered active duty after October 16, 1981, you have served a minimum of 24 continuous months or a full period of your active duty unless

  1. You were discharged for hardship, OR
  2. You were discharged because of a service-related injury/illness or an underlying condition that got worse on duty.

To establish VA eligibility as a member of the reserves, you must have served active duty for a given amount of time. Applicants who had/have active-duty only for training purposes are not eligible for this benefit.

VA Medical Care Cost

Medical care cost varies from individual to individual. If you have a service-related injury or disability, your treatment for that condition will be entirely covered by the department.

Moreover, if you have been declared 50% disabled by the VA, you are eligible for compensation benefits and free medical treatment.

However, if you are declared as less than 50% disabled, like 10%, you would have to pay small co-pays associated with your treatment.

How Is VA Eligibility Determined?

VA’s health care programs depend upon the annual amount of money provided by Congress. But because these funds are limited, the VA makes some priority groups where all applicants are placed. These priority groups range from 1-8, with 1 being the topmost priority.

After you apply for these VA healthcare benefits, your VA eligibility will be determined. Based on several factors like your economic conditions or service type, you will be placed in these priority groups. An applicant can also be eligible for more than one priority group. However, the VA will always put them in the highest possible priority group.

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