The Security Clearance Advantage

The Security Clearance Advantage


The Advantage of Having an Active Security Clearance


Having an ‘Active’ Security Clearance is certainly one of the most important qualifications that a serviceman who is transitioning from the military to a private job can have to exponentially increase their chances of getting a new job. Hundreds and thousands of organizations that work in the field of defense and government agencies are looking for individuals that have an ‘Active’ Security Clearance.

This provides you with an upper hand over other non-cleared candidates, as selecting a ‘Non-Cleared’ candidate for a ‘Cleared’ position and then applying for their clearance can be very time consuming for the companies.

However, the problem is that a large number of servicemen let their security clearance lapse, which reduces their chances of getting a great opportunity at a large number of companies. As a result, finding individuals with an active clearance is getting difficult for companies.

The reason that the organizations are so desperately looking out for individuals with active security clearance is the fact that getting a clearance can take 6 to 24 months, and finally, it is also very expensive.

The security clearance provided by the government is re-investigated every 15 years for individuals that carry a ‘Confidential’ clearance, every 10 years for individuals that carry a ‘Secret’ clearance, and every 5 years for individuals that have ‘Top Secret’ clearance. The security clearance lapses when the serviceman leaves military or changes job. However, it is very much easy to re-activate your clearance within 24 months of its expiration period. Once these 24 months are over after the expiration, re-activating the clearance then, can be a difficult job. Thus, if your security clearance is about to expire, it is better to look at the various options to re-activate the clearance within 2 years.

There are a few ways in which you can maintain the ‘Active’ status of your security clearance. However, the best and the easiest way to maintain the validity of your security clearance is to get a position that is deemed as ‘Cleared’ by a government agency or any other company. US government’s job board, i.e. USA JOB, is home to about 2000 different jobs for candidates with different types of clearances.

Another way to keep your security clearance active is by working in the Reserve or National Guard. You can also visit clearance, to look out for other ways in which you can keep your security clearance active, and know much more about the clearance.

And then finally, you can search for companies that work in defense field or government agencies that are looking to fill various full-time or part-time positions for cleared individuals.

As you can see, having an active security clearance holds a number of benefits, especially if you are transitioning from the military to a private job. Thus, if you have an active security clearance, or even if your clearance falls under the 2-year re-activation window, you can visit, to search for some amazing opportunities that are waiting for you.

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