USAA Announces Digital Ap, No Exam

USAA Announces Digital Ap, No Exam

USAA Life Insurance Company (USAA Life) has announced that its new digital life insurance product, which requires no medical examination, is now available in 47 states due to an increasing interest in a simplified application process and lower prices.

In USAA's "Life Can't-Wait" survey, cost and the absence of a medical exam are critical considerations when choosing a life insurance company. The cost is the most crucial factor by approximately 58% of respondents, and 24% cited the absence of a medical examination.

To meet those specific requirements, USAA Life's Essential Term Life Insurance (ETLI) is available to consumers ages 21-35 for $15 per month, with slight increases each year. 

Completing just nine simple health questions is all that is required. A $100,000 policy is approved instantly if the applicant is eligible, and coverage continues until the insured's 39th birthday following the policy anniversary.

For life insurance at USAA Life, Rob Schaffer explains that the application process for getting life insurance requires you to undergo a physical examination. 

"We know that one of the biggest pain points in getting life insurance is a medical exam," says Rob Schaffer, vice president and general manager for life insurance at USAA Life. "With this new product, we're making it easier for younger consumers to get the life protection they need."

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