Bill to Fix Incentive-Based Recruitment Ban Passes

Bill to Fix Incentive-Based Recruitment Ban Passes

The THRIVE Act, a veterans benefits law that was approved during the summer, did not explicitly allow GI Bill funding institutions to offer incentives to students from abroad. Industry leaders are seeking “necessary legislative fixes.”

The National Association of International Educators (NAFSA) suggests that now is the right time for advocates to contribute and ensure the REMOTE Act becomes law. The new REMOTE Act is now expected to pass the Senate.

The Student Veteran COVID-19 Protection Act of 2021 was introduced in October, and NAFSA welcomed it.

Furthermore, the group urged Americans to vote for legislation that would allow higher education institutions to recruit international students through incentive-based pay.

According to stakeholders, the THRIVE Act may significantly harm higher education institutions.

Through a separate bill on social spending, the Build Back Better (BBB) bill, the Department of Homeland Security will collect up to $500 from Optional Practical Training (OPT) participants and $250 from student visa holders.

Even though the BBB bill has not yet passed the Senate, NAFSA has urged residents of New York, California, and Illinois to urge senators Alex Padilla (D-CA), Dick Durbin (D-IL), and Charles Schumer (D-NY) to remove the new higher education fees from the bill if the immigration-related provisions those funds would offset are removed.