Can The New Law For Veteran Health Care Help Former Military Members?

Can The New Law For Veteran Health Care Help Former Military Members?

On Friday, President Joe Biden urged veterans to benefit from new healthcare options provided by legislation he signed in August. As he paid a visit to a Delaware National Guard facility bearing his late son Beau’s name, he promoted the aid. 

He called it “one of the most important laws in our history” because it would aid the millions of veterans exposed to harmful toxins while serving in the military.

The PACT Act, a piece of legislation, aids in the screening of veterans for exposure to items like Agent Orange, a deforestation agent used during the Vietnam War and the malicious burn pits, where waste was burned on military facilities in Iraq and Afghanistan. 

The administration has held numerous events across the nation to highlight the new advantages. The White House reports that over 730,000 veterans have already had screenings. 

The president’s eldest son, Beau Biden, served as a major in the Delaware National Guard. The president has speculated that exposure to fire pits on his base in Iraq may have contributed to his death in 2015 from brain cancer.

Today is the day. Now is the moment. Vote for change.

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