Ask VA Portal Introduced

Ask VA Portal Introduced

On Oct. 18, the Department of Veterans Affairs unveiled its “Ask VA” web platform, which provides a single online location for veterans to ask about issues and comment on the department. It replaces the GI Bill Help Portal and the VA's antiquated Inquiry Routing and Information System (IRIS). Veteran problems can now be solved faster, easier and more conveniently through the gateway.

How does it work?

When you submit a question or remark, Ask VA assigns it to the most acceptable subject matter expert to respond. Users can look for answers by category or topic, type their questions in a free-text box. You can also choose the notification mode to answer email, phone, or secure a account.

As part of their inquiries, users will be able to upload documents to the portal. They'll be given a reference number for their questions, which they can use to check for updates on the Ask VA main page.

Suppose you log in before using Ask VA. In that case, you can keep track of the responses to your prior inquiries, ask follow-up questions or add more information to past requests, and have part of their information filled in automatically for some questions. Beneficiaries can log in using their, Premium My HealtheVet, or Premium DS Logon accounts. For more information on how to set up these accounts, check the links.

Can anyone access Ask VA?

Anyone, at any time, can use Ask VA to ask a question. Ask VA can provide specialized or general information on VA benefits and services to veterans, families, caregivers, beneficiaries, dependents, or the general public. To submit a question, veterans do not need to be enrolled with the VA. In fact, Ask VA can assist veterans in enrolling and starting their VA experience.

  • Visit VA resources to find answers to frequently asked questions, including:

  • Coronavirus response and resources of the department

  • Updating your VA account with address changes and direct deposit information

  • Burial benefits for veterans

  • Checking claims, including appeal options

Since Ask VA was launched, customers have used it to locate the status of their VA claim or appeal and to submit documentation for their GI Bill benefit.