Military Exchanges Encourage Early Holiday Shopping Because of Supply Shortages

Military Exchanges Encourage Early Holiday Shopping Because of Supply Shortages

Stores are dealing with COVID-related supply chain problems and rising prices, and this includes the military exchanges, too.

Various processes have also been affected, from the manufacturing processes to the entire supply chain.

According to Courtney Williams, spokeswoman for the Navy Exchange Service Command, the shortage of raw materials in the Navy affects certain products containing microchips, aluminum, glass, and textiles. She noted that some companies affected by this problem include Dyson, Whirlpool, Samsung, Charbroil, and many beverage companies.

The shipping difficulties haven’t just affected the shopping industry, there have also been several problems that have plagued the moving industry, which has, in turn, affected military families.

In addition to competing for products outside the gate, the exchanges and commissaries, which are an added benefit to military life, contend that the industry should give military stores some preferential treatment, providing an unfair share of inventory for them. It is due to factors such as the nature of military lifestyles and sacrifices families make.

Some vendors are available that find the military resale market the most appealing, especially for certain products related to COVID.

Furthermore, their Joint Buying Alliance, a partnership between military resale organizations that have been active since 2019, has enabled customers to save more than $75 million in purchase costs.

During September and October, both the Army Exchange Service and Air Force Exchange Service started offering their holiday shopping sales, offering 'Black Friday prices' until Thanksgiving.

As it gets closer to the holidays, there will be a decreased likelihood of customers finding exactly what they wish for their holiday shopping. As a result, they may have to find alternative gift ideas.

All veterans are eligible to shop at the online exchanges:,,, and