Do you think Donald Trump is helping America?

Do you think Donald Trump is helping America?

Donald Trump is one of the most talked about presidents.

Those who love Trump boast about his role in economic growth, his goal-oriented immigration policies, and his commitment toward making America great.

Opponents claim that the economy was already on the upside and criticize his foreign and immigration policies.

What are your thoughts? Do you think Donald Trump is helping America?

Today is the day. Now is the moment. Vote for change.

  • Do you think Donald Trump is helping America?

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  • Should President Trump pardon Edward Snowden?

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  • Emily Croushore
    Posted at 21:30h, 11 May Reply

    Amen. A million times amen. I wish republicans loved themselves more than they hated liberals. Trump literally plays them like jacks, takes them for utter fools, lies to their face about literally everything, screws them over in every conceivable way known to man. But they don’t care because he says/does disgusting, disgraceful things to democrats. As long as he keeps doing that, republicans will continue to worship him like God no matter how much they lose as a result. It’d be funny if it weren’t so sad. Poor things. I’ll continue to pray for them

  • Nick S
    Posted at 18:58h, 11 May Reply

    Well……As Ronald Reagan would say…

    Looking in from another country..point of view.
    There you go reading all the trashing of everyone. No respect for each other
    Bullying! Separating!!!
    Yep Your saviour in Washinton GOT YA! Yes he is actually smart..:)
    influencing you…wow

  • Frankie Lopez
    Posted at 14:06h, 11 May Reply

    President Trump has done an outstanding job since taking office. No President in the history of our nation has done a better job at running this country, while having the entire media stations NBC, CBS, ABC, CNN, MSNBC to name a few of the worst. These stations have spread lies after lies and continue to do so. The Democratic Party has never been this bad. Their top Party Leaders like Pelosi need to be thrown in prison for what they have lied about and done to President Trump. But none of that matters because I am a voting American. And none of those lying, hating, media idiots will influence me to vote against President Trump come November. All they have done is make all Americans like myself see that this President is out there fighting to make this country great again. It does not matter who runs against President Trump in November, he WILL WIN by a landslide. And the best thing is that none of the lies and millions of minutes spent by those networks telling America what a bad President he has been will work, because come November every voting American will push the button to reelect My President, Your President, The President of the United States, President Donald Trump.

  • Steven Couture
    Posted at 23:54h, 10 May Reply

    I want “YOU” out of my country! you don’t know what a Constitution is or a bill of rights and you “ARE NOT GOING TO TAKE THEM FROM ME” GOT IT GET GOOD NOW GET OUT ! ! ! !

  • seeon chung
    Posted at 18:28h, 08 May Reply

    So everything in this world has two sides and ppl shouldn’t be quick to judge the other side without having information……. with that being said ima be very hypocritical here
    Trump is an idiot, He berated Obama on how he handled the Ebola crises in 2014 yet in 2020 Trump does what exactly? he doesn’t start testing, HE ignores his advisors and wouldn’t take actions earlier and now he has to face the fact that 1.1 million ppl have been affected by the virus. He even tries to start “propaganda” about NYC hospitals saying “they are taking too many supplies, they are stocking up on supplies they don’t need”
    me: “it’s a fucking crisis for christ sake, they are trying to help those in need and need supplies in order to help and yet u r here trying to make hospitals look shady
    He blames China for the start of the virus (may or may not be fair to a certain degree (different topic) )
    YET HIS own incompetence lands the USA in number one spot for most cases, HE even had to chance to prevent most cases if he had acted earlier instead of IGNORING his advisors he even says “Don’t panic we will be fine”
    WHO the FUCk cares who started it anymore??? we should be focusing on the future!!! NOT the past!!! We should be focusing on helping each other in this time of crises
    He even suggests reopening the economy in the middle of crises……. when testing has barely taken effect

    Guess what, My home country (South Korea) started testing EARLY, free of Service (drive-thru)and was efficient on sporting those who may be infected
    South Korea is even reopening the public slowly returning to their normal lives.
    PPL: “u can’t compare Korea with the USA, the USA has more ppl!!”
    whether or not which place has a bigger population, doesn’t matter anymore, what matters the fact that other countries around the world aren’t as incompetent as Trump is…….

    I’m sure there are somethings he has done right but I wouldn’t be able to believe those facts even if I wanted to because of how HYPOCRITICAL, and IDIOTIC he has been

  • Leonila Casarez
    Posted at 04:45h, 26 April Reply

    I was democrat, and I used to hate Donald Trump like almost everybody here, and that was because of the media. But now that I am been informed not influenced and I know the true. I love our president and I am very grateful with him. All of you are going to regret what are saying about him. when the true comes out. You’re going to know that the media has been laying to you. You’re going to know about all the excellent things he and the army has been doing to made not just America but the world great again. You have not idea that so many people that you has been trust and love, are the real monsters. Our president has been rescuing kids, cleaning oceans, ending the cartels and corruption. He are giving you money that others illegally take from us. He is ending poverty and bulling too, and you really don’t know how many really good things he is been doing with the army and other wonderful people like him. .I tough he was evil and dumb but, the true is that he is so smart and so kind. All of
    don’t know that you must be grateful with him. You don’t know now, but very soon you’re going to find out the true and you’re going to be as much grateful with him and the army as I am now. Believe me.

    • Linda Davis
      Posted at 19:40h, 08 May Reply

      You are either dumb or a bad liar.

    • Mike Hunt
      Posted at 23:38h, 08 May Reply

      He’s an idiot. I mean let’s just inject bleach into the people of America. A really “smart” man.

    • Jerry
      Posted at 04:20h, 09 May Reply

      It’s difficult to decide who is telling the truth and who is not. But I tend to believe professionals vs. laymen. If I was taking medical advice to treat an illness, I’d far more accept the advice from a doctor as opposed to a businessman. If I was asking for spiritual guidance, I’d take the advice of a church leader as opposed to a construction man. If I needed legal advice, I’d trust a lawyer and not a football player.

    • American Native
      Posted at 14:43h, 09 May Reply

      Yeah look at America now poverty is setting in Because of Trump Army of losers no brainers dumb idiots you must be a an idiot yourself

    • Felix Souza
      Posted at 21:23h, 10 May Reply

      everybody is a person and it dont matter about our sex, our religion, our create, and our sexual oreintation, we can beleive whatever we want to beleive but just as long as we dont hurt nobody, evryone has opinions i dont mind but trump is pushing people away from america when they need our home because theirs is not for them. thats fine let them in america as long as they hurt dont nobody. just because a lot of bad people are not american doesnt mean that americans arent bad, i respect your opinion and i truly value it but i wont vote for trump not because of his looks or the way he talks but because i just want to let people who have a bad home into a good one so evrybody doesnt get hurt and evrything is fine. you should just do your best to live life, you can beleive in god, you can beleive in the world ending, you can beleive in flat earth but dont hurt anyone over your opinion. just stop killing eachother, black people are people too they are nothing different than white people and in fact black people were the first to roam earth. everyone should be treated equal. and be happy with who they are. find somewhere clean and nice to build your home and things you want to give to the world trump took down multiple statues and beautiful monuments to make trump tower lots of people were upset. it wouldnt hurt to find a nice spot where people can appreciate from a distance to build you tower. trump is racist and thats hurting the feelings of other people who have different skin tone thats not fair, he said “i have black guys counting my money, i hate it, the only guys i want counting my money are short guys that wear yarmulkes all day” this was mean toward black people if your opinions hurt others keep it too yourself or be more careful with what you say again you can believe anything and i respect you for having a opinion, but i dont like trump because of the way he says things that arent respectful too others such as a time when he was at an interview and he was talking about the Vietnam war and someone got captured in it and were tortured then came back alive from the prison chamber. this man is a hero for what he did being able to do that. trump gives him no credit and proceeds to tell him that hes a war hero but he only likes people that werent captured. hes friends with kim jong un who killed his own uncle because of treason. trump is a psycho. and trump has done many illegal things he also, hes racist continued: he said “who the F*** knows, who really knows how much the JAPS (slur for japanese people) . donald trump posted a picture of his wife (a pornstar) next to a picture of heidi cruz comparing their looks. this was not ok then ted cruz then said “real man dont attack women, you wife is lovely, and mine is the love of my life”.

    • Pete
      Posted at 12:03h, 11 May Reply

      You are so full of shit and you should learn to speak English

    • Angeline
      Posted at 12:32h, 11 May Reply

      Yes, but the question is why should anyone trust you, like you said… Don’t trust what the media says. So should I trust you or no? Mr Trump did have a hard life, but I hate politics and there legitimate is no way of telling whether these presidents are good or bad…..Mr trump says he’s least racist but treats people with different skin tones like an alien referring to them as brown, black, yellow…..Yet America loves to get tans. You have no idea that tan is just another word for yellow or brown, they just change the name to make it sound important…. You don’t have to even try to explain all the good things trump has done, I suggest just wait and see the truth unwind through time…No use trying to boast about how great he is, no one will believe you anyway. Because words fire back in your face like a gun to your head….Not trying to be mean but….Your boasting about someone that did a lot of damage to ruin America’s reputation, making them more racist then ever. Should people find it hard to believe that you guys have changed at all….

    • Angelica Haooens
      Posted at 12:35h, 11 May Reply

      Yes, but the question is why should anyone trust you, like you said… Don’t trust what the media says. So should I trust you or no? Mr Trump did have a hard life, but I hate politics and there legitimate is no way of telling whether these presidents are good or bad…..Mr trump says he’s least racist but treats people with different skin tones like an alien referring to them as brown, black, yellow…..Yet America loves to get tans. You have no idea that tan is just another word for yellow or brown, they just change the name to make it sound important…. You don’t have to even try to explain all the good things trump has done, I suggest just wait and see the truth unwind through time…No use trying to boast about how great he is, no one will believe you anyway. Because words fire back in your face like a gun to your head….Not trying to be mean but….Your boasting about someone that did a lot of damage to ruin America’s reputation, making them more racist then ever. Should people find it hard to believe that you guys have changed at all….

    • Trump 2020 4 life
      Posted at 13:28h, 11 May Reply

      so true. everyone including me dont know how lucky we are to have a president like this! He loves every race, and he will not care if you are black or white, male or female.
      I just wish more people can see the truth and the true trump.

    • Chris Semper Fi
      Posted at 02:35h, 12 May Reply

      How can you be informed when your grasp of English and the facts is non-existent?

    • David
      Posted at 19:01h, 12 May Reply

      Two major things, 1. You all seem so concerned with a virus that could potentially kill millions than a lockdown that will kill billions. America feeds the world, most of the world survives on 2 dollars a day, well right now they are getting nothing. So they were already on the brink of starvation and this foolishness just tipped the scale. An estimated 1.9 billion people will starve because of the lockdown and here most of you are crying over not even 100,000 people. Wow. 2 billion deaths versus 100,000. Even if it were 100 million still would not be worth starving 1.9 billion people.

      2. I have yet to read one negative comment about Trump that isn’t laced with name calling and profanity. So.. that speaks volumes for your intellect.

    • Charles
      Posted at 19:18h, 12 May Reply

      We’re still waiting for your truth to come out….

    • Donald Trump Sucks
      Posted at 23:57h, 12 May Reply

      First of all, lying is not written as “laying”, and “He are” is grammatically incorrect. Even though your numerous grammatical errors of simple rules, I agree that he might have improved the economy. However, he has not been helping the environment. Heck, he didn’t even show up to the Paris Climate Agreement. Also, he believes that climate change is fake, even though multiple pieces of evidence. He has reduced spending for Medicare and for the poor, so your “facts” need to be checked. Especially now, his response to the corona virus has risen to the level of idiocy. US has the most cases, around 1 million and over 65,000 deaths. His disregard for science may costs over 100,000 American lives, much more than the Vietnam War. It’s sad that we have a President who is unable to properly react to this crisis.

    • Yours Truly.
      Posted at 04:17h, 13 May Reply

      Sorry but I don’t trust someone who doesn’t know proper grammar.

    • Trump is a lie
      Posted at 08:04h, 13 May Reply

      Are you stupid

    • Daniel Cay
      Posted at 17:44h, 13 May Reply

      America will be great again when the russian-loving anti-American trump and all his democracy-hating nazi communist cult members are literally dead. There will never be peace and prosperity in this nation so long as these evil people are allowed to destroy America. Lets face it, these trump-loving traitors want America to be like russia. My grandfather fought and killed these nazi bastards in WWII to protect America and save the World. Now true Americans must once again kill nazis to save the Nation. Trump must die to save America- of this there can no longer be doubt.

    • Daniel Cat
      Posted at 17:47h, 13 May Reply

      Not one thing about you is real, including your name, you smirnoff-sucking communist piece of trash. Kill yourself and make America great again, you communist troll.

    • Daniel Cat
      Posted at 17:48h, 13 May Reply

      America will be great again when the russian-loving anti-American trump and all his democracy-hating nazi communist cult members are literally dead. There will never be peace and prosperity in this nation so long as these evil people are allowed to destroy America. Lets face it, these trump-loving traitors want America to be like russia. My grandfather fought and killed these nazi bastards in WWII to protect America and save the World. Now true Americans must once again kill nazis to save the Nation. Trump must die to save America- of this there can no longer be doubt.

    • Dave
      Posted at 13:41h, 14 May Reply

      85,000+ dead because he prioritizes the economy over human lives and we’re still counting. Also, interesting note, the longer the crisis continues (and it will be protracted due to his inaction over said crisis) the WORSE it will be for the economy in the long run, so he’s failed on both fronts.

      Nevermind that he’s also a cartoon villain, a narcissist and a possible socio/psychopath.

      I hope you’re just a bot account and not an actual human because everything you’ve said is deeply embarrassing.

    • Apple Jackson
      Posted at 20:52h, 14 May Reply

      This post is a joke, right? Much like the dumpster fire himself, you say he’s done wonderful things yet are unable to actually name one. The post is written as though these things are somehow and for some reason a secret that only people who get all of their news from independent right wing blogs on the darknet are privy to.

      P.S. The word you are looking for is “truTH,” not true. At least in the context you’re using it. Or maybe that’s another darknet-hidden secret I’m not allowed to know?

    • The last straw
      Posted at 02:51h, 15 May Reply

      You’ve been manipulated into believing the media is your enemy while right under your nose, this phony incompetent so called President continues to wrap his tentacles around everything from the courts and justice department to every vulnerable government agency he can infiltrate and compromise. Donald Trump and his administration are locus. A cancer. Their habitual lying and divisive rhetoric is not only dividing the American people, they are weakening our reputation on the world stage. He has done an amazing job of convincing people like yourself that he is the only man that can do the job. Meanwhile he does absolutely nothing but run his mouth about his absurdly fabricated accomplishments that are so far from reality that I can’t believe people don’t see through it.
      Ask yourself questions! Why is he so hostile toward legitimate questions that hold him accountable? Why does he avoid transparency at all costs? Why is he hiding everything from his tax returns to his long personal history of sexual assault? Our country is in shambles. Anyone that thinks this man is good for our country is a traitor to the constitution as far as I’m concerned. He took an oath to protect and defend the same document that he once got a doctors note to avoid doing his part to defend it. He is the weakest link in the American chain and he belongs in the dumpster of American history.

    • LK Allan
      Posted at 03:27h, 15 May Reply

      I’ve never sided with a Russian asset in my life and you have already accomplished that in your lifetime. Were I you, I would be so very ashamed of myself. Nobody has lied to the American Citizens or destroyed our Constitution by bribery, coersion and quid pro quo more than the Mob Boss based out of New York City. And I wish to heaven someone would explain ONE THING I can’t grasp to this day: How in the heck did the United States Immigration department decide to let a Slovenian hooker have an Einstein Visa??

    • Jim Wesley Harrison
      Posted at 14:45h, 15 May Reply


    • Lisa A Clements
      Posted at 17:09h, 15 May Reply

      You are in need of an education b4 u start spewing unverifiable “good deeds” by Trump. If u r going to post u really need to learn to spell etc… Otherwise u come off just as stupid as he does.

    • Lou Martin
      Posted at 01:44h, 16 May Reply

      Wow, speak English much mouth breather?

    • Dan Smith
      Posted at 15:21h, 16 May Reply

      You are the stupidest person on Earth!!! Do you realize that the ONLY reason Coronavirus is killing so many Americans and the US economy is because of the way Trump handled the pandemic?!?! And you like him?!?! Shame on you, you stupid, dumb FUCK!!!! Trump ignored multiple warnings from China about the Coronavirus! The first warning came to his knowledge January 3rd!!!! That was well before any known cases were here in the US!!! And he chose to do ABSOLUTELY NOTHING until late March!!! Fuck you and fuck Trump!!! My dad died of Coronavirus because of the stupidest, most incompetent President the US had ever had!!! And you can thank Trump for the Great Depression that is coming to the US!!! As well as our significant drop from being a world power to being the laughingstock of the world!!! Trump’s total lack of a response to the many, many warnings he received in the months prior are the reason the US leads the world by a landslide in Coronavirus cases and deaths!!! Fuck Trump, fuck all of his supporters, fuck you!!! I hope Trump dies a horrible death!!!

    • Kathleen A McElduff
      Posted at 03:03h, 17 May Reply

      He will go down in history as the worst president in history!!!

