Do You Support Designating Mexican Drug Cartels as Terror Organizations?

Do You Support Designating Mexican Drug Cartels as Terror Organizations?

President Donald Trump has announced plans to designate Mexican cartels as Federal Terrorist Organizations, which would enable a wider scope of U.S. action.

Analysts who study Mexican security express skepticism that the terrorism designation would do much good.

Would you support waging war on cartels?

Today is the day. Now is the moment. Vote for change.

  • Do You Support Designating Mexican Drug Cartels as Terror Organizations?

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  • Gary Taylor
    Posted at 16:11h, 19 October Reply

    The Mexican Cartels are thriving as a result of the USA’s endless thirst for mind/mood altering substances…ie; DRUGS. This is a systemic problem that has a long and prolific history. We have stress…we drink alcohol, can’t sleepy little yellow pill. In a down mood; a pink one. and so it go’s each year getting a little worse than the one before. Then one fine day you fuck up you’re back chopping wood or other domestic chore and your’e MD gives you Percocet. BUT WAIT THERE’S MORE after awhile the magic wears off and the Good Doctor sends you out the door with a bag of OXY’s and holy shit! WHERE THE HELL have they been keeping these wonderful little white pills? BUT WAIT! yeah….there’s more, the OXY’s loose their magic and the meds. get more serious until you’re doc has run out of options….But cousin Jim has his own brand of magic;Herion orFentanyl…sometimes both. By now you’re a walking zombie, totally fucked up and you really don’t give a rat shit about ANYTHING! The Dog,,the wife, the job…and in a few more months these things you once held so dear, have vanished,GONE,POOF just like that you are living in you’re truck, jeep,car,street anywhere close to the “meds” works. Hopefully,you get so sick of being sick and tired that you give the county detox clinic a try and you wind up in a treatment program…..and you know the rest. BUT!!!! there’s always more with dope dumbass; you are released all clean and shiney,haircut,bath and a clean shave. and there in the parking lot, is you’re best bud …and from here it’s a fast and epic life of getting high,getting clean, then high again.and living in other peoples garages, basements and finally streets again.. I wish you had more options but the bottom line is “Recovery is a GIFT,not a right and you have to work at it every day or else DRUGS will CONSUME you, you’re life, wife and dog are each suffering as a result of you being a “junkie” and is this how you want to live? On a “merry go round of SHIT?” I hope not, you deserve better, take advantage of the life you’re given,you’ll be glad you did. Thanks,Gary Taylor

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