The Department of Veterans Affairs Launches “VANotify”, Expected To Streamline Official Communication


The Department of Veterans Affairs Launches “VANotify”, Expected To Streamline Official Communication

To eliminate endless paper printings, the US Department of Veterans Affairs has launched the new app- VANotify. This paperless platform is designed to send instant messages and notifications to Veterans and all the members registered with the VA.

Earlier, the VA would communicate official messages through the postal mail service. However, with this new application’s launch, the VA will reach a broader Veteran community segment.

To maintain hassle-free communication, the VA doesn’t require Veterans and other VA members to sign up on the app. The department will automatically send the information to all the registered members, given that their contact details and address information are up-to-date.

Developed with open-source software, VANotify will help Veterans track pharmacy deliveries, notify them about any change in their account and give updates on their ongoing VA benefits.

Most importantly, with the VA Vaccination Act getting Congress’s approval, the VA will notify active and retired army officers about the vaccines through the app.

As of now, over 200000 Veterans have already received notifications regarding vaccination plans through VANotify. In the coming years, VA aims to expand this app and include features like informing military
members about benefit payments, sending information on debt acquisition and enabling push notification.

The department’s newly developed interest in the digital platform has undoubtedly made official communication between the members and the authority faster and more organized.

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