    • James S Harrison
      Posted at 03:23h, 17 May Reply

      You say he ended bullying but he is a bully who publicly degrades women and anyone who doesn’t agree with him. He walks off stage when brave reporters ask him a tough question.
      I was going to degrade you for bad English grammar but that is something a Trump supporter would do. You do realize most of his supporters are racist Nazis or Drug Nazis don’t you ? The only Nazis we need are mask Nazis who would execute the hoards of ignorant maskless idiots who spew their germs onto my groceries. Dumb@ss Donboy spewed his germs onto thousand of masks when he visited the factory and leaned over the mask bin and talked to the worker. He refuses to don a mask because he has no respect for the lives of the people he is around. Hitler and Harry Anslinger would be proud of his attempts to drive all the disabled and injured people to suicide by denying them their much needed opioid pain meds. Because of this I prayed he would die from COVID-19. But I now realize his carelessly ignorant actions would infect hundreds who would in turn infect thousands of innocent victims. So I now pray the head Retardican goes to Hell from a different cause of death.
      I’ve heard that a person can only tell a certain number of lies before God sends them to Hell for their deceitfulness. So I imagine we won’t be plagued by his lies much longer.

    • Pancho Sancha
      Posted at 20:30h, 17 May Reply

      Leonila : By the way you write and thus speak,you are a magnet for hate and ridicule from your nice,beautiful, kind,stable genius of a president. Do you really think he cares about someone like you ? To him,your came from a shithole country and he would and is sending people like you back. Wake up stupid and smell the trump shit fumes wafting in your brain. You love trump ?? He’s loving to fuck you over. You really are stupid.

    • Tina Trout
      Posted at 21:37h, 17 May Reply

      I don’t know how old you are or how you were raised. We are all different because of those things and more. I don’t think we are borñ with common sense but those of us that have it use it to make our decisions. All I can pray for is for that to happen when we vote. Get Bless you and all of us in America and the world. The world is made up of good and bad humans. America needs to be great again at being the best humans we can. Please everyone stay safe and God Bless us all in this world. Especially the first responders.

    • Joe Wilson
      Posted at 22:20h, 17 May Reply

      Your an idiot. He’s a snake oil salesman. telling you what you want to hear and taking your money and shoving a bat up your ass

    • Kevin W Walker
      Posted at 11:03h, 18 May Reply

      Yes he absolutely is doing America alot of good. I swear the man does not sleep and stays so sharp on so many topics whilr dealing with the most irresponsible politicians on the left along with the pathetic media. I love the way he tells the media reporters how irresponsible they are . The democrats dont put this country first they are selfish and quite frankly Pelosi and many others from Congress to fbi and whitehousr staff and governors all should be fired and don’t stop there kick their asses out of thid country they are anti-American.

    • Ben Dover
      Posted at 02:54h, 19 May Reply

      You are an Idiot, have some more Kool aid, if you really believe that is good, then inject yourself with Lysol like your buddy says to do, he is unfit to run a country, but he is ruining the country. He is only helping himself and his rich buddies n you think that you are getting helped, you are def an IDIOT then …

    • MFC
      Posted at 03:13h, 19 May Reply

      Somebod this stupid president out right now🤯🤬😠

    • Mfc
      Posted at 03:42h, 19 May Reply

      That flabbergasted orange ORANGUTAN has no WAY of becoming a real president.

    • Mfc
      Posted at 03:50h, 19 May Reply

      @leonila, 10 bucks says you’re wrong

    • Alex
      Posted at 07:58h, 19 May Reply

      That is the weirdest lie I have ever read in my entire life. Trump is a old grandpa who needs to go in the grave ASAP. He destroys the planet by a lot of ways, such as promoting activities that are polluting. He’s not dumb, he’s mentally retarded, and that’s a fact that many websites confirm.

    • Real
      Posted at 14:35h, 19 May Reply

      And the media doesnt talk about this? But what about all the wrong he said about mexicans be honest with your self and others lol You have the presidente that represent usa the Best first world class witha 3word presidente trust me i know about it. Trump buys50%of his business from china sale it to you 5 times more. Lol You sound like 2pac now when he got shoot from people like You n Trump.

    • Only the Truth
      Posted at 15:07h, 19 May Reply

      He is a lying pig an hates Americans. We are in BIG TROUBLE if we don’t vote him out in November. No fake news here just the truth!

    • Anthony Whitaker
      Posted at 01:42h, 20 May Reply

      Oh I guess we should leave all the decision making up Too sleepy joe he said that trump was a racist for blocking flights from China so quickly. Shall biden is a total idiot if anybody’s gonna bring us back from this Corona virus stuff and hold the Chinese accountable it will be president trump and he will also restore our economy Joe Biden will be busy sleeping the whole time

    • Moh
      Posted at 14:57h, 21 May Reply

      Wow 100000 people died.The first country to reach 100000. He surely made America first

  • Socrates
    Posted at 23:26h, 25 April Reply

    I have been searching for a while to find the most toxic comment section imaginable and I believe I have just found it. There are things that I am glad Trump has done, but there are also things I am frustrated about, so it is hard to tell at the moment whether he was a good president with the amount of disinformation and polarization on both sides. Only time will tell, although I am definatley not happy about his recent handling of the coronavirus.

    • Jerry
      Posted at 04:15h, 09 May Reply

      Many people believe what they read on the internet is fake news. Well, that is true if you get your news from Facebook. Sorry, there’s no “news department” at Facebook. But some people believe everything is fake news. If you’re smart, you need to realize that social media is the fake news. There’s no truth in social media, only opinions that some people believe as fact. Only mainstream media is the truth.

    • .
      Posted at 04:31h, 12 May Reply

      You can’t spell or form a correct sentence. Typical of a Trump supporter.

    • Apple Jackson
      Posted at 20:56h, 14 May Reply

      What are the things you’re glad he’s done? I can’t find a single positive thing in his entire resumé. I’d love to be able to like a single one of his actions, just so I don’t feel quite as awful about him being president for the next 7 months.

    • No thanks
      Posted at 02:22h, 17 May Reply

      How the fuck could he do any better? You’re probably a little pussy who wears a mask while in their own car. Get over yourself with this corona virus bull shit. Lame ass.

    • Kevin W Walker
      Posted at 11:08h, 18 May Reply

      Ok then obviously you have the answer on what procedures should have been taken so what would you’ve done when we got the first reported case here in America.

    Posted at 21:52h, 25 April Reply


    • Leonila Casarez
      Posted at 21:27h, 09 May Reply

      You’re going to burn in hell. Fake news make you totally idiot and brainless. You’re going to regret what you’re saying. Believe me.

    • Pete Geror
      Posted at 23:11h, 09 May Reply

      lol imagine not being able to realize that hes a good president

    • j. dandy
      Posted at 10:55h, 12 May Reply

      anyone who uses all caps has been skull-fucked one too many times.

      but hey, you reap what you sow, snowflake. go back to your safe space and continue to rage-suck on the dick of victim hood.

    • Kevin Schettko
      Posted at 02:49h, 13 May Reply

      Love seeing you liberals cry

    • Al Williamson
      Posted at 19:01h, 15 May Reply

      i believe the only baby here is you, my friend.

      • Al Williamson
        Posted at 19:02h, 15 May Reply

        among the other liberals screaming and ranting about how “he’s a stupid piece of shit”

        just look fort he truth yourself. news media and social media will only tell you what you wanna hear.

    • Patrick James
      Posted at 11:48h, 16 May Reply

      For 1, why do you think this man is orange? He is whiter than white and the media loves to add filters that may enhance his colour. Watch the news. He’s white.

      2. What makes you thinks he’s a baby/infant? He 72 and is a well brought up politician who knows what he’s doing or else he wouldn’t have had most of America’s votes.

      3. If you could give one supported fact about why he’s a bad president, then please do. He speaks the truth and doesn’t have Tim for people like you. Don’t be an ignorant “filthy racist idiot dumb“ person. If you talk bad about him, doesn’t that bring you down to his level? Anyways, I hope you have a wonder weekend you rude, ignorant person.
      Good day.

    • No thanks
      Posted at 02:23h, 17 May Reply

      You’re a fucking moron. Please don’t procreate. Thanks.

    • Larry N. Burgett
      Posted at 01:36h, 19 May Reply

      You’re an Idiot. Enough said

    • Mfc
      Posted at 03:15h, 19 May Reply

      I totally agree with you

    • Etnad Vetneirschalng
      Posted at 03:27h, 19 May Reply

      There is so much wrong with you… I don’t even have a place to start. Really regardless of political opinion at this point I suggest you detox from the internet and get involved in some sort of self rebuilding and seek to find love and happiness. Come back to the internet in 3 years… seriously, I really mean it, you need this. Get out in the real world, exercise and fix your life, because oh my God I can tell so much about you just from reading this post.

    • Michael W Rowe
      Posted at 19:10h, 19 May Reply

      This man has created so much anger in my head that I have been very sick whenever I see him lying day in and day out. This ignorant moron needs to be removed and replaced by a REAL president. VOTE

    • Your Mom
      Posted at 22:29h, 20 May Reply

      GOLEM CLAY, first of all what kind of name is that? Second, again, proof that the “tolerant left” is in fact, not tolerant of anything but their own agenda. And finally, the only ‘infant’ I see in the room is you, buddy, with all the name calling and immaturity. Grow up boy, you’ve got a ways to go. And I don’t even really care about Trump.

    • Alexa Gurrola
      Posted at 04:35h, 21 May Reply

      Calm Down Satan……..

    • Moh
      Posted at 14:58h, 21 May Reply

      Wow 100000 people died. The first country to reach 100000. He surely made America first

  • George Johnson
    Posted at 04:10h, 25 April Reply

    He is sooooo ignorant. Does not know how to handle virus. Only think about being reelected. Wake up America! Almost a million people are being suffered due to Coronavirus because of the WORST PRESIDENT EVER!!

    • Joseph Regan
      Posted at 18:20h, 13 May Reply

      What do you suppose he does besides what he’s done already? The reason why we have so many cases compared to other countries is that Trump ordered for the most testing kits. What he’s doing is spreading awareness so that we can properly grasp the situation. And you call him ignorant?

    • Brian
      Posted at 00:06h, 14 May Reply

      No one really knows how to handle the virus. We’re doing the same thing they did during the spanish flu..physical distancing. Shows you how far we’ve come, using the playbook from 1918. Trump is responsible for his failures just as state governors are responsible for theirs and congress for theirs. All politicians need to be held accountable, not just one.

    • JAmes pickersgill
      Posted at 04:21h, 19 May Reply

      The 2 most prominent countries worldwide With the highest death toll from covid 19, Are run by idiots with the most stupid blond hair style imaginal. Go figure.

    • YourMomAgain
      Posted at 22:33h, 20 May Reply

      Right, because a singular person can singlehandedly control, handle and eliminate a worldwide pandemic that was covered up by the Chinese government, thrust upon us, and leaders of states are saying it’s safe to go about your lives like nothing is happening. But sure, let’s blame it entirely on “Trumpanzee” as you so eloquently put it. The simpleton in you is showing, pump the brakes and reel it in there cowboy.

  • Maclaren Laws
    Posted at 00:50h, 22 April Reply

    Trumpanzee! He hasn’t been in office for 4 years yet and his level of destruction takes us WAY back to a time when pollution wasn’t even considered a hazard, Look up the list of lies that he has and constantly uses to blindside his stupid followers, he’s not a nice man and his base are just as bad. Good and decent people are definitely showing their hate for his policies, lies, rudeness etc. and yet his sheeply followers get upset if someone insults him, well I say that if he can do it we can do it. I sincerely hope that he is a victim of Covid19 and that if he recovers he will lose the election in November, and then prosecuted to the fullest extent of the law, (he has none since he ignores it), goes completely bankrupt and all of his assets and properties confiscated. His family right along with him. He is not above the law, no matter how much of a king he thinks he is. He’s a pud loser!

    • Pra
      Posted at 20:57h, 29 April Reply

      By the time Donald Trump has completed 4 yrs in office, he will have caused more problems to our environment, climate change, and now with his inability to act, to offer healthcare workers and the general health of Americans than any President we have ever had. He needs to be voted out!

      • Darren Hammond
        Posted at 09:50h, 16 May Reply

        Absolutely agree with every word you say and unfortunately he could actually get re-elected. I feel very worried about the possible issues America and the world could suffer because of this dick head

    • Katherine Shenkarow
      Posted at 22:55h, 29 April Reply

      I’m with you. He has decimated this country and made it the laughingstock of the world

      • Tony Tran
        Posted at 12:35h, 13 May Reply

        What dignity does your country have when it is just another pseudo Democratic Republic like every other first world ‘Dignitaries” – a Monarchy disguised as Egalitarian rule?

        You can’t even fire your own Presidents. Let alone know what is going on in the backyard of Congress.

        Your politics is a joke. It’s just another reality TV Show about people being stuck in the Medieval era.

      • Terri Vargas
        Posted at 21:23h, 16 May Reply

        He is the dumbest person and president ever. It is embarrassing to be an American right now. My biggest concern war before he is voted out. I wonder how many Republicans feel this way.

    • Kevin W Walker
      Posted at 11:37h, 18 May Reply

      Ok wiseguy obviously you have all the answers on what measures should have been taken with dealing with this virus c’mon you shouldn’t have to think about it c’mon spill it.

  • Ben Ready
    Posted at 16:36h, 21 April Reply

    Trump did not have a clue about what it take to run our Country when he took office and still does not today April 2020. The onlyt thing he cares about is himself, if his lips are moving out comes lies every day. He is the dumbest President we have EVER had, he said what people wanted so bad to hear fell for his lies and here we are he needs to be voted out this November.

  • Beverley Griffith
    Posted at 04:31h, 18 April Reply

    It is sad that American people have been made fools of by the “Carny” man. It amazes me that not only the supremacists support this person but good nice Americans have been taken in by him. It doesn’t take much research to read how bungled all of his business affairs were, how American banks refused him hence the Deusch bank thro Putins deal with him enabled the election results and duped the U.S. This was nothing compared to the damage he has done to the law, the environment, NATO, the Supreme Court filled with his supporters, 200 or more judges across the states put in by him. Just the beginning, and now try and take him to court for his fraud. The constant lies, lashing out and firing anyone who will not do his bidding. The fraud with Ukraine. The Mueller report tells it all and they ignore it under the guise of law that a president cannot be charged. However, the worst of it is they believe him who has had more law suits and 20 women sexually assaulted, and children in cages, and babies taken from mothers arms , above the career expertise of the country. And now the mess of the corona virus, bungled because this guy knows more than the expertise of medical scientists, so worried was he the stock market may be hurt and his corporate buddies would pull their contributions (which by the way he has scammed those contributions to his personal account somehow) as he charges taxpayers for use of his golf courses for international meetings he holds there. Just a matter of researching and reading. However, he is so far in debt and so deep in fraudulent schemes and has stacked the deck in the courts will we ever see his demise. Hard to believe he and Kuschner running around the world cutting deals and McConnel stopping every bill before it hits congress will ever do their due diligence.

    • Larry rumfelt
      Posted at 03:58h, 10 May Reply

      WELL WELL. Nothing you say can overturn the dems platform. You must not know what you stand for. I can just name 2 that ends all you just said. GOD IS AGANIST NUMBER ONE ABORTION AND NO. TWO GAY MARRIAGE. I F AMERICA KEEP VOTING SIN WERE GOING DOWN. Chronicles 7 :14 GOD help AMERICA to REPENT.

  • Michael Allen
    Posted at 18:13h, 17 April Reply

    AHA! From what I saw I knew if I read enough of your comments, PiisedOffVeteran (if you really even are one) the truth would come out – you are one of Satan’s demons who is just too glad to promote the rule of EVIL over a compassionate humanity. This is not only an admission of that but, also an admission that Trump is your chosen devil demon leader, for now. CONSIDER YOURSELF OUTED!!

    • pissedoffveteran
      Posted at 04:31h, 21 May Reply

      Well I now have to give you at least the intellegence to notice how much I hate traitors like you and the whole damned Democratic party. I’ve watched these asshole make fools of themselves and commit treason for over fifty years. Seem you are one of them.
      You want a socialist president and you have no idea how horrible it will be for you and your kids, if there any kids unfortunate enough to have your DNA.
      I sort of wonder if your mom had any children who were not born brain dead?
      I’m so glad you outed me, I tried to very hard to do so but you are the only one smart enough to see it.

      Thanks for all the complements.

  • Mark Kulp
    Posted at 03:36h, 13 April Reply

    I am flabbergasted that people just do not seem to understand that Trump is:
    1. A bald-faced liar, and has been his ENTIRE life!
    2. He is a traitor to not only the United States, but the entire population of the world
    3. He has cheated in every endeavor he has ever put his hand to: his fake “university”, his multiple bankrupticies (that taxpayers had to pay for), his cheating ALL his employees, his constant and continual cheating on his wive(s), his continuously trying to cheat Americans into believing that he is anything more than a 2-bit, buffoonish thug.

    WAKE UP AMERICA! Somebody PLEASE infect scumbag trump with Coronavirus and make him die a horrible death!!!

    • Teresa Plontke
      Posted at 20:20h, 16 April Reply

      I’m with you Mark!!
      I wish that Trump would get the virus and die a slow painful death ALONE!!!!

      • Socrates
        Posted at 06:57h, 26 April Reply

        I pity you

      • Joe
        Posted at 13:19h, 09 May Reply

        I agree completely. I think we should test his genetics and retroactively abort everybody even remotely related to him. Let’s add Moscow mitch, barr, pense, sessions, jarred, All the senators who did not vote to impeach him.

