VA Benefits – Programs, Eligibility & Requirements

VA Benefits

VA Benefits – Programs, Eligibility & Requirements

Intended to aid veterans, active military members and some selected spouses in finance, health and education, the VA offers various programs and services with varied benefits. So, if you have served as an active service member in the US army, navy, marine corps, air force, coastal guard or belong to the family of selected veterans, you might be eligible for some VA benefits.


Although the eligibility criteria differ from program to program, the primary parameter that acts as a cornerstone for availing VA benefits is the basis of your discharge from the military services. All current or former military members, national guards and some selected spouses can avail of these benefits, given that the grounds for release are not on any dishonorable conditions. To take advantage of VA benefits, you must meet end-to-end requirements for different programs. Discharge on terms of dishonor may hinder you from availing any of the services offered by the VA.


Before applying for any of the programs offered by the VA, you must submit your discharge paperwork (which will include service dates and the grounds of discharge), full name, social security number and dates of service. You can also add any burial preferences like the type of headstone if you are opting for burial and memorial benefits.


The VA provides a wide range of services and benefits in finance, education, training, employment, burial & memorials, counselling and compensation. Following are some of the benefits offered to military personals-

  1. Veteran Disability Compensation Program: A veteran with a severe disability caused on duty is eligible to claim disability compensation. Under this VA benefit, you are qualified to receive a duty-free compensation of $133-$3400/month. To stand eligible for this service, you must have a severe disability (like loss of limbs), spouse, minors or parents dependent on you. One can also be qualified for the compensation benefit if his/her spouse is permanently disabled or got unemployed due to the disability. You can apply online and submit documents like medical evidence and discharge paperwork to opt for this program.
  2. VA Pension Program- Veterans who are 65 or older, with little or no income and without any severe disability can apply for these type of VA benefits. You can be considered eligible for this program if you were discharged on any basis other than dishonor, have served 90 or more days on the field with at least one day during wartime and have a low family income.
  3. Health Care Benefits- This VA benefit can be redeemed by veterans recognized as needy after being judged by the health care provider, keeping in mind the current clinical practice standards. Under this program, services include blindness and disability rehabilitation or recovery from post-traumatic stress, trauma, any brain injury or other diseases.
  4. Housing Loans- Widely known as VA loans, this program aims to aid veterans and military members financially, by providing them with housing loans at lower interest rates and no down payment. This program offers various VA benefits like flexible guidelines, no credit score, refinancing facilities and low closing costs.
  5. VA Job Training Program- Backed by the Department of Labor, this program offer VA benefits like job training and assistance in finding promising employment.
  6. Counselling Services- With about 300 community-based veteran centers in all 50 states, this program provides readjustment counselling sessions to military personals who have post-traumatic stress, have experienced military sexual assault or have any other medical condition.
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