Branches Will Take Fewer Transfers to Space Force This Year

Branches Will Take Fewer Transfers to Space Force This Year

The Space Force has begun accepting 2022 applications from soldiers, sailors, and Marines who wish to join the newest military branch. Still, there are only a limited number of openings this year.

The highest official of the agency, Gen. John Raymond, Chief of Space Operations, stated that just 243 spots would be open in a message published on Reddit last week, the integrity of which was confirmed by a department spokeswoman.

In his statement, Raymond expressed his gratitude for the volunteers for the Space Force. Protecting American and allied space interests is essential to ensuring that our warfighting partners have the space capabilities they need to carry out their missions. Your talents, devotion, and regular contributions are critical to achieving this mission.

However, other professionals think fewer open positions for transfers may signify declining desire from troops.

A professor at the University of Kentucky studying national security and intelligence noted that excitement about the Space Force may wane following the launch of the Space Force in late 2019.

Since the eager individuals attempt to transfer first, each cohort following the first will have less enthusiasm for joining the Space Force, according to Farley.

According to Farley, the Army's existing space and satellite divisions expressed a lot of interest in helping the Space Force recruit more personnel in its early days.

The Space Force has also been transferring complete satellite units from other military services in addition to individuals.

About 600 military and civilian personnel comprise the Space Force, which was created last year after the Pentagon announced the transfer of 11 Army units and four Navy units.

Because Congress took its time enacting the budget for the previous year, many of those transfers are happening this year.

Earlier this month, the Space Force's Space Delta 8 took over control of the Naval Satellite Operations Center (NAVSOC) at Naval Base Ventura County in Mugu, California, adding roughly 500 new military and civilian staff as well as 13 of its satellites.