      • Kevin W Walker
        Posted at 11:33h, 18 May Reply

        Oh my God what is it that you hate Trump for it cant be everthing he has accomplished . First of all look at all the wrongdoing from Obama and the FBI and other members of Obama’s staff and one stupid move after another by Pelosi and most recently some of these democratically controlled states Governors acting likr dictators go ahead you people who are democrats keep on watching and believing CNN and all other fake media outlets the DEMOCRATIC PARTY WANTS THERE TO BE A DIFFERENT TYPR OF GOVERMENT IN PLACE AND YOU TRUMP HATERS AREN’T GOIN TO LIKE IT. HEY WAKE UP SEE HOW SOME OF THE BIGGEST CITIES IN THE U.S. THAT ARE DEMOCRATICALLY CONTTOLLED HOW WELL THEY ARE DOING ANSWER “HORRIBLE” Oh did you cash that stimulus check.

      • Ben Dover
        Posted at 02:58h, 19 May Reply

        He really needs a Double Tap to the back of the head

      • pissedoffveteran
        Posted at 04:32h, 21 May Reply

        Well it could be worse. He might have to die while looking at the idiot you are.

    • KS
      Posted at 23:24h, 17 April Reply

      Way to go! Soneone in the USA with vrains & common sense! Tytytyty Mr K

      • Cheech
        Posted at 02:03h, 21 April Reply

        The country honestly isn’t doing any worse because of him, you possessed liberal fucks spreading nonsense are the problem

        • Joe
          Posted at 13:21h, 09 May Reply

          you are a fucking idiot, I doubt you made it past 3rd grade. At the very least ask yourself why most of his support comes from the uneducated. Did it hit home that you have not graduated from high school?

        • Reggie
          Posted at 06:23h, 14 May Reply

          so call conservatives love getting fucked maybe they touch Lion at the Tiger Ranch

        • James S Harrison
          Posted at 03:40h, 17 May Reply

          What world do you live in ??? Our country is falling a f#cking part due to the stupidity of the Dummycrats and Retardicans who are to busy blaming each other to realize that both parties are puppets of the same master. The Almighty Dollar. If we don’t get together and kick them all out of DC we are all doomed. God Help Us All. Even though we deserve not. If we elect Lunatic Donald or Fader Joe we deserve to die from this plague. Wake up America. We are like ostriches with our heads buried in the sand. Pull your heads out of the sand and vote Libertarian or Independent. We’ve been screwed over long enough by the Dummycrats and Retardicans.

        • Joe Wilson
          Posted at 22:24h, 17 May Reply

          You might want to actually tune is something more than FOX News. Listen to what Trump says. He is only campaigning. He has no idea what to do in a leadership position, he just reacts to people who question his decisions. You’re the dumb Fuck. just sayin 😀

        • Ben Dover
          Posted at 02:59h, 19 May Reply

          You are an Idiot .

        • Only the Truth
          Posted at 15:14h, 19 May Reply

          Are you living in the same country as the rest of Americans! You must be watching Fox News the biggest lairs after Trump!

        • Anthony Whitaker
          Posted at 01:39h, 20 May Reply

          Thank you Leonila
          We all need to speak out for our wonderful President Trump. There are none so blind as those who refuse to see all of his accomplishments. Harry Truman was given a hard time and often persecuted by the media but history has shown him to be a pretty good president. President Trump if given another term WILL go down in history as one of our greatest presidents. Its so sad to see how so many democrats have lost their way .

    • william stepp
      Posted at 22:23h, 18 April Reply

      trump is without a doubt a fucking brainless idiot. how could people have voted for a piece of shit like this i really dont understand.

      • Jessica Davis
        Posted at 17:08h, 20 April Reply

        Yea you’re right let’s vote for well he thinks his name is Joe Biden lmao while you are at it if you have any young daughters or granddaughters let Joe babysit them oh wait it’s way worse for a grown man to be into grown women (Trump) it’ll be much better for a cho mo (Biden) for a president. I never in my life until Trump became president did I know that there are so many ignorant no common sense having uneducated HATEFUL people in the United States that there really is. And for all the comments referring to anyone being immature and hateful are you freaking kidding me there’s NOTHING MORE HATEFUL THAN WISHING SOMEONE TO BE DEAD you all seriously need a reality check but most importantly GOD in your lives and get educated on United States history especially on the Democratic Party to which you so blindly support I too used to represent myself as a democrat until I opened my eyes and mind. I decided to find my own identity and politically educate myself (not what I WAS brainwashed into believing in) which I’d highly recommend most of y’all to do the same

        • Monica
          Posted at 20:01h, 24 April Reply

          Jessica, have you forgotten the things trump has done and said about women???? Yes, I would vote for Biden!!!

          However, you elect to support a lying, stupid, narcissistic-psychopath, who most recently suggested we inject Lysol to cure COVICT19. So….whose the dumb, miseducated fool in this conversation, Wake up and Wise up!

          Evil supports evil!

          • Reggie
            Posted at 06:34h, 14 May

            Monica these people are Living Dead and Brain Dead, Stupid is What Stupid is
            its like the blind leading the blind, these people are living in complete darkness
            Evil has these people in his Grips

          • nigerian prince 69
            Posted at 04:51h, 21 May

            Monica, Jessica is pretty much right, you guys are just blind and immature, I respect everyones opinion, thats what america is based on but trying to convince aka tell lies cross the line sweet heart

        • Laura Finbraaten
          Posted at 11:03h, 30 April Reply

          Thank you, Jessica! Please friend me on Facebook, or email me. I am so tired of being shamed for liking President Trump. No apologies to people who are only being informed by the mass media. Americans do not realize that we are closer to what China is guilty of doing in their propaganda run News media. If you, in our society listen or credit what you believe to any other news media or news source,your labeled a conspiracy theorist. Does that sound like a country where we can have free thought. I am tired of defending myself. I am in a group home and I get in conversations with staff and they belittle me for my beliefs, laughing at me. I could really make it hard for them to hold down their job here if I wanted. Just because I have a mental illness does not mean that I cannot make rational judgement’s and conclusions.

        • Jona Denz-Hamilton
          Posted at 17:45h, 11 May Reply

          Well, I used to be a Republican. But that was to support Arnold Schwarzenegger who makes it a point to bring people together by working bi partisan. Everyone agrees that Trump pretty much defines failure in that department.

        • Concerned Citizen
          Posted at 23:48h, 11 May Reply

          “I never in my life until Trump became president did I know that there are so many ignorant no common sense having uneducated HATEFUL people in the United States that there really is.”

          Read that out loud…… It doesn’t even make sense. It sounds like a 7 year old talking. Are you a 12 year old kid, or do you just have the intelligence of one??? You’re “educating” yourself? How bout you educate yourself how to write a proper sentence first. I find it astonishing that in the age of information you’re so HORRIBLE at reading/writing. Read a fucking book and practice writing the alphabet over and over again, maybe you’ll be able to go back to school and graduate the 6th grade! Your paragraph has so many obvious errors in it. It’s clear a Trump supporter, aka the most uneducated, least respected people in the world at this point, wrote it.

          I don’t need your stupid God. Go back to church and pray. Or, maybe you could actually do something useful with your life instead of be the literal scum of the United States. Ahhhh who am I kidding!?!?…. go masturbate to the thought of Trump “grabbing you by the pussy” -Words of Donald Trump.

          Fuck you. How about you go inject Lysol into your family so we don’t have any more of you fucking retards running around.

        • Jane
          Posted at 16:16h, 15 May Reply

          Trump could not even spell the word idiot!!! I once watched a show that everyone clapped at the end and I just sat there as found it sooooo bad. That’s how I feel about him, why does the audience clap for him and the rest of us just sit in amazement? I just don’t get how ANYOME would vote him in🙄

        • Lou Martin
          Posted at 01:46h, 16 May Reply

          Wrong knuckle dragger – he has grabbed the twats of many a woman and girl and make creepy sexual comments about his OWN DAUGHTER. You are a sheep. BAH.

      • pissedoffveteran
        Posted at 04:33h, 21 May Reply

        Well that’s ok, you not understanding is what’s wrong with the Democrat party and the likes of you. You are incapable of rational thinking!

    • Benjamin O'hanian
      Posted at 21:53h, 19 April Reply

      Why dont you go fuck yourself Donald Trump is being REAL with america all democrats are crummy pushovers who are too nice to the enemy. Democrats are the little fags that get brave americans killed. 9/11 happened due to piece of shit libtards letting anybody into the country. The world isnt a nice place. Democrats are fucking dopey weed smoking scumbags who cant run shit. Obama the fuckface talked about change but never went through with it. He withdrawed brave americans from Iraq and made us start over again. Fuck You, Fuck all Trump haters, FUCK liberal scumbags, and fuck Pelosi,Biden,Obama,Sanders, and fuck you mark kulp you fucking shitbag

      • R. Nettles
        Posted at 02:21h, 22 April Reply

        Learn to communicate before speaking your mind.

      • Judy
        Posted at 05:03h, 24 April Reply

        You are a brainless fuck to believe Trump is worthy of being a human being! He is going to kill so many more American citizens and beyond! You are a complete and utter loser! Why don’t you go fuck yourself Covidiot!

      • Monica
        Posted at 20:12h, 24 April Reply

        Watch your mouth when it comes to President Obama, Boy.

        trump and all his followers are WEAK, uneducated and inhumane pieces of trash.
        trump is the biggest enemy to the USA today. He is a psychopath that will soon be removed from ofice.

        As for 911, Bush was president and the republicans controlled the Senate. Therefore, once again, the redneck, stupid republican party is going to lead us into debt.

        Go suck yourself DUMMY!! You, along with trump and his Klan, are ALL biological waste dumps.

        • YourOtherMom
          Posted at 22:47h, 20 May Reply

          Obama? Clearly you are selective with the information you retain, because that man was more of a threat to our country than you think. He’s done more harm to immigrants, legal or otherwise, and sloughed billions of dollars to Iran. He and his party drove the biggest wedge of racial divide this country has seen, never followed through with any of his “make a change” promises. But, judging from your response, I’m assuming you’re anti-white… which for the record, is just as bad as your accusations of redneck and Klansmen. Calling them biological wastedumps? I see the hatred is strong with you, you might want to consider therapy or meditation. Let that hate leave you my fellow human, rise above, show love and compassion, and maybe put more effort into being more kind to your neighbors, yourself, and anyone who may not have the views as you. Remember, opinions are like buttholes; everyone has one and they aren’t all clean.

      • Jim Smith
        Posted at 06:01h, 25 April Reply

        Are you ok with the fact that he is so untruthful? Are you ok with the comments he has been making through out the virus upheaval the lies that we ALL heard him say all through out this pandemic? What kind of leadership is that?How will you ever know what is the truth and what is not? Is that what our government has come to? These are not media B.S. stories, we have all heard him speak the lies directly to us and then trying to retract them by lying again. There’s crap on both sides in all honesty we have some pretty slim pickings going on here. Separation is the problem in the first place and that’s been the plan all along, to keep us squabbling with each other about who’s right , wasting time and not getting anything done….all the while the govenment pushes thier agendas through. we are all pawns. WE have a huge mafia for a government anyway both sides.
        It all needs to be changed…..

      • Catrisha D Rupe
        Posted at 07:07h, 27 April Reply

        Another perfect example of the shitty human beings that support the trash that is Donald Trump. You just couldn’t express your idiotic opinion without calling people names could you? Just like your dumbass president. Dude go to Georgia and get your haircut and go bowling and eat at a few restaurants. Maybe we will get lucky and you will get the rona and rid the world of your ignorance. And take your buddy Trump with you.

      • Joe
        Posted at 13:26h, 09 May Reply

        Did you graduate from high school? My guess is at best you got a GED (that you did not deserve)

      • Human
        Posted at 12:19h, 12 May Reply

        You blamed 9/11 on liberals and used every f word known to man on them you proved nothing

      • Apple Jackson
        Posted at 22:07h, 14 May Reply

        Nice to the enemy… Who is this enemy? Trump falls all over himself to deepthroat Putin and Kim at every opportunity. WTF are you even talking about? No really, it’s VERY difficult to understand what you’re talking about after reading this mess.

      • Lou Martin
        Posted at 01:49h, 16 May Reply

        Wow, your idiocy and small-minded herd mentality is disturbing. You need help…lot of rage inside of you. Bet you are one of those morons who have 18 automatic weapons. PIG.

      • Elizabet Montgomery
        Posted at 12:39h, 18 May Reply

        If you posted a well-thougjt outessay that delineated the god points and the problematic points of Donad Trump. you migh find that you are beyer able to draw folks in to your point of view. Unfortunately, your espresed opinion was not well thought, it was also not well written, sounded amazingly limited in any usful intellectual discourse.

        I will march in the street for you to have the freedom to speak your mind. I will, I admit, be embarrassed as all get out because you sound so ill-informed and lacking in intellectual gravitas.

        My guess is that you would show up with a gun to those who would exercise first amendment rights by saying the very things that set you off. You have the right to speak your mind because of those liberal, progressive people who invaded this country and took it from the first nations here long before Europeans showed up.

      • idk idk
        Posted at 15:50h, 18 May Reply

        Maybe be a little nicer?

      • Mfc
        Posted at 03:26h, 19 May Reply

        Are you seriously saying that the orange Chimpanzee is considered a HUMAN? That b**** president needs to be out of the White House right now.
        I don’t care about getting killed. It’s not because I’m not scared but because I will never regret dying for the right of my country.

      • Gregg Elsass
        Posted at 17:58h, 19 May Reply



      • donldtrump sucks
        Posted at 20:37h, 20 May Reply

        you must be off your meds. the man is a lying cheating 13 year old child than need his Binky

      • pissedoffveteran
        Posted at 04:36h, 21 May Reply

        Benjamin, your anger is understandable but lets not stoop the level of these slime balls in our language. They are entirely too ignorant to understand decent language but still we don’t need to sound like them.

    • Ape Lincoln
      Posted at 07:11h, 20 April Reply

      You and your narrow minded comment is positively abhorrent.
      You are a disgusting creature that karma will swiftly and viciously punish.
      Just wait and see. It won’t be long now.
      Good day.

    • Nick Lavey
      Posted at 12:04h, 20 April Reply

      Have you ever researched John F. Kennedy, Winston Churchill or Teddy Roosevelt?! On a social and moral standard they were FAR from perfect. I would not trust them to watch my children let alone do my taxes……… especially Kennedy, but i do believe they had what it took took to stand against the injustice in politics at the time? Definitely!!!!!! What is wrong with the left that you want to infect someone with a deadly virus just because you do not see “eye to eye” on a subject. I am FLABBERGASTED at the lack of empathy and humane compassion that your pathetic existence of a life has allowed you to live. Stop using people that you do not agree with as a a crutch.

      • Catrisha D Rupe
        Posted at 07:11h, 27 April Reply

        Are you flabbergasted by Trump telling Americans to inject themselves with disenfectant too? You Republicans are nothing but a bunch of psychopath narcissist idiots that would rather slit their own throats then admit the president they elected has done a horrible job and should be in prison for life

      • Lou Martin
        Posted at 01:52h, 16 May Reply

        You actually believe that the virus is a biological weapon created and distributed by the left? You are mentally unstable. Please do not drive or breed, you disgusting POS.

      • pissedoffveteran
        Posted at 04:38h, 21 May Reply

        Yep Kennedy may be the best man ever to be a Democrat.
        He did not walk their line and beat their drums so they killed him.
        Gotta do it my way or you get the bullet in the brain.

        Look at the list of dead who disagreed with the Clinton’s.

  • James L Cromwell MD
    Posted at 14:24h, 12 April Reply

    I have been a physician and patient advocate for 40 years. These are very dangerous times and unfortunately we have very dangerous leadership. When leaders and politicians don’t listen to those intimately involved in saving lives, when they are so arrogant to believe they are experts in every aspect of humanity and it’s
    challenges, they place all citizens in great harm. In this era of catastrophic leadership, please make America
    safe again with New leadership and sanity in the White House. American will survive and this will be the next “ Greatest Generation.”

    • Sasha
      Posted at 06:21h, 17 May Reply

      I reply to you because I agree, and because you are one of the few respondents on this page who can put together a coherent sentence. No cause is helped by word-salad mofos with grade 7 educations (majority of trump supporters fall into that steaming lump), let alone an issue as important as this. Trump and his gang of cronies and klansmen have got to go; the farther and faster, the better. It isn’t only the USA who will ultimately suffer because there’s a psychopathic shithead in the oval office. This isn’t a partisan issue, it’s an issue for everyone.

  • Robert
    Posted at 18:21h, 10 April Reply

    This president is easily manipulated and or ignorant. He does not seem to mind the destruction of the United States. Did he not know that 40,000 “American citizens” living in China and would rush to our ports bringing this virus. Or was he to busy building a wall to stop women and children escaping persecution, Stoping the wealthy from spreading disease is far from important to him. He left the ports open and the flood of death came in. In all this he claims ignorance and no responsibilities. How could the the leader of the Free world not know what was happening. Don’t we provide him with every possible means of information. his own personal staff, heads of all departments picked by him. With all this he still claims ignorance and no responsibility.I guess each state should have a plan to contain every possible threat to our sovereignty.
    This movement by people trying to escape various “plagues” is not new. The new thing is we knew for sure a plague was about to breach our defenses, and “we” did nothing about it. In fact we, thru our president, encouraged the 40,000 to hurry home before we closed the door on them and the plague they brought. This is nothing new, as traders have brought plagues from wherever they came throughout the course of history.
    all this and more is based on alternative facts. The term social distancing is an alternative fact. It reflects the behavior throughout time of Classist, racist and religionist their goal is to have social boundaries placed around every group. Soon specific social groups will be approved, no longer required to be physically distance but to remain within their social grouping.
    Physical distancing on the other hand applies each individual not groups. And each individual would be approved to mingle based on his health status. his economic racial or religious status should not be taken into consideration.
    We will see what the next alternative facts will be. The bee stinger America its Constitution are no more.

