Transitional Assistance Management Program

Transitional Assistance Management Program


Health Insurance options of veterans separated involuntarily


For some of the duty members who are active and their family members who are eligible, coverage on transitional TRICARE is offered under TAMP (Transitional Assistance Management Program). The family members or sponsor are eligible to make use of one of TRICARE PrimeTRICARE Extra or TRICARE Standard. For TRICARE Extra or Standard, there is no enrollment fee by TAMP. But it does need co-payments and sharing the cost. TRICARE Prime has an enrollment fee that you need to pay.

The eligibility under TRICARE expires post 180 days once you separate from active duty. After this period of 180 days, neither you nor your family is eligible to make use of TRICARE or facilities under military treatment.  However, you do have an option to buy health care plan which is called as ‘Continued Health Care Benefits Program.’ If you want to enroll for CHCBP, you need to do it within 60 days post end of your transitional health program.

Eligibility for TAMP:

One has to meet one of below requirements to be eligible for TAMP:

  1. Involuntary separation of the member from duty and eligible members of the family.
  2. Reserve members and National Guards, called as Reserve component collectively, who are called up for a contingency operation and were separated from duty. They need to serve minimum 30 days on this operation. Their family members are also eligible.
  3. If a member retires from active duty after he was retained involuntary for a contingency operation and his family members.
  4. Member who retired from duty after they agreed to continue with active duty for less than a year to support contingency mission. His family members are also eligible.

Note: Military retirees cannot apply to Transitional healthcare.

Those members who have already enrolled for TRICARE Prime but they wish to carry on the enrollment post separation of sponsor from active duty need to re-enroll. A TRICARE Prime application form for enrollment needs to be filled by the member or his family who wish to reenroll. To check your TAMP eligibility, you need to contact the center for servicing personnel before separation.

Former sponsors of active duty, activated reservists and family members of them are not eligible for TRICARE Prime Remote or the same program for family members as both these programs require the sponsor on active duty.

The benefits for former active duty member are same as that of current active duty member in terms of cost sharing and co-pay.

A stamped ID card would be issued to you and the family members in order to use facilities under military for treatment post your separation. The card would contain the date for your eligibility for transitional healthcare.

Always note that post reaching the cap of 180 days for TRICARE TAMP, extended coverage under CHCBP can be purchased which is valid for 18 months. In order to enroll to CHCBP, you need to do it with 60 days post-separation. Coverage starts the next day post-separation.

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    Does this need to be written in the separation orders?

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