VA Benefits for Combat Veterans

VA Benefits for Combat Veterans

VA Benefits for Combat Veterans

A wartime service is required for specific VA benefits. There are certain compensations that might be eligible even to the veteran’s next of kin or dependants upon his or her death from the VA. In order to know whether you or any of your parents qualifies as a combat veteran, you need to carefully and closely examine the list provided below. The VA, under the law, acknowledges these war periods:

Indian Wars

Any services rendered against Indian nations or tribes during the period between January 1, 1817 and December 31, 1898 with the U.S. military forces qualifies a person for VA benefits.

Spanish-American War

If the veteran engaged in hostilities from April 21, 1898, through July 4, 1902 with the U.S forces in Moro Province, he or she qualifies for the benefits; July 15, 1903 is the ending date. This includes the Boxer Rebellion and the Philippine Insurrection.

Mexican Border Period

In the period between May 9, 1916, and April 5, 1917, any veteran who served within that period in Mexico, either in the waters or on the borders also qualifies for the VA benefits.

World War I

The World War I was fought from April 6, 1917, to November 11, 1918. If the veteran worked in Russia with the U.S forces, he can claim VA benefits; April 1, 1920 is the ending date. It’s inclusive of services rendered from November 11, 1918, to July 2, 1921. If the veteran served under air service, naval service or in the military, then its categorized under World War I (must be within April 5, 1917 and November 12, 1918).

World War II

The World War II service is inclusive of the period between December 7, 1941 to December 31, 1946 and/or any veteran that served in continuous service from December 31, 1946 up to July 26, 1947.

Korean Conflict

June 27, 1950 to January 31, 1955.

Vietnam Era

February 28, 1961 to May 7, 1975. It also includes the period between August 5, 1964 and May 7, 1975.

Persian Gulf War

August 2, 1990, but the ending date is as prescribed by the presidential law or proclamation.

Future dates: the period will be between the date the Congress declares war and the ending date prescribed by the Congress resolution concurrent or presidential proclamation.

  • Luis Matheu
    Posted at 04:56h, 24 July Reply

    I am a USMC veteran who fought in the Panama invasion, combat operations in Kuwait as well as maritime interception force in the gulf, operation Sea Angel in Bangladesh.

    Am I entitled to CRSC payment benefits?

    Luis Matheu

  • daniel rodriguez
    Posted at 17:46h, 27 March Reply

    I am 100% disabled, combat related. I am army retired, 23 years. I am receiving VA pay and crsc.
    What happens to my pays when I die.Does my wife receive any of it

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