    • Candace
      Posted at 21:13h, 13 April Reply

      Let’s use more gray matter and throw less brown matter.
      Is the citizens voted in ‘representative’ President Trump helping or hurting the US?
      Are YOU?
      Most of the responses are hypocritical: hate filled, finger pointing, ignorant, emotional, and the grammar! Proof of blurting out before thinking out. Remind you of someone?
      Covid-19 – compare previous flu numbers, that’s all that needs to be said here. Stop the fear/keep caring.
      Hollywood depicts US {that’s us} as: gluttonous, greedy, self-righteous, wasteful, ignorant, overly emotional, haters. The world sees us this way, are they wrong?
      “Ask not what your country can do for you, but what you can do for your country.” It’s not a political party thing, it is an intelligent human thing. Stop trying to segregate and divide, WE are the UNITED STATES of AMERICA! Let’s start acting like the great country we profess to be and do something together to be PROUD about!

      • Milord Cutter
        Posted at 20:06h, 17 April Reply

        The best thing you can do for your country is to find a way to remove the Orange Occupant from the White House.

      • Nick Lavey
        Posted at 12:17h, 20 April Reply

        AMEN!!!!! Just come together as a country already!!! All of this hate and diversion is not helping any side! Do we have problems?!……. Yes!. Of course we do. What country worth their weight in gold doesn’t, but it”s how we work together despite our differences that make us the most amazing country in the world!!! Wish the best to you all!

        • Socrates
          Posted at 06:54h, 26 April Reply

          Finally, I found two logical people in the comment section! It is hard to believe that most of these comments are real since they are so utterly repulsive.

      • P McSmith
        Posted at 06:08h, 25 April Reply

        Well said. Candace..

      • Bob
        Posted at 02:45h, 29 April Reply

        Thank You, Candace! Your comments are expressed in a positive straight forward manner!

      • Tony
        Posted at 06:21h, 09 May Reply

        I can definitely understand your point. It breaks my heart to see so much hatred being thrown left and right. Everyone is so self-righteous but will quickly classify a group as all “one and the same.” with a “you’re either with us or against us” mentality. There is so much more to everything but the same one-dimensional argument is what prevails. Everyone loves to post quotes about living happy and spreading joy and kindness. About acceptance and no bullying, about tolerance… but as this thread shows, people seem to enjoy the drama. I am hopeful that in the future I can be proven wrong.

    • Nick Lavey
      Posted at 12:23h, 20 April Reply

      This is not 1984 the novel…….. and religionist is not a word.

      • Susan Marie
        Posted at 12:37h, 09 May Reply

        Thank God there are some normal comments on here. My god people do your research he has made you distrust the media don’t you get that master of munipulators you can fact check everything yourself who in their right mind slurs their speech talks like they are 5 years old his vocabulary consists of the same words over and over what kind of leader? Bashes another human being incites violence he praises himself more than anyone has no Compassion go fact check things before you say them it only makes you appear ignorant . Also. If one is so innocent why hide the truth went not let your taxes out let pt speak out let documents all be revealed only a man with something to hide does that listen to the secret tapes of him hosting a party. Omg. And now look at us. He fired the pandemic Dept he fired or is not giving money to the WHO and he just fired Dr bright the only man that could help us with a vaccine in this country for this virus he allowed to happen he is the whistle blower that now makes sense why there was no PPE people were dying and our government covered it up and withheld supplies. God help us all

    • pissedoffveteran
      Posted at 04:40h, 21 May Reply

      Robert, is your IQ high enough that you can spell “IQ”

  • Sasha Vukov
    Posted at 09:06h, 10 April Reply

    I am sorry to say that I was part of effort to trick Americans during last elections

    It work, so good sorry that so many easy to believe lying .to. help evil Donald Trump win

    Lot of dumb Americans think FairyTale are real Donald Trump is very good for Fairy Tale talking

    Donald Trump is bad man and most of world see but America is blind and deaf to truth only can hear the lying and think it truth

    I am sorry America Donald.Trump.will make.America number 3 best in world his lying will only hurt you

    America need better education system

    • You're an idiot.
      Posted at 02:39h, 15 April Reply

      Nancy Pelosi is that you?????

      I mean if this isn’t the most obvious troll comment on the face of the earth idk what is….

      You’re not russian, you were not part of any effort to trick americans. You’re pathetic.

      The whole russian collusion thing has been debunked a million times. Dems investigated him for 4 years, and zero evidence.. OK

    • Mike
      Posted at 02:17h, 27 April Reply

      Instead of talking about trump we as Americans, should all unite and find some legal way to oust him before things get worst.
      My heart ,thoughts and prayers go out to all the families who have lost love ones due to trumps apathy towards mankind. F….K you dictator trump.

      • pissedoffveteran
        Posted at 06:37h, 21 May Reply

        You and your likes keep talking about the Trump lies.
        When are you going to even attempt to back up your Bull Shit.
        Just an example of a lie?????

        After the Clinton’s and Obama’s you have a lot of nerve calling any one a liar!

      • pissedoffveteran
        Posted at 06:50h, 21 May Reply

        Mike your thinking is pretty screwed up.
        What do you want, Communism, Socialism? What?
        He is just trying to put the country back into the way it grew to be the best place on Earth to live.
        You might note no one is trying to escape like from, Cuba, North Korea, Venezuela, and many other countries. You might note it’s so good here that people are commiting crimes to get here. No the only way things can get worse or “worst” as in your awful grammar would be to elect any of the stupid idiots that are running for the Democratic party.
        What the hell happened to you anyway. I assume you grew up in this country with all theliberities you have, all the opportunities you have and you hate the very thing that made it such that you have all this. Trump in three years has done more good for this country than the Democrats have over the fifty some odd years I’ve been watching.
        Given the opportunity the “worst” as you say can be fixed. It all came from the Democrats but it takes a lot of hard work and common sense to fix the damage they have done over the Decades.. You really need to read history and try as hard as you can to understand it and basically who did it.
        Stop the idea of one man causing the problems. It’s bigger than that.
        If the ass hole Republicans had helped him the first two years of his presidency we would be in much much better condition. Even with the lame bastards setting on their hands for two years and now the Do nothing Democrats we are just sitting still after making the most improvements in the economy and lives of the people in my life time.
        How is it you are so damned blind to how much good he has done in spite of the damned traitorous Democrats? Are you really just that ignorant? No I can answer that, your ignorance is shining like a bright light. The question is are you really that STUPID! It’s certainly looking like it
        Even your foul language shows a lack of intelligence.

  • Republican4life
    Posted at 00:59h, 09 April Reply

    All of you want a completely government run country, keep believing the crooked ass democrats. If you dumb fucks keep believing that trump is the bad guy, be ready to eat your fucking crow and maybe some humble pie. Democrats are brain worshipping you. The news is not news. Its onesided and fed to them to feed you. Wake up and help turn America back to what it founded on. GOD AND FREEDOM.

    To add No one could have stopped or slowed or wven knew the severity of the corona virus in the beginning. Trumps 20000 estimate would be a small amount vs our population. The ones who compare it to the amount we lost in previous wars. SHUT THE FUCK UP. this not war though you act like it is.

    • Robert
      Posted at 16:20h, 10 April Reply

      Deletable, lacks intelligent thought. Use of profanity suggest inmaturity. Please try again after taking a course on communication.

      • bruh moment
        Posted at 01:02h, 19 April Reply

        I apologize sir, but it seems that you don’t understand that this is the internet, no?

    • Sko Hayes
      Posted at 22:34h, 10 April Reply

      Actually, even with China’s rigged numbers, it was quite evident that this virus was going to be a killer and a super-spreader. When Trump first learned of the virus(January- March), he could have done many things:
      1) Restrict travel from China (not just the Chinese nationals, but ALL travel).
      2) Alert the CDC to get a copy of the virus and develop a test. Obtain tests from WHO in the meantime.
      3) Check the stockpile of medical equipment for items needed for hospitals and first responders.
      4) Alert the states to gear up the testing labs and provide copies of the virus to develop their own tests

    • why yall so stupid :(
      Posted at 12:21h, 11 April Reply

      you’re probably just a troll but idgaf first of all america was pretty much founded on white supremacy so already a rocky start. sencondly he was warned about coronavirus and did nothing he brushed it off and said it was just a hoax his dumbass also believes climate change is a hoax so he has decided to drill oil and destroy beautiful agricultural places and the homes of many animals for profit. also around 9000 more people died of air pollution in 2018 than in 2019 unemployment rates are at lowest ever but if you look at the real facts and evidence the numbers show its been declining at the a similar rate for years so really nothing special if he does manage to make many more jobs whose gonna take them all no one because he’s kicking all the immigrants out not to mention he’s sexist racist probably homophobic also the vp mike pence huge homophobe thoroughly educate yourself with non biased opinions just the real numbers and evudence before you go around looking like a clown.

      • why yall so stupid :(
        Posted at 12:22h, 11 April Reply

        i meant 2016 not 2019 🤦🏽‍♀️

      • You're an idiot.
        Posted at 02:36h, 15 April Reply

        He literally never ever ever said it was a hoax. The fact that you recite this as a true statement just shows me that you believe anything CNN tells you to believe. You can very easily fact check whether he said this. Snopes has a good write up on it. NEVER said it was a hoax.

        On top of that, everyone attacked him for closing down travel bans. HIS TOP DOCTOR Dr Anthony Fauci said at the END OF FEBRUARY that the virus was no big deal, the threat was minuscule, and to skip the face masks and wash the hands…. So if his TOP DOCTOR is telling him not to worry, why the fuck would he???? Blame the health officials who advise him if you want to blame someone.

        And if you want to talk facts and numbers lets do it. The FLu has killed 60k thousand people so far this year, the corona virus has killed 20k. So it looks like he did a pretty good job

        and please lets talk further details. Each state is handling the corona virus in their own way!!!!!!!!! Trump has not, and does not control what the states have done, or are doing. All he has done is SUPPORT them with the things they need. and everyone has the things they need.

        • Todd Withers
          Posted at 18:46h, 17 April Reply

          Your diatribe is littered with so much cookie cutter Fox talking point nonsense that it could’ve spewed from the hackneyed pen of Sean Hannity.

          As of today’s update, April 17th, the CDC says that the death toll for covid-19 is almost 27k. With 632,220 cases of infection confirmed, that gives this virus a mortality rate of 4.25% The seasonal flu – love how you use almost the highest estimate that the CDC gives for deaths by this to inflate your point – has a mortality rate of under .05%. And, we’re not at the end of this pandemic.

          Go ahead, keep downplaying the seriousness of this disease while spewing your pro Trump rhetoric. Just hope this disease doesn’t affect you or your friends or family. The death of pastor Gerald O. Glenn proves that karma is flying around fast and free, right now.

          • Joe
            Posted at 13:42h, 09 May

            Very nicely put.

          • Trump 2020 4 life
            Posted at 13:01h, 11 May

            I absolutely despise how you people dismiss perfectly good arguments as “FOX news trash” It about time you immature vets (if you are vets in the first place). Its about time you grow up and be reasonable and PROTECT others speech NOT fight it! YOU dimwitted liberals HATE the constitution. CONSERVATISM IS NEEDED NOW! If we had poked the beast (kim jong un) we would be 10000 times worse with china and russia. If obama had destroyed the world the media would say OBAMA IS AWESOME BLAH BLAH BLAH! If trump has saved the world and fixed all of the earth’s problems, the media would say he stepped on a toe! + haven’t you guys called Trump RACIST after banning travel from china. Todd, ARE YOU A VET ARE YOU EVEN AMERICAN, Cause EVERY TRUE AMARICA LOVING PERSON WOULD LOVE TRUMP!
            AND DO NOT SAY THIS IS “FOX trash” or “white supremacist” or “a troll” or “racist racist” BECAUSE THAT IS BLOCKING AND UNDERMINING MY PERSONAL SPEECH AND THUS THE 1ST AMENDMENT OF THE UNITED STATES CONSTITUTION (i’m sorry if i mentioned a document so foreign to you)

          • David
            Posted at 21:00h, 12 May

            I want to be sure I understand correctly. You are basing a mortality rate on only 1 -3 % of the data. Wow, you should take faucis place. You do realize there are 330 million Americans. And we’ve tested like 8 mil tops. So how could you have concluded that?
            Furthermore, the lockdown is going to starve a good 1.9 BILLION people and you are griping about 27,000? Please tell me you are trolling? If you aren’t then don’t respond, there is no need to try and communicate with someone so detacthed from reality

          • Kevin W Walker
            Posted at 11:52h, 18 May

            Ok wiseguy obviously you have all the answers on what measures should have been taken with dealing with this virus c’mon you shouldn’t have to think about it c’mon spill it.

        • Bob bongiorno
          Posted at 08:27h, 15 May Reply

          I’m sorry but Trump should have had a much better handle on the virus earlier.
          Many countries around the world acted decisively and we can see who they are. These countries were privy to the same intel and advice as Trump. Countries like Taiwan, Australia, South Korea and India acted quickly. India in particular with its vast population and limited access to top line medical services have done much to halt the disease. No excuse he had all the time in the world but missed the boat.

    • Charlene Spindoff
      Posted at 05:43h, 13 April Reply

      “I take no responsibility.”
      “You can grab them by the pussy, they let you when you’re famous.”

      “No one could have known.”

      …. Clearly there are many who lack the understanding required to live in a Democracy.

      • Jessica Davis
        Posted at 16:27h, 20 April Reply

        And I want you to tell me what MAN with his money and success would not have sex with any or all all the beautiful women that was willing to? I’ll wait people really are so ignorant to life it’s actually scary to know that there are so many blind, lack of common sense, zero percent of knowledge on the REAL LIFE. And I’d bet anything that at an early age you were told (brainwashed) to believe that the Democratic Party is for poor and working class and Republican Party is only for the rich smh which is what made you come to the conclusion that you are a democrat. Please educate yourself on the history of the United States if all you can come up with is a MAN TALKING LIKE ALL MEN DO makes him a bad person well then all presidents before and after Trump are BAD lmao how about making decisions on results and action instead of just choosing to stick with a certain political party better yet make a decision on who’s right or wrong which will require you to educate yourself first

        • Monica
          Posted at 20:19h, 24 April Reply

          Spoken like true trump trash! You are a prime example of the type of hypocritical trash that follows trump. You just questioned why someone would vote for Biden and you are supporting a monogamist idiot. Really!!!

          You need to educate yourself, you really do. I pity stupid people. If you can support a man who has behaved like the orange guy, you are not worth an educated response. Continue to be stupid. You are one less person I will EVER have to see or deal with in my personal space or my place of employment.

    • John Sikora
      Posted at 16:39h, 13 April Reply

      It’s people like you that support a immature, spoiled, draft Dodger! You not educated enough to write 1 sentence without adding stupid words. God Help Us

    • william escolante jr
      Posted at 02:33h, 15 April Reply

      I don’t think or act like this is any kind of a war but your commander in chief does,his words not mine

      • Bonnie W Beck
        Posted at 21:45h, 16 April Reply

        I use to be a Big Trump Supporter before this COVID-19. Not so much now actually. Authorizing to open the country when you still have people getting the virus and dying Everyday! That is just crazy all he cares about money Not the Amercan people!

    • Teresa Plontke
      Posted at 20:23h, 16 April Reply

      Trump aka idiot, dumbfuck, liar, piece of shit has shown EVERYONE that he is a very bad guy and has NO business in politics!!!

    • Todd Withers
      Posted at 18:07h, 17 April Reply

      Horrible grammar and odd use of all caps, Trump is that you??

      Instead of posting on sites like this, under an alias, maybe you should busy yourself with leading this country. Unfortunately, we all know that’s not your priority. You would rather bloviate about the ratings for your covid-19 briefings and explode your Twitter account with even more of your trademark childish behavior.

      This is not a war? Then why do you keep calling yourself a war time president. Perhaps it is you who should shut the f$%^ up! Let the professionals handle this problem. Here, take this ball and go play outside. The grownups will call you be inside once they’ve dealt with this problem.

    • Joe
      Posted at 13:36h, 09 May Reply

      Did you graduate from high school? Maybe get a GED you did not deserve?

    • John
      Posted at 15:17h, 15 May Reply

      You can kiss my ass you ignorant moron. Pull your head out of your ass idiot!

    • Lou Martin
      Posted at 02:00h, 16 May Reply

      There is no God you freak.. read a science book for a change. SMH, you people and your fairy tales based on white male control and authority. #FuckOldWhiteGuys

  • D.T.
    Posted at 20:58h, 07 April Reply

    Trump is a liar, and anyone who believes a liar is a fool. He’s not only a liar but a danger, because foolish people believe what he says. You only have to look at what people like Don Johnson on this platform are saying, to see the damage that a lying leader can cause.

    • bruh moment
      Posted at 01:10h, 19 April Reply

      Whoever believes a liar is a fool because a fool believes a liar because a fool has given a liar belief makes you a fool. I bet you feel even more stupid after reading that statement huh?

