Veteran Farmers Soon Eligible to Apply for Grant

Veteran Farmers Soon Eligible to Apply for Grant

Farmer Veteran Coalition offers resources to assist farmers and ranchers who were once in the military. 

Veterans and active-duty members of the US military who are now farming are eligible for the Farmer Veteran Fellowship Fund.

It has been expected that the fund will award $500,000 in grants this year.

Grants range in value from $1,000 to $5,000 and can be used to purchase farming equipment and related supplies that will directly impact their farming operations. 

Their website has an application for Farmer Veteran Coalition's Farmer Veteran Fellowship Fund with a deadline of February 14.

The Veteran Farmer Fellowship Fund enrolls veterans in Kubota's Geared to Give program, which provides equipment and grants to assist veteran farmers to become self-sufficient and to expand their farms. Thirty-one pieces of equipment have been donated to farmers since Geared to Give began in 2015.

Companies and individuals can still help FVC reach its $500,000 goal for the Fellowship Fund," said Rachel Petitt. "Money raised for the Fellowship Fund goes directly to veterans and helps them grow their farms."

The Farmer Veteran Fellowship Fund has awarded over $8 million in grants to more than 800 veterans since it was established in 2011. 

Access to capital is often a challenge that beginning farmers face, and the Fund was established to help address that challenge for veterans who are embarking on careers in agriculture.
Over $420,000 was provided to 138 veterans from across the nation last year for things like greenhouses, walk-in coolers, grow tents, walk-behind tractors, fencing, cold storage units, water filtration systems, and honey processing equipment, among other items.