  • Carina
    Posted at 16:13h, 07 April Reply

    I hate this man !!How blind can people be ????he is not a Christian nor is he a man of faith .He is buying people and all he cares about is fame ..trump supporters wake up Your president is a kindergartner that cant admit ANY WRONG DOING what a disgrace

  • Jeff P Casady
    Posted at 20:01h, 04 April Reply

    socially, I always thought trump would bring ‘Jerry Springer show’ type influence to our country, and of course, he has provided that theory if that theory was on steroids. His obvious (let’s be honest) essentially definition of a narcissistic person (in all the bad ways) who’s only saving grace is that their are people around that can help run the government around him as e continues to spew lie after lie. How many would love him if he wasn’t a bigoted Hippocrates “born again christian” who praises those that kisses his (you know what).

  • Ross Hartman
    Posted at 03:51h, 04 April Reply

    At this point the State of the Union is a disaster. Thousands are dying every day. Thousands more are getting sick. Millions more are getting laid off or fired. Only the richest seem to be getting by playing games on Wall Street. Like any organization, the blame and buck stops at the top, and currently the top is Trump. In every conceivable way this nation is failing, and there is only 1 person at the top to blame. So is he helping is an obvious NO! The real question is when will he get his head out of his son-in-laws ass and stop hurting everyone. P.S., your bailout check is just an early forward of your 2020 TAX return… That means you’ll get less in taxes back next year. The 2 Trillion dollar bailout is really going to the corporations that are laying people off left and right. Time to stop being clueless Trumpians, pay attention.

    • PissedOffVeteran
      Posted at 17:39h, 11 April Reply

      Your silly dirty language is just pathetic.
      I have and ask again. Show me the lies.
      You can’t.
      However your little demigods, Clinton’s each of them, and Obama were the champs of lying.
      They are so obvious it challenges my ability to think of you as even slightly intelligent.
      For all our sake, including you I hope Trump does win.

      • Lorraine Wright
        Posted at 07:16h, 14 May Reply

        Goodness, the man lies constantly. Today Trump announced that the US and Germany are both on the lowest rung of the ladder as far as deaths per 100,000 from covid-19. Nobody in their right mind could believe this. Reality is that the US has the highest number of cv cases in the world, (1,430,348) and as far as death rates from the virus are concerned: USA – 275 deaths per 1M: Germany – 94 deaths per 1M. Those countries who responded to the virus in the very early stages, such as Australia: 4 deaths per 1M; and New Zealand – 4 deaths per 1M. If you really want to educate yourself about the global picture, check out

      • Mfc
        Posted at 05:51h, 20 May Reply

        Then show me how u can prove that disgusting booger sucking president is able to bring us one step into the future.
        Oh please do shut up you piece of shit, PissedOffVeteran

    Posted at 21:46h, 02 April Reply

    Patricia, as a Jewish man who is 180 degrees opposed to TRUMP, I applaud your post; far, far too many people professing devout following in JUDEO-CHRISTIAN beliefs are in love with a dangerous, despotic infantile, Fascist with a perverted mind, and one who is wont to his vile misogyny, one who implicitly applauds racism, etc. TRUMP IS A NIGHTMARE to those of us NOT inclined to racism and white supremacy – only those totally jubilant that a Black man (i.e., Barack Obama) was replaced in the 2016 election by this infantile, racist DESPOT who BRISTLES at any mention of his fallibilities will call this MISCREANT “the GREATEST PRESIDENT EVER” ??????!!!!~!!……of course, as well, the RED CAPPED Fascists are recently behind the death threats aimed at Dr. Fauci, because of his refutations of INFANT DO(NALD’S assertions as they relate to the current COVID crisis. DAMN ALL OF THOSE WHO ARE TRUMP SUPPORTERS!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! The USA will become a FASCIST STATE once DUMB TRUMP is reelected in 2020……………..

    • Richard
      Posted at 17:26h, 03 April Reply

      The USA already is a fascist police state. The American police state is rooted in the antebellum-era unofficial slave patrols which hunted for runaway slaves for the plantation owners. Later, those patrollers formed the basis of the organized, official police. Fascism came along later, in the early 19th century, from a concordat between Mussolini (Italy’s government) and the Vatican, when Catholicism was declared Italy’s state religion, and non-Catholics either converted or they were subjected to government-imposed terror. The “COVID” crisis is “medical fascism”, in this case, enabled by Dr. Anthony Fauci, who is Trump’s main medical advisor. In this instance, the American neo- fascists are using a manufactured health crisis to impose a totalitarian scheme to impoverish a large portion of the population. Feigning concern for the now jobless workers, Trump’s government is offering them loans, which must be paid back with interest. American fascism, so far, is primarily of a financial nature rather than using the threat of incarceration in a concentration camp or physical violence from the agents of the state, the police. The police are eagerly anticipating a bigger role in America’s fascist police state and, of course, higher pay.

    • Richard
      Posted at 01:25h, 04 April Reply

      The USA already is a fascist police state. The American police state is rooted in the antebellum-era privately paid slave patrols which hunted runaway slaves for the plantation elite. Later, those “patrollers” formed the basis of the organized, official police, enforcers of government authority. “Fascism” came along later, in the early 20th century, based on a collaboration between Mussolini (Italy’s government) and the Vatican, when Catholicism was declared Italy’s state religion, and non-Catholics either converted under duress or they were subjected to government-imposed terror (this Christian religious aspect is why Jews, in particular, fear the specter of fascism). The “COVID” crisis is a manifestation of “medical fascism”, in this case, enabled by Dr. Anthony Fauci, Trump’s main medical advisor (Fauci has financial interests in the vaccine business). Dr. Fauci, who has a priestly appearance and demeanor, is to the senile Trump like Grigori Rasputin was to the Empress Fyodorovna in Russia, a priest who held her under his spell with mystical religious incantations. Now, the American neo-fascists, enabled by Trump, are using an elaborately contrived health crisis to impose a totalitarian scheme to impoverish a large portion of the population, who were already deeply in debt. Feigning concern for the millions of newly jobless workers, Trump’s administration is offering loans, which must be paid back with interest. American fascism, so far, is primarily of a financial nature rather than using the threat of incarceration in a concentration camp or physical violence from the agents of the state, the police. The police are hoping that the stresses created by the media-generated virus scare will create a bigger role for them in keeping the peace and, of course, that it will bring them higher pay and prestige.

      • Joe
        Posted at 13:38h, 09 May Reply

        You are just scary. You might want to stay away from info wars for a bit?????

    • PissedOffVeteran
      Posted at 17:40h, 11 April Reply

      Sir, I cannot believe anyone who is capable of breathing without written instructions could be as ignorant as you appear to be with you idiotic ranting

      What in hell is wrong with you sir?

  • Patricia Phillips
    Posted at 12:54h, 01 April Reply

    My beef is, How can born again Christians not see the facts about this man and his administration. We as Christians know that being a Republican or Democrat is not what we are about. Jesus was neither. We are to make choices on integrity and character not political views. For the life of me, I do not understand Christiians that support this man. I am beginning to think it is the ones that think their poop don’t stink. They also have high opinion of self all around. These are the high maintenance individuals that think they are so much better than others. To my knowledge, these individuals are not interested in what God is saying in His Word. They are only interested in what they think and do. They never think about the poor.. Jesus was here for the poor. He said,”It is harder for a rich man to enter heaven. And, it is because money is so important to them. So here we have both parties. Democrats are for the poor. Republicans are for the rich. I am so disappointed that these individuals are so blindsided. On the other hand, God is in control. He is using Trump to move Americans into a more intimate personal relationship with Him. Also, using Him to usher in His powerful judgment on America for their sin of pride, and their love of money. Christians, please wake up, you are being deceived. That is my message. No, I do not support Trump. I dislike liars and egotistic individuals. This man is the most unprofessional leader we have ever known in presidency. I sincerely hope this fake man goes down in history as such.. I have never seen in my lifetime a president that I absolutely could not appreciate his professionalism and leadership of his presidential office. and duties as Donald J. Trump. He is the most immature president ever. Pride goes before a fall. Even if he has american people fooled, he can’t escape God’s judgment on him. Maybe He is experiencing God’s judgment on him now.. who knows such a man as this. Although, he is not beyond God giving him a change of heart. For this I pray. So many people are dying in this corona virus just
    because of his pride and love of power. I don’t approve of democrats in their political siding but do support the poor and weak in America and choose to defend the hard working individuals that made us Americans in the first place. I pray that Christians reach that point of wisdom in their Christian journey that they know how to choose the next president. I hope they base their decision on integrity of an individual in which we all are judged.. May God bless us and have mercy upon us in this time of tragic chaos.

    • Robert
      Posted at 16:28h, 10 April Reply

      He cannot be a Christian. Trump has no fruit (action) that could prove you believe in anything but money. Please do not mistake the false with the true.

      • Tony Tran
        Posted at 13:19h, 13 May Reply

        Your criticism is a lie. Trump is the prime example of devout Christians according to the Bible.

        He honors God in office.
        He ward off illegal immigration with human restrictions and ethical restraints.
        He care about the Christian community more than most recent Presidents who’s only concern is to follow political traditions by saying, ‘God bless America’ and ‘swore by the Holy Book’.

        Sure. He might have dodge taxes and cheat people’s money. But that was never a ‘sin’ according to your Bible.
        Sure. He might have made sexual comments about women. But he was never convicted of sexual assaults.
        Sure. He might not seem ‘qualify’ for the job. But who the fuck can be a male version of a Mary Sue in real life?

        The lists above qualified him to be the most authentic ‘born again’ Christian American president in recent history.

    • PissedOffVeteran
      Posted at 17:45h, 11 April Reply

      How can you believe in the myth of a God?
      How do you think he is there with absolutely no indication for against the idea ever
      being seen.
      Where do you see the proof of anything but a mentally debilitating myth here?
      Show me any proof of a God what so ever.
      What I see is how horrible he if in your own teachings.
      I do not believe any being great enough to create our Universe as being so stupid as
      you bible thumping idiots make him to be.

      • IHateTrump
        Posted at 04:07h, 15 May Reply

        Dear PissedOffVeteran,
        Just by looking at some of your comments I can tell that you are kind of bitch. God is real. I don’t fucking care what you think he is real. Seeing is not always believing.
        I hope you will hate trump,

        • IHateTrump
          Posted at 04:09h, 15 May Reply

          *a bitch Ugh I spelled it wrong smh

      • Mfc
        Posted at 05:44h, 20 May Reply

        @pissed off veteran :What the hell are you fucking person talking about . Oh pls do shut up

  • Rodney Fullerton
    Posted at 07:13h, 31 March Reply

    This is what happens when you put an ass clown in office. Look at him. Is he retarded – I still can’t tell. Is his face melting from all that orange shit? Look at his nose lately. It’s crumbling, right?

    • PissedOffVeteran
      Posted at 17:46h, 11 April Reply

      Rodeney I can’t even find civilized words to describe your lunacy!

  • Dorothea Pouncil
    Posted at 21:01h, 30 March Reply


    • Sangita Das Karmakar
      Posted at 05:27h, 01 April Reply

      I know that some people are saying that Trump is to be blamed for this whole covid-19 thing happen in America, but also u people also have duty. Why only will have a president make a county safe. Please fight as united country america.

      • Robert
        Posted at 16:42h, 10 April Reply

        A United country requires a leader. This man child is not now, has never been, and never will be more than bully. a rich bully but nonetheless simply a bully. The only people that follow him are those hoping to make from the scraps of his table. Amongst them are the 40,000 destroyers it came from China with this virus is Trump turned his head to watch himself on the television.

    • PissedOffVeteran
      Posted at 17:47h, 11 April Reply

      With dimwitts like you, he is to blame no matter which way he chooses.
      You truly are an example of the pot calling the kettle black!

      • bruh moment
        Posted at 01:09h, 19 April Reply

        Based on your comment here, it appears Windows has detected you as unintelligent.

        • PissedOffVeteran
          Posted at 03:53h, 26 April Reply

          Sorry but I was using CPM-86 when Bill Scrapes Plagerized it and sold it to IBM to sell as IBM- PCDOS.
          He broke it so badly that he just made it one of the worst systems on Earth but credit where credit is due.
          He sold a who world of useful idiots his stolen product.
          He ruined a good man, “Gary Kildall” who wrote CPM with his wife.
          Bill Should be in jail with Hillary.
          Every computer in the world that uses his DOS is running on stolen goods.
          How does it feel to be a criminal in possesion of stolen goods?
          Windows does not detect me anything, I don’t use it or even Apple/MAC The Apple/Mac is far far superior to Bills stolen OS but I do not like. So I use the most powerful, stable, secure OS on Earth.

  • Marie Lefebvre
    Posted at 16:40h, 30 March Reply

    Not an American citizen here, and I can’t believe to this day you elected this clown. Every day I ask myself, are Americans really that stupid? I am hoping the corona virus crisis you are all facing now (with zero leadership from Trump) will finally open your eyes. Still praying for all of you, at the end you will have the more deaths no doubt about it.

    • Anna Colan
      Posted at 19:18h, 02 April Reply

      Unfortunately trump has americans fighting among themselves… he split america how scary is that especially when you have so many crazies in this country who hail hitler well people what do you know about history? Nah never mind … you people probably read a history book or article in your life then again maybe you can’t even read at all. You probably see the words but don’t really know what they mean. America … getting stupid by the minute.

      • j
        Posted at 14:20h, 10 April Reply

        you are so arrogant it is incredible.

    • j
      Posted at 13:57h, 10 April Reply

      what country are you from that makes you entitled to a statement such as calling Americans stupid? Their is new evidence about BCG vaccine which was created in the 1920s or 1930s which scientist or correlating people with this vaccine have a death rate that is dramactially lower especially in Ireland.. America is the most diverse country in the world. So calling us “stupid” is incredibly insulting. and i dont believe you praying for us, will that wash my hands and pay my unemployment? my eyes are wide open in protecting myself and loved ones. this is an invisible warfare. I truly hope you stay safe.

    • jon
      Posted at 14:00h, 10 April Reply

      what country are you from that makes you entitled to a statement such as calling Americans stupid? Their is new evidence about BCG vaccine which was created in the 1920s or 1930s which scientist or correlating people with this vaccine have a death rate that is dramactially lower especially in Ireland.. America is the most diverse country in the world. So calling us “stupid” is incredibly insulting. and i dont believe you praying for us, will that wash my hands and pay my unemployment? my eyes are wide open in protecting myself and loved ones. this is an invisible warfare. I truly hope you stay safe.

    • Charlene Spindoff
      Posted at 05:45h, 13 April Reply

      Americans are actually Stupider.Amazing, but look!

  • Frank JP Segura
    Posted at 23:12h, 29 March Reply

    I know you are but so is trump!

  • Brent Smith
    Posted at 00:44h, 29 March Reply

    I can see you americans are blindsided by an idiot. Wake up any of you that believe trump is doing a great job are on serious drugs. He is destroying your country and killing you off when you need a leader to help you fight for your lifes. If any of you think he has your best interests at heart think again. Check the bank accounts of the country and she how much he has milked out of the bank. He has a serious deal going with Putin. By the time you find out the truth you will all be speaking Russian. Wake up.

    • Sue baker
      Posted at 23:12h, 05 April Reply

      Trump is the best president we have had in years, Got rid of the hate munger racist Muslim lover Obama..
      He is doing a great jobe on the virus..
      With the hate baiting DemocRATs Hitler off springs always wolf’s in sheep’s clothing liers and the fake socialists news….just look at the area that have the virus worse.
      What did that area do to cause it to be so bad.. these citys and states are to blame for what they allowed they are crying like babies wanting more then then they think other states or cities should get in supplys for virus..

      • PissedOffVeteran
        Posted at 17:50h, 11 April Reply

        We are outnumbered here.
        The numbers of idiots here are huge.
        They all seem to think the government should spoon feed us from cradle to grave and damned anyone who actually shows common sense. like Trump.

      • Milord Cutter
        Posted at 20:02h, 17 April Reply

        You cannot be serious. Sorry, nothing was “debunked.” Not enough evidence to convict is not the same as innocent.
        Even setting aside the crimes of the campaign for the Impeached Imbecile, what can you point to that the current administration has done that improves the lives of most Americans. Compare that with the number of self-serving (and self-evident) things that have been done to improve the lot of the Orange Occupant and his family.

      • Mfc
        Posted at 04:04h, 19 May Reply

        Your idiotic brain will only make you a bitch in your fucking future
        I have nothing else to say

    • Robert
      Posted at 16:33h, 10 April Reply

      Ruby speaking Chinese, more than likely Spanish. The Russians have nothing but a bomb. Almost every little country has one now we even a few to the Jews, who may or may not you making a lot of money off of this with the help of trump.

  • Clara
    Posted at 04:38h, 28 March Reply

    Trump is an asshole. Never served. Only cares about himself. How can any self respecting vet vote for this draft dodger.

    • Don Johnson
      Posted at 06:12h, 28 March Reply

      As are u. It takes a special kinda stupid to believe your own lies and bullshit…and then base your arguments on irrelevant stupidity. Draft dodger?! LOL ok. Guess u’re on the frontlines yourself and even if he was a “draft dodger” he’s done more without a gun as a civ than many do with one in the military. Annnnd you’re describing the majority of the country so I guess everyone’s a draft dodger. Keep smashin that cool aid. Hope u love gettin told what to think since u can’t clearly think for yourself.

      • Truth
        Posted at 04:00h, 29 March Reply

        “Smashing the [Kool-Aid]”? Sounds like you drank the whole vat! trump has NEVER been anything more than a liar, a thief, a con artist, a racist, a xenophobe and a sexual pervert and predator – and I’ve watched him for 40 years. Wake up from your stupor.

      • American
        Posted at 06:06h, 01 April Reply

        A n American You’re as scary stupid as Donald trump

      • Devin
        Posted at 03:53h, 02 April Reply

        Nooooo simple

      • Fred Colangelo
        Posted at 18:53h, 02 April Reply

        Ha Don Johnson what a complete moron and jackass you are. If Corona gets you it finally reached out to one of the right people.What a fu…. clown you are.

    • PissedOffVeteran
      Posted at 17:52h, 11 April Reply

      I’m a veteran of Vietnam, Thank you Democrats and I voted for Trump.
      I will vote for him again this year.
      I”d voter for the devil himself over any shit head the Democrats have.

  • William S
    Posted at 02:09h, 28 March Reply

    Trump is a lying sack of shit

    • Don Johnson
      Posted at 06:05h, 28 March Reply

      Ahhh the dreams and hallucinations of all the fantastic liberals who sabotage society and the world into backwards regression to prevent their revolting lies and arrogance from being demolished by truth an justice. After all, “PROgression would just mean the dismantling of their fabrications and lies that keep problem from seeing them for who they are and escaping their tyrannical hypocrisy. So keep drinking the cool aid libtard. Pretty clear no one can ever prove a libtard wrong…can’t be a good libtard and see logic and truth…that much is proven time and time again. After all, a good libtard is put on this world to hate and lie and no one changes their amazing logic when no matter how many times they’re proven wrong…”they’re always right”. A good liberal knows they don’t support anything that resembles the truth because then they just look as retarded as they actually are when it’s revealed they’ve been lying to themselves for long enough, they actually believe their own bullshit. Every time their lies and corruption is illuminated and exposed, they just find ways to fabricate and twist more lies into “information” and buy the media so their bullshit propaganda supports their demented logic. Then they just run with what is essentially complete lies and baseless pipe dreams until “the many”, who’re essentially just simpleton sheep that can’t think for themselves, jump on their bandwagon, guzzling that libtard laced kooks is. Then they belong to the hypocrites who’ve start believing their own ridicules fabrications themselves. Haha u idiots should have your own country where u can all circle jerk each other whilst spinning your lies to each other with an olive branch in one hand and your knives in the other. You all deserve each other. Thank goodness for truth and justice and people that can still think for themselves instead of being told what to think. Thank goodness for Trump and the fact that justice can still have the chance to prevail once in a while!!!

      • Will Romaine
        Posted at 00:06h, 01 April Reply

        I’ll simplify the truth. Trump is an idiot. He is the first President that ever made me truly feel I could be President. There is no BS response or witty reply to the truth.

        • PissedOffVeteran
          Posted at 17:54h, 11 April Reply

          From what I see here it appears you think of yourself as a wit.
          Well, guess what?

          You are Half right!!

      • Jane doe
        Posted at 06:08h, 01 April Reply

        You’re as scary as trump. Pray for us

        • PissedOffVeteran
          Posted at 17:54h, 11 April Reply

          You must be talking to yourself in the mirror.

      • F. Colangelo
        Posted at 19:04h, 02 April Reply

        Ha DON, really can’t add anything here to what you said only that you clearly are a fucking moron. Can’t waste time on hopeless people like you, can only hope the virus gets you and takes people like you to your promise land and hopefully sooner than later.

        • robert
          Posted at 03:45h, 07 April Reply

          colangelo go back to your momma’s basement

      • nope
        Posted at 02:56h, 09 April Reply

        Love how you assume all people opposed to trump are liberals, truly shows how stupid trump supporters are

        • PissedOffVeteran
          Posted at 17:56h, 11 April Reply

          What or who would you suppose to replace him with.
          Never mind,
          I know you want the government leaders to be socialists and to feed you from cradle to grave.

    Posted at 00:24h, 28 March Reply

    TRUMP 2020



    Posted at 00:11h, 28 March Reply

    TRUMP 2020



    • Charlene Spindoff
      Posted at 05:47h, 13 April Reply

      Slobbering manservants of The Donald, so many capital letters, so little literacy.

      • Garry eugene sumner
        Posted at 14:13h, 20 May Reply

        I dislike trumps lack of upbringing and semi- civilised manners but be fair. Less than 5 percent of the population cotracts corona and of those less than half of a percent die as a result.
        This means less than
        0,001 percent of the population dies as a result. Should the rest of the population starve and the economy die (no tax revenue to finance treatment of the virus) or to feed the stay home masses or to defend what was once a great nation from hostile takeover or support the food producers. Wake up, you are adults, think and work together.
        Is this not an opportunity to unite and become an example to the world of what you can do in times of adversity?
        The government is the people, if they are failing then you are failing. Get up, stop complaining and do something. Have you started your own vegetable garden in all your spare time or lying in front of the TV and bemoaning your fate. You once had a great leader who said” the buck stops here”. Good ……
        no, luck has nothing to do with it.

  • Tim
    Posted at 00:09h, 28 March Reply

    Trump is no good ! He’s not very Presidential and is now blaming GM over the ventilator debacle after Kushner and crew held up the go ahead for 2 more days while people and doctors died . I’d rather have the Bushes back and I’m a Dem. This poser can’t leave office soon enough ,. No Vietnam ? Traitor in Chief !

    Posted at 22:07h, 27 March Reply

    Trump is horrible. I can’t believe he is our president. He is going to kill us. TOO LITTLE TOOL LATE IDIOT TRUE PSYCHOPATH

  • Richard
    Posted at 21:28h, 27 March Reply

    As of now, the stock market has collapsed and the economy is in a depression and dependent on Federal Reserve policy. Trump’s policies of serving his wealthy constituents at the expense of the working class helped bring down the economy. And most of his appointees are wealthy political supporters with no expertise in running a democratic government. For example, his Treasury Secretary is a former stock trader and Hollywood producer, and his Education secretary is sworn to destroy our public school system and replace it with private schools. His Fed appointee also seems to be having trouble finding the right policy for the Fed to do to save the economy.

  • Todd Weise
    Posted at 22:44h, 24 March Reply

    Trump is an idiot…I voted for him in 2016, but NOT in 2020!! I will vote Democrat and I am a Republican. It’s all about Trump…his image and economy or market. He doesn’t care about the US. its people or even our vets!! He is a disgrace and is VERY dishonest!! In the terms or words of the Apprentice…”YOU’RE FIRED”!!!!!!

    • Elliott Hamilton
      Posted at 19:42h, 27 March Reply

      No of what you just said makes since bud, also I’m guessing you never took economics in college Macro or micro. Please comment I’d love to have a debate, but consider your talking points.

    • Micheal Woodsmith
      Posted at 17:07h, 31 March Reply

      The democrats are actually total BS. If the unknown democrat candidate wins, they probably won’t do anything without the permission of McConnel. Sure Trump cares about his image, and the economy of the country but won’t that really help us fund the crisis we are in now? And Trump is a disgrace now huh. Who delivered to the lost and forgotten Americans. Who stood up for the people of Hong Kong (well technically that was not the U.S.’s problem, I will gave you that) He actually cares about us. Sure he had done some horrible things in the past., but no president should be perfect. Oh yeah dishonest, ummmmmmmmmmmmmm, (smacks lips) he is kind of dishonest… I am not saying that you should vote for him but iI just want to point out of how much of a great president he could be.

  • Louis Adams
    Posted at 18:22h, 24 March Reply

    He is a moronic Silver spoon misogynist pig bigot who cares about nothing and no one but his own self-centered well-beingHe is a snake oil salesman the only thing worse then a fool are the fools that follow him. I know I am not alone out there I don’t you people speak up talk to you spineless politicians that kiss his ass on a daily basis with this guy the rich get richer the poor and the middle class a nothing but a group of peopleThat he on a daily basis checks to see how much wool he can pull over their eyes.
    If you live you will see what I am expressing is one hundred percent true.Not like I don’t have more to say but I’m ending this now the nausea that affects me each and every time I hear or see or talk about this idiot gets to be too much for me

    • Jaime
      Posted at 11:48h, 30 March Reply

      I agree with you. I have been saying the same thing. I cannot believe how people as hoodwinked by this idiot. Including some members of my own family. Not only did he create a division within the American public, but also in my own family. I don’t understand why, because my family members were well educated and have been taught to critical think by listening to both sides of the story. Go and figure! He is nothing more than a great example of how history repeats itself. Think of the great former societies that have fallen because of someone like Trump. Rome, Germany, etc. So, we need to stand for what is right, what is humanity and what is democratic. We need to better educate our young to take over for the future.

  • Clay
    Posted at 23:07h, 23 March Reply

    I would wash the mans feet if he would disband the VA and put veterans on medicare. The VA is garbage, and needs to be tossed in the trash.

  • Keith
    Posted at 20:29h, 21 March Reply

    Pres. Trump is one of the Greatest Presidents thus far. Hate my opinion-good or too bad. I think he’s Lied a Hellofa lot less than those few especially before him. So take me down now.

  • Kevin Anderson
    Posted at 06:26h, 21 March Reply

    Wake up America, think, study, consider, decide.

  • Monica
    Posted at 20:38h, 19 March Reply

    Donald Trump is doing a great job he is ending all of this corription through out the Nation to these Elites who believe money , power and Corruption is the way. This Coronavirus was released as a distraction to the Nations its a Race between Good & Evil and this New World Order. Daniel Robert Dowell released a report regarding Harvey Weinstein trial. Who he gave up with this sex trafficking ring which involved a whole slew of Celebrities and Nations read his article and you decide

    • Jane doe
      Posted at 06:10h, 01 April Reply

      What in heck is “corription”. ? God help us

    • F. Colangelo
      Posted at 19:07h, 02 April Reply

      Hi Monica goes to show you how stupid many americans are … I mean you; frigging idiot! Corona Virus can’t get you soon enough. RIP idiot.

  • Greg Glasscock
    Posted at 04:22h, 19 March Reply

    Yes, the VA functions more efficiently since Trump took office. Connected the dots..

  • Don Young
    Posted at 01:58h, 19 March Reply

    Donald Trump is an IDIOT. He has pulled the wool over the Republican partys eyes so far they couldn’t see the ground if there noses were touching it. Trump has done nothing for this country except cause division. Everything he stakes claaim to has been handed to him by previous President’s therefore Trump has done nothing. I can not call him my President and will not. If the Republican Senate wasn’t so duped by him he would have been impeached and should have been anyway. The American people need stand up against him and vote so this country can be normal again so get out and vote against him. Don’t be scared to vote against Donald Trump.

    • John Goldman
      Posted at 13:20h, 01 April Reply

      Explain to us the IDIOTS how Trump divided us? Democrats can t stop dividing us, no Republican I know speaks down and divisive

  • Patti Carroll
    Posted at 01:32h, 19 March Reply

    So proud of our president! He is an amazing person. Love him more now than ever!
    I feel so protected having Donald Trump as President!
    He really cares about America more than anyone I know. To put up with all the media and liberal persecution and still hold focus on the job he vowed to keep…… no other person could have or would have hung in there
    His character has blossomed even more when all the no Trumpers meant him harm! God bless our president and his family. I know he will
    A lot of us are praying for him everyday!!!!👍🏼🤜🏼👏🏼

    • Hoovie
      Posted at 08:35h, 02 April Reply

      So Sad to read uninformed & close minded rants ….. pleased my family lives on the other side of the Pacific

    • J fly
      Posted at 00:09h, 10 April Reply

      Typical fat retard white lady from the Southern states, uneducated pig just like Trump. I bet you love working your 9-5 job everyday for the rest of your life. I really hope you get coronavirus and die a painful death. You’re a big part of the reason why America is how it is today. Ignorance and stupidity. Sad sad sad

  • John
    Posted at 20:35h, 18 March Reply

    He thinks way to much of himself , not good in the end , every body makes mistakes and should admit it , they are the strong ones, he actually is a weak tit with a lot of money

  • So damn sick of trump literally
    Posted at 00:53h, 15 March Reply

    Really sick of the lying, Twitter bullcrap and golfing on our dime. As much as I hate all that, the pure stupidity of his response to the Coronavirus is by far the worse. Wow, what an idiot. God help us all!

  • Chris
    Posted at 22:47h, 13 March Reply

    The guy sucks at everything.

    • IHateTrump
      Posted at 03:41h, 15 May Reply

      He really does suck at everything.. He even sucks at being mature.

  • Melissa
    Posted at 02:51h, 13 March Reply

    Our presidents actions are appalling, he only cares about himself at any costs and I wish our founding fathers checks and balances would lock him up. Now he is using the Corona for his own selfish political gains! When is enough, ENOUGH!!!! He is a LIAR AND FRAUD! NOW HE IS A MURDER because he is selfishly not testing and NOT STOPPING PEOPLE FROM DYING!!!!!

    • deplorable_is_my_name
      Posted at 23:16h, 22 March Reply

      Melissa, you have been misinformed and are only spewing the hate with which you’ve been brainwashed.

  • John Bender
    Posted at 12:37h, 12 March Reply

    S. Is a coward who hides and the racist. You’re worried people are collecting free handouts, there will always be people in any society that need help. A culture is judged by how it treats the least of us have you ever read the Bible. You’re an idiot, you’re worried people are getting free college or help with college. That’s for the betterment of society so there are more doctors and engineers and things. Did you ever serve in the military? I did. You’re probably some chicken hawk coward like Trump. Who when he had the chance to be brave wimped out and then it go to Vietnam because he’s a coward and spineless. Why does he lie constantly if he just acted a little bit presidential more people would give him the benefit of the doubt but he’s proved himself as a dictator loving moron.

    • robert
      Posted at 03:49h, 07 April Reply

      you didnt serve in the military … you were just a hack lol

  • John Bender
    Posted at 12:30h, 12 March Reply

    Thanks for reminding me Trump is a racist, he’s anti-Semitic and has no empathy for other people. He’s not tough-minded he’s an idiot who went to Fordham for 3 years and claims to have gone to Wharton business School. He was only there for one year. He’s not tough he’s a coward he chickened out of Vietnam and has no respect for the military. He insulted John McCain who was a great American hero and always will be. Because he’s jealous that he’s a mama’s boy who lost a billion dollars because he’s a moron. Why does everybody bring up Hitler be careful making comparisons to Hitler people that don’t like Trump don’t hate them they just want to President we can respect. He’s not tough-minded he’s a bully. Plus he slurs his words a lot I think he’s getting senile.

    • deplorable_is_my_name
      Posted at 23:29h, 22 March Reply

      It’s people like YOU that want to tear this country apart.

    • Tony Tran
      Posted at 12:56h, 13 May Reply

      People compare Trump to Hitler because of the philosophy that drives them both to politics, and the facade they put up in front of the public, and the reception they both garnered from a people who lost touch with reality.

      It’s Tyranny disguised as Heroism and the end result is a country that’ll plunge into greater ruin than the already shitty state it was in before. It’s the destiny of all Monarchy.

      Monarchy were made for self-sabotage, so that the Aristocrats can profit off of it from the side. Nothing’s changed since the Medieval era culturally speaking. Just new tech and science.

  • John Bender
    Posted at 12:26h, 12 March Reply

    What does a George Bernard Shaw quote have to be with our dumbass president. He’s a bully, he’s a coward who chickened out of the Vietnam war. he insulted brave code talkers when he was supposed to be giving them an award. He cheated on all his wife’s while they were pregnant. Trump has no concept of American history or constitutional norms . He is a habitual liar and he is making a disaster of the coronavirus by lying and ignoring the problem.

  • Jim L
    Posted at 06:43h, 12 March Reply

    I really dont understand how any educated person can honestly say trump is a good president . There are a few things he’s done that are positive but for the most part he is a vile disgusting person that is only looking out for himself and his ignorant followers that blindly follow him. If we could think for ourselves we wouldn’t be split into political parties and everyone could actually get something done in Washington if we want to fix things in Washington take it back to a volunteer position. If the american people had the same benefits afforded to us that politician get everyone would be far better off. This guy is going to double the national deficit before he gets out of office. Someone that says the way to prevent forest fires is to take the forest , my 4 year old granddaughter knows better than that. I fully understand why this country is in the turmoil it is when I see people following this guy and seriously think he’s mentally fit to run this country when he couldn’t run his own business without screwing people out of money. If he was as honest and such a great person he wouldn’t try to cover everything up come on people the way I look at it is I want someone that shows respect and has respect for all people also there need to be an age limit if your over 65 your out. It shouldn’t be old people that are in the end of their lives making changes that in the long run the ones that really have to live with the decisions are half the age also need term limits on all political positions. Stop the career politicians that all end up rich from kick backs or any other deals they get in on. I’m not pointing fingers and one partie or the other because they all do it. It would be nice if we really had a checks and balances but we never will when people blindly follow partie lines and not what is truly right. If the rules were reversed we all know Lindsey Graham would have been going nuts just listen to previous statements about the job they are there to do and they aren’t doing it. Good luck and its guaranteed we dont pick the president the electoral college does the only time your vote counts is local and primaries otherwise the American people dont choose the president the electoral college does

    • deplorable_is_my_name
      Posted at 23:22h, 22 March Reply

      None of your comment makes any sense. Very disjointed and ineffective. I’d give it generous “D+“. Try harder next time, jimmy.

  • John
    Posted at 01:35h, 12 March Reply

    Is there a “Only Fucking Retards Allowed” requirement to comment?

    • Leo
      Posted at 12:50h, 18 March Reply

      is that why you were allowed to comment?

    • Linda Himes
      Posted at 21:47h, 28 March Reply

      You are such a fool Trump is a laughing stock he’s an embarrassment to the all of us he should have been aborted he will never be the respectable man Obama was you need prayer are you atheist?

  • PermReader
    Posted at 20:37h, 10 March Reply

    It`s not about Trump, but about his enemies: they are stupid,arrogant, enviouslazy, corrupt,envious,politically arrogant and dangerous ones for America.

  • vin
    Posted at 16:41h, 07 March Reply

    President Trump is awesome! These brainwashed liberal sheep are always good for a laugh or two.

    • Human
      Posted at 12:23h, 12 May Reply

      Trump walks into underage dressing rooms because “he can get away with that kind of stuff” he said he would date his daughter if they weren’t related he was 23 when his now wife was born he wants to take away healthcare from trans and queer people. Don’t forget he is seriously wanting to take away the 19th amendment and wants to take away abortions and birth control.

  • Chris Lewis
    Posted at 23:09h, 04 March Reply

    Your either American or your Democrat you cannot be both!!!

  • Cade Welch
    Posted at 03:52h, 04 March Reply

    Obama said that it will “take a magic wind to fix America’s job” well Trump did that 2019-2020 was a record high in the industry’s. He open hinders of thousands of jobs for citizens and he has revived the Rosa parks award. One of the biggest things people go mad out is the wall. The wall is a great idea. Think about it this way drug dealers from Mexico make billions of dollars a week selling ILLEGAL drugs in America and then they take back the money the have made, then we lose money and have to print/ make more money then the value of money goes down.

    • Just Sayin
      Posted at 18:59h, 29 March Reply

      You would think they might have airplanes or ships to move such large quantities of money.
      Much easier IMO

  • Amanda Wilde
    Posted at 23:13h, 02 March Reply

    He’s a pedophile rapist, so it shouldn’t matter if he’s doing a good job, which he’s not.

    • deplorable_is_my_name
      Posted at 23:13h, 22 March Reply

      Amanda, so divisive and so much vitriol. Please seek help.

  • S.
    Posted at 21:07h, 28 February Reply

    Everyone hates trump because they’re all in their “feelings.” Newsflash, this country became what we are off business and strategic tactics. It was HARD effort and work. People hate and despise Trump for what? Calling out weak minded, selfish people who want to collect government money and/or preach about their own selfish “feelings” from getting hurt? Put a bandaid on it and stfu. If you think America is so damn bad please go and try and find a perfect Utopia or another country that has HALF of our freedoms and opportunities. Everyone is pissed about the “wall” now wait…oh Coronavirus happened..? Funny. I see a bunch of informed weak people that are so selfishly concerned about what they can get for “free” rather than trying to focus on the future economic structure and prosperity for our future generations. Isn’t the lack of business and economic structure what screwed us over. Everyone wants perfection- but are blind to the truth and unwilling to bust their ass for anything anymore. People label white people today as entitled yet all I see are scholarships handed, checkboxes with “a point system” for “diversity inclusion” Funny how that works- everyone seems to hate racism until they benefit from it. Besides the race crap, I just see a bunch of young millennials who know nothing of the real world. Spoiled, entitled, selfish and would rather trash Berkely or several college campuses (that tax payers btw help pay for) oh and let’s talk about the amount of people that openly disrespect the American Flag yet love to collect a paycheck? LOL. Again, arrogant. At this rate of cultural oppression and circumstance weren’t also Jewish descendants involced in a horrific scenario way back when with you know..Hitler? How come they dont have a check box? Or recieve as much inclusion as we show others. To me, demanding more benefits and free shit is ironically screaming, “entitlement” but yet here we all are hollering and bitching when we don’t get our way when in every other country kids are dying and more underdeveloped countries WISH they could have a glimpse of our freedoms. If you’re going to hate Trump realize that more economic structure and a boost has been created, more job security and opportunities are arising. Everyone wants to talk about how he is dehumanizing when hypocritically speaking everyone else does the same to him and every white person judging them off the bat. (Again not focusing on race) but if you’re going to bash at least think of it this way..if a president was running a country based on their feelings and trying to make everyone happy… would that work? Not everyone can be happy. Other country leaders would walk all over us.

    Hate to break it to you…but countries that continue to develop aren’t founded off feelings. If that was the case we would still be the 13 colonies and paying taxes to a rich SOB with his thumb over us all to “respect the peace.”

    So please…grow up or get out.

    • Michael
      Posted at 01:51h, 22 March Reply

      I would need my shittin pants on if we had a democrat president right now, thank God we have Trump looking out for us.
      And thank God we had a good economy Before this Coronavirus happened and not a Bernie Sanders economy, or we would all be dead already.

    • deplorable_is_my_name
      Posted at 23:17h, 22 March Reply

      S., very well articulated. Others on here could take a lesson.

  • seth
    Posted at 04:35h, 27 February Reply

    Do you want:

    Open Borders
    Free medical care for anyone who makes it over the border
    Free college

    If so; YOU ARE A MORON
    Trump may be disgusting,but he’s

    • Javier
      Posted at 20:40h, 19 March Reply

      Seth, what is wrong with open boarders? Free college? Or health care? Americans already have free health care, unemployment, disability ect for Americans who abuse it. Most immigrants who come to the U.S are seeking a better life and willing to put in the work to raise a family and or escape crime. Why would you not want to help someone live a better life? American or not? A person. After all, America was stolen from the natives? Did your ancestors roam this land? Or did they come by boat?

      • Trump 2020 4 life
        Posted at 13:25h, 11 May Reply

        OK commie. I hope you learn a history lesson of what happens when all of those thing existed. I admit too much conservatism is a bad thing. BUT TOO MUCH LIBERALISM IS WAY WAY WAY WORSE. Dude HAVE YOU BEEN TO SCHOOL! HISTORY IS TAUGHT TO LEARN FROM HUMANITY’S GREAT MISTAKES.
        here is the great issues of the century of these policies

        1. Open borders. how did the 9/11 terrorist come in? Yes though the border. WE ARE RISKING ALL OF OUR SECURITY BY HAVING OPEN BORDERS. DO YOU TERRORIST ATTACKS WILL CONTINUE. IF YES YOU ARE A TRAITOR!


        3. Free college. If we had free college so many americans who did the right thing and save up for college and skip lunches and luxuries because they want a half decent college. but the foolish who did not do the right thing and blow their money and not save for college, get college! IT IS THE GREATEST FOOL LOVING POLICY EVER THOUGHT OF! WHO EVER LOVES A FOOL IS A BLOODY FOOL!

        I bet I will get a comment saying “Trump Trash”

  • Ralph Zingaro
    Posted at 00:50h, 25 February Reply

    Donny Jackass trump is a corrupt, lying, criminal, traitor. He belongs in prison with all his corrupt cronies, his moron kids and his illegal immigrant first whore wife.

    • Kevin M Scott
      Posted at 21:34h, 15 March Reply

      Where’s your proof dummy? Ya hateful clown

    • deplorable_is_my_name
      Posted at 23:09h, 22 March Reply

      Ralphy, more butt hurt ranting. Facts are the Dems had no proof and neither do you so STFU and try being an American!

  • Dave
    Posted at 21:13h, 24 February Reply

    I can’t believe the ignorance of these socialist knuckleheads brainwashed by their UNION run teachers to think that they care anything about them. So obvious, bring in the cheap labor, have what’s left of america pay for free healthcare, that eliminates big business from that expense. Outsource as many high paying jobs to the cheapest offshore bidder, leaving america as a giant slave plantation, just like the old south. That’s why they want to remove all history, so the immigrants have no idea what they’re in for.

    As far as a socialist government, didn’t work in Italy, Greece, Spain, France, Britain, Chile, Brazil, keep going? Why do you want to take the most prosperous country in the world and go to socialism? Even the Chinese gave up the socialist economy for a capitalist base one. Snake bit brain washed knuckleheads.

    • Eunice
      Posted at 12:17h, 24 March Reply

      Corona virus is man made from US that’s Trumps way of pay back. He new of the virus and had it planted in China too make look like it came from China which it started from. But didn’t anticipate it will put this country in a recession. He’s a traitor always been one, his ancestors and whole shit of a, family is one. He’s another hitler and want to be a wannabe billionaire. The people who’s coaching him will adventurely put his final days to rest once they finish using him. Who ever pumping him up is just as ignorant as he is. This was his plans all along to fuck this country up so bad it will take 8 years to turn it around. But remember nothing last forever. He will go down as the worse of worse president in this country. He’s a liar every time he open his mouth. So don’t believe nothing he says. Test yourself Trump I hope you got it. (This is my opinion nobody else’s) eunice

      • Trump 2020 4 life
        Posted at 13:39h, 11 May Reply

        Hi Chinese Propoganast! I hope you enjoy communism! Continue spreading lies and no-evidence conspiracies, so that way more people will get fed up of your trash and stop listening to you and your propaganda. 🙂

      • Trump 2020
        Posted at 13:46h, 11 May Reply

        Hi Chinese Propoganast! I hope you enjoy communism! Continue spreading lies and no-evidence conspiracies, so that way more people will get fed up of your trash and stop listening to you and your propaganda. 🙂
        Evidence please. oh wait YOU DON’T HAVE ANY DARN EVIDENCE.

  • Jonathan
    Posted at 03:31h, 21 February Reply

    Do you really think he wouldn’t have arranged an abortion for the women he had sex with if it would have helped him get ahead? Christian? He is not a Christian.and there is no excuse a Christian can make for his behavior. If you’re a Christian and support him feel free to turn the other cheek and get your teeth kicked in. Quit being a hypocrite – either quit supporting him or quit claiming to be a Christian!

    • Kevin M Scott
      Posted at 21:35h, 15 March Reply

      Where’s your proof dummy? Ya hateful clown

  • VincenBond
    Posted at 16:13h, 20 February Reply

    MAGA!!! 2020!!! MAGA!!! 2020!!!!@!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

    • Ralph Zingaro
      Posted at 00:52h, 25 February Reply

      MAGA? Ah, you mean mutilate a GOP asshole.

      • Kevin M Scott
        Posted at 21:36h, 15 March Reply

        Take your hate and shove it ya clown

    • crow
      Posted at 12:11h, 23 March Reply

      Moron .

  • Ed Harrison
    Posted at 13:50h, 20 February Reply

    Trump is hurting America through division and his racist, xenophobic, homophobic, misogonistic lies and cheating. Trump is a draft dodging, horrible excuse and impeached POTUS. He is a traitor and anyone that supports him is also a traitor against America. Hope he ends up in prison. That is the best place for traitors like him and those that support the criminal iPOTUS.

    • deplorable_is_my_name
      Posted at 23:12h, 22 March Reply

      More rhetoric. Blah, blah, blah. Any facts? I didn’t think so.

  • Not saying
    Posted at 04:11h, 19 February Reply

    To be honest I think he’s a bad person!The reason is because he is taking people away from their families and sending them back!Its hard to see children live with other!Now there going to other places that may have lots without documents!!!!

  • Susan Hout
    Posted at 20:48h, 17 February Reply

    Obama produced housing forclosure nightmares, people homeless everywhere, false debt relief scams, businesses all went bankrupt, riots in all major cities and business districts, cops unsafe if arrest thugs and economy went to hell, Trump thankfully turned that around, Trump’s been best president since JFK. this vote webpage is a scam, it did not even allow me to say yes, I am a democrat and I am ashamed of the division that this entire political arena has caused in our nation, and I fear the democrat platform getting back in to again cause these crisises in our county

    • richard j rathburn
      Posted at 11:25h, 07 March Reply

      Bush produced housing forclosure you idiot

      • deplorable_is_my_name
        Posted at 23:19h, 22 March Reply

        Richard, why so divisive bruh?

      • Richard
        Posted at 23:43h, 31 March Reply

        Correct. Bush’s Treasury Secretary Henry Paulson started the bank bailouts, driving up the Fed’s balance sheet. And Trump’s Treasury Secretary became known as the “foreclosure king” because his financial firm did a lot of robo-signing to get people kicked out of their houses. First, he told people they could keep their houses, but he was lying and foreclosed on them anyway. His is in control of our nations’s Treasury now, thanks to Trump. Lots of these robo-foreclosed houses are being secretly kept off the market to support artificially high housing prices.

  • B Moss
    Posted at 15:43h, 15 February Reply

    How can we teach our children to treat others well when they watch the President hurling hate and violence toward others? People need to think about the new norm they are setting for this world!

    • Cade Welch
      Posted at 03:56h, 04 March Reply

      Then explain why America is at an all time high

    • Nora Vanover
      Posted at 13:26h, 11 April Reply

      President Trump has not been given a chance since day one. He hasn’t been given the opportunity to destroy us. The news media and fucked up, toilet paper hoarding crazy people are the ones destroying our country. No big words needed, just the facts. This world has gone crazy. He must be pretty powerful if you think he is responsible for all of those madness happening today. People; take some responsibility for your own fucked up actions.

  • Jacob M
    Posted at 17:10h, 14 February Reply


    Hey to all of you “true patriots” out there. Years back, dipshit said if he we’re ever to run for president he would appeal to Republicans due to how stupid and gullible they are. Well you’re really proving yourself aye?

  • chantel sieh
    Posted at 22:40h, 13 February Reply

    Trump is a liar,cheater,racist,traitor,buffoon and a creepy pigTrump only does for himself. He is ruining America. He cheated in 2016 so he is a fake President. He bribed Ukraine and held funds. He separated children from their families and traumatized them for life. That is criminal itself. He is a despicable cruel and disgusting person who should be in prison and impeached.He cheats his employees. He is a hypocrite,negative,stupid. He is disastorous. He has only done bad for Americans. Plus he put rapist Kavanaugh in a position he didnt deserve and that idiot Whitaker. He knows nothing about military. He says there is no such thing as climate change. He degrades a 16 yr old for her work with the environment what kind of man does that a creep. He thinks he deserves a nobel peace prize for what? For being a smarmy,cheating lying racist fool or for cheating in 2016 election and getting away with it. Or for being the worst President ever. Or being a FAKE President!!!!!

    Posted at 12:46h, 13 February Reply

    Mr. Maduro. Nonetheless, both countries refused to recognize Mr. Guaido as the re-elected president of the National Assembly, siding with Cuba and Nicaragua. Mr. Fernandez is struggling with the difficult hand he was dealt, and with an international situation that continuously generates crises and challenges.

  • Vonnie
    Posted at 06:31h, 13 February Reply

    I really hate that we have been put is categories now, trump haters or trump lovers, but all you have to do is honestly look at the behavior of this man to see he is the most sorry excuse for a president of the United States of America that has ever walked the earth and I am old enough to have seen many. He does nothing but lie and deflect. He is truly mean and evil, and cares about NOTHING other than power, money, and his looks and how people see him. He is obsessed with Obama and has done everything he could to reverse whatever Obama did, even if it hurts the country. We will be left with the biggest mess in our history when he finally is voted out. The man is evil .

    • deplorable_is_my_name
      Posted at 23:28h, 22 March Reply

      Vonnie, I did not vote for Obama either time. However, he was our president and I accepted that. Too bad it doesn’t work vice versa. Your argument is hypocritical.

      • KayLynne
        Posted at 11:30h, 13 May Reply

        Why is it that people are unable to write anything intelligible? It’s always the people that cry for peace that start violence (let’s go out and protest, throw bottles at people who like Trump); don’t kill a puppy but go have an abortion. Don’t call former President Obama names, but we can call the current President names. If people were more consistent with their thinking/actions; I would have more respect. I have no respect for people who preach in their underwear.

        I personally do not care for any government officials; there is not one President that was put in office who changed America for the good of the people. Wait, there was one; he ended up with a bullet in his head on 11/22/1963 because of his truth.

  • Klio
    Posted at 06:06h, 13 February Reply

    Trump’s a conman running a long transparent grift. He serves himself only and thinks himself king. Pathetic, petty little man who would have never come back from Vietnam.
    Wake the f* up ppl he’s sh*t.

  • Jose
    Posted at 04:03h, 13 February Reply

    I just know something though, Hitler wanted to make Germany great again and look at what happened. Just saying, we need to love more and hate less! This world was given from God to us the human race, there is only one race and that is the HUMAN RACE.

    • Madison Boyer
      Posted at 16:39h, 13 March Reply

      what about the nascar race?

    • charles magrum
      Posted at 02:57h, 18 March Reply


    • Trump 2020
      Posted at 13:50h, 11 May Reply

      spoken like a true hippie!

  • Steve Wall
    Posted at 14:15h, 12 February Reply

    Trump is neither Republican or Democrat, he’s just an American from new York that will tell you the truth and don’t care about your feelings. America has been needing a president who puts the everyday citizens above politicians goal of personal wealth. You may not like him but he’s not a racist, homophobic, islamophobic. He does now and always has cared for America. Our country is not perfect, but you don’t see people trying to get out, Just get in, so pitch in and let’s keep America growing till we figure life out.

    • Mike Kauzlarich
      Posted at 09:47h, 13 March Reply

      You have GOT TO BE mentally handicapped if you think that.. Along with Naive, misinformed and brainwashed. “A president who puts the everyday citizens above politicans goal of personal wealth?????” Not sure who you were thinking of when that was said, but I can asure you it wasn’t Donald Trump. Even his biggest supporters woulnd’t say that. Hell, he wouldn’t even say that. Unless it’d help him in some way. He’d be lying, but he’s ok with that. As long as it benefits him in some way.

      Wake the fuck up and quit smearing this shit all over the internet.

      • deplorable_is_my_name
        Posted at 23:31h, 22 March Reply

        Mike, please seek professional help.

        • SSG Drake
          Posted at 09:17h, 30 March Reply

          Wow, just wow. I sat with my father in the VA hospital everyday for a month and never saw fellow veterans treat one another with such disdain. I hope at some point everyone realizes that you can’t change another person’s mind by spewing insults.

          I don’t really care what side of this argument you are on, you need to be more respectful toward one another as brothers in arms.

          When it all comes down, we are all Americans which means we don’t have to agree on everything, but we do need to help and support each other regardless of our personal beliefs. Voting booths are private for a reason.

  • Wendy
    Posted at 23:47h, 11 February Reply

    He has some short term gains but it won’t last. In the long run, we’re looking at some real challenges. No country is going to put up with Trump’s bullying for long and he appears to get worse instead of more tempered as most Americans had hoped. Foreign countries will find a way around trade deals with us.. they are already working in that direction and forming coalitions without even an invite. The general citizen opinion of America as a partner in conflict, in advocacy and in aid is deflating quickly. Not to mention political and other leaders fully aware of the mounting evidence that everyone exits Trump affiliations with a bad case of political road rash. We will continue to loose influence and power while Trump continues to ignore warnings.

  • DA
    Posted at 17:50h, 11 February Reply

    (YES) (NO) (UNSURE) are the options above.

    Everyone–please check the wikipedia page for “Economic policy of Donald Trump” before you put your foot in your mouth.

  • Kevin
    Posted at 22:36h, 10 February Reply

    “Trump is a totally retarded, very, very harmful, destructive evangelical, bible fundamentalist. He is in no way, shape or form, qualified to be President of the US!!! He is a modern day Hitler!! Trump and Giuliani are like a modern day Hitler and Mussolini!! Trump is a gambling casino operator and an organized crime boss!! He should be in jail right now with Cohen, Manafort, Stone, etc and all his other criminal partners!! He is totally ruining and destroying the once United States!!

    Religion caused this horrible Trump disaster! Religious people put Trump in office and religious people are keeping him in office!!!
    Trump should be in jail right now!!!”

    This is the type of stuff I see in these replies, as well as..

    “Trump best president ever. Obama was the most anti American. He ruin our military. Obama was worse corrupt so called president in America history. Trump 2014.”

    I’m not talking to the people who posted this (well, I actually am). But I’m instead talking to people who’s reply resembles something like these replies, where there’s no proof at all to support their claims, and just says things just to say them. It sort of makes what you’re supporting seem silly, possibly dissuading others from supporting your cause.

    (Please note that I am pro-Trump, so hopefully I didn’t show bias in this reply)

  • booboo
    Posted at 20:51h, 10 February Reply

    Trump started off to be in order of doing good for usa, now he is destroying low class lives with his way of helping, hes not helping, hes destroying the low and poor class, hes causing kaos

  • Stilson
    Posted at 16:11h, 10 February Reply

    Go Donald Trump we love you bro, and anyone don’t like you well they’re naive not very intelligent or could be completely ignorant, probably took years for them to learn how to wipe there own azzes with out getting sht on their hands, Im amazed they know how to even turn on a PC let alone use it, probably have their Nigerian Scammer Helping Troll the chat’s and really havn’t a clue, and the only reason they even open there mouths is their jealous and don’t belong here anyway!

  • Loyd
    Posted at 16:01h, 10 February Reply

    For all you morons that don’t even have a say in the matter FY, I’m a patriot and a US citizen, and the Migration of Nigerian and other scamming countries that could really give a crap about us in the USA all they want is to steal money or, come here and destroy our country and what we have work so hard to build as they have done to their own country’s I’m a 58 year old man that’s work his whole life to help build this country for my offspring and or our Children, Donald Trump is a bit eccentric I admit, But, This is the first president in my 58 plus years on this rock that’s actually protecting my and our Interests and life long investments in our country, For you dipshts that think your so smart? better check your self where did you come from and where do you belong, you don’t like it ? Go back to where ever that Rock is you crawled out from under in what ever country you were Hatched, We don’t need your interference or medaling in our countries affairs, How did you get into our country anyway, Go home build your own country USA is not for you, you actually have to know something and apply your self and or work in this country! Stupid is as Stupid does, ignorance is bliss ay? You truly are a moron if you Think Trumps Not Helping this country and or a scamming dipsht!

  • Deborah Marie Taylor
    Posted at 06:51h, 09 February Reply

    You know what kills me. When Obama was in office he was compared to Lucifer. Now, Lucifer is in the White House and no one sees this. HOW! With all that he has done during his term speaks in volume. But the people are so consumed with hatred they’re like horses with blinders on only see in one direction and not what is actually in front of them. Why do we insist on being dumb to accept any and all the lies that Donald Trump has presented in everything he has done? The Republicans are cowards they allow this thing of an inhumane to intimidate them with mere words. No, matter how many facts they have they believe the party. I don’t give a monkey’s backbone about the party. I care about honesty, truth and the people. No matter what race they may be. Yes!!! Change is needed but NOT in the direction, it is heading now. Change starts within us first. And him firing the people after his acquittal only tells me he is guilty of all charges brought against him. And why does he get to retaliate against his workers for telling the truth against him? All Donald Trump’s MINIONS along will he will weep what they sow. I believe in the all POWERFUL GOD and I know when it is time. Donald Trump and his minion will be put to an end. That can start with this coming election. Please get this man out of the White House. He is not good for America at all. We were making a new way of life in America until you all felt he was best for us. The White Supremacist got their wish. “ONE OF THEM ARE NOW PRESIDENT”. Donald Trump is another Hitler. And Americans are/will be the cause of America’s failure. A sad sad world we live in. Greed is not a builder, it’s a destroyer. And you all will sit back and think what you allow will have a positive return in your favor. Like I said earlier you will weep what you sow for God will see it through. Enjoy the lies and deceit why you all can for the roof will cave on you all. I speak it, I believe it, and it shall be so said the Lord.

  • Dave Otto
    Posted at 06:06h, 08 February Reply

    He is a criminal! His tax returns will prove this. Suck It!

  • Greg chick
    Posted at 04:48h, 08 February Reply

    For Trump supporters, the end justifies the means. Trumps supporters say the economy is good? I ask good for who? The arrogance and lies are ignored by his supporters because they think he will make America great again, look closely at America, division, trump said he was the deal maker…not. Look at the wall, mexico has not paid for it, the military and tax payers have. Look at the truth and fact checkers reports of his lies, your OK with that? oh, yea, someone is getting rich, so it must be American. How about make America honest again? Look at how many of Trumps close team is in jail, convicted, confessed, charged, how many are involved with Russia. Trump himself said he trusted Putin, not the 14 departments of intelligence in the US government on several things. Then he supported the Saudi Prince when the Prince denied being responsible for the brutal murder of an American journalist, when latter that Prince admitted responsibility….

  • James Dunlap
    Posted at 04:02h, 08 February Reply

    God bless President Trump and his strength to combat the daily challenges he faces from the blatantly biased media and the corrupt morally bankrupt democratic party

  • Isaac
    Posted at 03:56h, 08 February Reply

    As with every President, he’s done good and bad…
    Employment is up.. But wages are not.
    He is standing up to China. But ruining every other foreign relationship. Etc…
    The thing that irks me is that they claim some of the bad accomplishments are actually good..

    Get out and VOTE! Show the world you are more than just whining. Fix the problem.

  • John Houston
    Posted at 05:37h, 07 February Reply

    Trump is an amazing man. So happy he is doing well and will be elected for a second term.

  • John
    Posted at 20:53h, 06 February Reply

    Trumptards are so blind. They probably think American is a “race”. They would do anything to be part of something because they’re weak and scared. They all think the same. Low IQ individuals. Their daddy trump makes them feel like they belong somewhere that’s why they believe anything he says. Trump hasn’t done a damn thing worth bragging about.

  • Ryan
    Posted at 20:22h, 06 February Reply

    The anti-Trumpers in here are pretty disgusting with their use of the eff word 31 times; pro-Trumpers use of the eff word 12 times. I would challenge people to be real on how Trump is hurting them in their individual lives (feelings don’t count). I guess you could lie, you really could. I think someone said they lost 80k…seems unlikely, unless Trump sued them; definitely will have some nuance to it I’m sure. If you can argue that this economy is because of Obama, then you can equally argue that the division in this country is also because of Obama. No one that hates Trump will ever give him credit for anything because hate truly is a strong word.

  • Taryn
    Posted at 16:02h, 06 February Reply

    Because of Trump more want to commit Suicide. Because what he is doing nature which keeps hope alive I want to die now. I’d rather be dead than live another year in his term. I’m going to kill myself this year. Trump took everything from me. Trump took everything from America. Trump ruined the future. He a symbol of hate and lost hope. He is the great destroyer. I want to die.

  • Bob Douyon
    Posted at 02:43h, 06 February Reply

    I am shocked, terrified and appalled by the the acquittal of Donald Trump today 2/5/20. I am also disappointed by the lack of justice and accountability for people in certain positions; I had such admiration for the rule of law. The slogan “No one is above the law” only applies to some, not all, as unfit Trump has demonstrated, Another term of this Motherfu…. will take us to DOOMSDAY!

  • Brett Rubinstein
    Posted at 07:34h, 05 February Reply

    Easily the worst president ever. I am a republican but at least I see the truth and I care about America. If you like trump you are either a conservative/republican and watch fox all day, or you just are not educated on how he lies all the damn time. It’s rediculous how all he does is take money from the middle/ lower class and give more to the rich buddies of his. It’s sick wake up he isn’t doing shit and even Obama created more jobs lmao it’s crazy some people like trump and think he has a chance lol he has no chance in the election your in for a surprise conservatives

    • george Joseph
      Posted at 02:00h, 27 April Reply

      Trump must be added to mount Rushmore. You who have TDS due to mass hypnosis by the foreign controlled media are weak and must check into your nearest psychiatric clinic. If not for Trump our country as we know it is lost. Perfect man, no. But for those who throw stones at glass houses are fools. Our enemies are standing at the ready and plundering our goodwill and largess for their agenda. They know that the erosion of our will and our compromised knowledge are blind to truth, ultimately working to their ( our enemies) advantage. Your ignorance of history is profound. You who denigrate and make haughty pronouncements are the useful idiots. Let us pray for the resolve that strength and courage will abide so this great human experiment in human justice survives the evil sweeping the planet.

  • D.Duncan
    Posted at 11:21h, 04 February Reply

    He is immature all he does is brag about his accomplishments what about all the millions of dollars he is wasting on this investigation and this impeachment meanwhile I’m struggling out here I need a roof on my house is he going to help me hell no.

  • Joseph
    Posted at 03:58h, 03 February Reply

    Donald J. Trump has done more to damage the democratic system than any other president in the history of this country. He has led by fear and intimidation within his own administration, he has lied/cheated, just as he has done in all of his business ventures, and he has attempted to (and been quite successful) in turning our system of government into a dictatorship, rather than a “government of the people, by the people”. In my opinion, the WORST thing that could happen to the United States of America, would be to give this tyrant 4 more years to destroy our country. I truly believe that anyone that supports Trump is totally ignorant to the destructive power of this egomaniacal monster that only cares about himself, to the cost of everyone in his wake!

  • Jon
    Posted at 14:37h, 01 February Reply

    Trump is such an unbelievable embarrassment to this country. The founding fathers never anticipated a bad faith actor in the white house being shielded by bad faith actors in the legislative, but here we are. I wonder what kind of US my kids are going to inherent. Right now it looks like they are going to grow up at an age where the powers that be decided that the president has absolute unquestionable authority. That’s not a democracy any longer.

  • Chris
    Posted at 10:35h, 01 February Reply

    ready, aim, #yourefired2020. anything but this pathetic excuse of a man. he brags about people begging for things from him all the time as if it would serve the rest of the world right to be groveling at his feet. we have documented and confirmed over 16000 lies he has already made on twitter and to the media. he has gone on the record in the past to say things like sexually harassing women is ok and that he believes when you’re rich and famous that they just let you do it. all the donald has done in office is shit on our Constitution, shit on our environment, shit on our (middle and working) class, shit on the republican party, shit even more on the democratic party, shit on the media, shit on womens rights, shit on LBDs, shit on pretty much everything he touches to include shitting out a steady stream of incoherence on twitter. one thing I’m almost certain of at this point is that if they acquit this asshole, he is going to take that to mean he has unwavering support to do anything and everything else that he wants that is also unconstitutional and against the law…… lock up his political opponents in concentration camps, lock down freedom of movement, lock down freedom of speech….. mark my words. if this asshole stays in office much longer we are going to see him turn the US into a dictatorship and see our beloved constitution pissed on and then shredded right before he declares himself god-emporer-king and renames our country to the United States of Trump. If only I could somehow put two giant middle fingers in this comment as well, but that doesn’t even come close to the amount of damage he has done and resentment he has caused for people who see through his lies and propaganda for what he really is: a panzy ass, pussy of a man, wannabe dictator. he has never been told no in his life and right now our shitty GOP controlled senate isn’t about to change that on our behalf even though an overwhelming majority of us want him GONE!!!!!! If you’re listening US Senate, we implore you to remove Trump from office now!

    • Chris
      Posted at 10:58h, 01 February Reply

      hey moderators, remove that photograph of me. i did not give you permission to use it nor have i ever given you a picture of me and authorized you to use it.

  • Dom
    Posted at 23:34h, 31 January Reply

    I Think Trump is one of the best presidents we have ever had the main reason he is pro life, he’s making America Better, Trump did much more then Obama ever did all of the news is fake and that not Trumps doing. it’s the Democrats that manipulate the media. Even This hole Impeachment thing trump did not do anything since he got in office the democrats are doing everything they can to get trump out of office basically this hole trial is “he said she said and I think he did I don’t know he might have” that not circumstantial evidence at all even during the his hole time they were trying to get Trump out of office.

    • Mike Kauzlarich
      Posted at 10:03h, 13 March Reply

      Really, well it’s some time later and guess what? He admitted to holding aid… After the impeachment was over of course. Yes, it was trumps doing that caused the whole impeachment trial. WAKE UP!!!!!!!

    • Keith A'Court
      Posted at 07:28h, 02 April Reply

      I am not an American. From the other side of the the world looking and listening everyone is laughing at your president.He is not a politician. He is fake

      • Brian
        Posted at 23:47h, 13 May Reply

        That’s probably a good thing he isn’t a politician. I lost faith in politicans long ago, especially career politicians. They tend to be corrupt, spend happy, and self-serving. I prefer someone who puts the people before political parties and self interests.

  • Liberal Marine
    Posted at 15:32h, 31 January Reply

    Trump lost us our world allies, played an active part in disabling Nato, threatened to block Iraqi access to the world bank, if they dont allow us to militarily occupy them, and almost started a war with Iran to distract us from the fact that he is being impeached for styming Ukraine a nation in a desperate fight for its identity, and a crucial check in the slavic world and culture against Russia. I have a lot of Ukranian friends who live in the east of the country, on behalf of them fuck trump and his idiot supporters. Add to that our sparkley new DHS concentration camps… and yes by definition thats what they are.. cause i signed up to fight to defend that… yeah.

    Read a fucking history book, at the end of the day there are three things that you always kill when you see one.

    1. Cockaroaches
    2. NAZIS
    3. Trump supporters… they deserve no sympathy. Their willfully ignorant at this point, they choose stupidity and hurt the country in the process.

    I fought most of my former friends who were Trump supporters, i actually enjoyed how many of them were weak and easy to beat the crap out of, i cant mend fences with people who think naziism and white suppremacy is ok… i just can’t. The good thing is the ignorant retarded poor dirt farmers who voted for him, will end up dying off from his policies. And so much the better for the rest of us. I have a high paying job and awesome insurance, and a skillset that will last a lifetime… i wont be the first to be affected when it all goes to shit. Enjoy dying of the flu trumptards, and while your at it hurry the hell up and die off already. The modern world doesnt need your bullshit.

    This country will actually suffer if its managed by idiots…. if you want to live in a world controlled by Russia and China keep going fucktards… Im sure Regan would be proud once we undo winning the cold war… fucking morons.. learn!

    • Teresa Plontke
      Posted at 20:18h, 16 April Reply

      Well said Liberal Marine!!

  • WowtoPolitics
    Posted at 22:10h, 29 January Reply

    But Why? Why do we need him? Have you not seen the HATE that have surpass humanity? It does not affect you, so you dont care, is that it? Republican or Democrat how we deal with each other is beyond disgraceful. Trump is not GOD sent, do not put God into this, he was positioned by men. And right now a couple of weak men! Right is right and wrong is wrong regardless. I Love America, its was the land of the free and the home of the brave. He has no respect for Military that why they dont really take him.seriously. He tells people what they want to hear because he believes no one is smarter than him. We should be scared and he does not READ and no nothing of American History unless someone tells him. If he was not born here, I doubt he will be able to pass the citizenship test. Cant understand a person who criticize everyone gets emotional when he is criticized. What a Joke!

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