Learn to Use Your GI Bill for Grad School

Learn to Use Your GI Bill for Grad School


How someone can use GI bill for Grad School


There are many people who are unaware that to get a post-graduate degree they can use their GI Bill benefits. The benefits are paid in a similar way as it is to those who are attending Institute of higher learning. The only difference is the way training time is determined. The training time will be determined as follows if someone is taking the classes for undergraduate program:

  • The time will be 1/4 if it is between 0 to 2 hours
  • Time will be less than half if between 3 to 5 hours
  • If 6 to 8 hours’ time will be 1/2
  • Time will be 3/4 if 9 to 11 hours
  • If more than 12 hours that will be counted as full time

The payment which will be received by VA as benefits for the graduate program would depend on school reports which will tell the training time. The VA will pay you according to the school declaration. So if training in school is around 3 graduate hours and you are considered a full-time student in school, so this the way how VA pays.


Benefits for IHL below post-9/11 GI Bill


Fees and Tuition:

At a public school your full resident tuition can be paid by post-9/11 GI Bill. $21,084.89 will be paid per academic year if you will attend a private or foreign school. There is a program “yellow ribbon” which is used to waive off the difference of the amount charged as tuition fees and the amount that can be claimed under Post-9/11 GI Bill. That’s why so many schools participate in this. Check with your respective school If your school is planning to participate in this program or.

After September 10, 2001, the number of months you have served on active duty will be the base of your post-9/11 GI Bill entitlement percentage. Through this, the amount of tuition and fees covered by GI Bill will be determined. We can take an example: – your GI Bill percentage will be 80%, if you have served for 2 years after September 10, 2001 on your active duty. If In a public school the tuition fee is $10,000 per semester and 80% will be paid by GI Bill then $ 8,000 of tuition fee is what is paid by them, if you are attending a public school as an in-state resident. For reservists and guard members, title 10 mobilization can be included in active duty time.

All veterans who are eligible, out of the military for less than 36 months and transferred benefits the resident tuition rate used by their dependent, must be charged by the effective December 31,2015 by the public schools. To follow this is must for the schools. If they deny this provision their GI Bill certification will be reverted.


Allowance for housing:


The monthly housing allowance which will be paid by post -9/11 GI Bill will be based on the location of the school which you attend not the location of the home. On an average $1,566 a month will be current stipend but depending on the location of the school where you go it can exceed around $2,700. Half of the national average stipend, which is $783, will be received as a monthly stipend by those students who are taking all the courses 100 % online.

After September 10, 2001, payment of housing allowance will be based on whatever will be the amount of creditable active duty is.

Example: Your GI Bill percentage will be 80% If you have served for 2 years after September 10, 2001, on your active duty. If In your school the housing allowance fee is $1000 per month and 80% will be paid by GI Bill then $ 800 of housing allowance is what will be paid.

The stipend whatever will be received; will depend on Basic Allowance for housing of DOD for an E-5 with dependents. In this students cannot live on campus if they are receiving this stipend.

Note that the spouses of those service members who are currently on active duty will get the transferred benefits and those who are taking half-time courses or less will not get the monthly housing allowance.

Stipend for book and supply:

By the post-9/11 GI Bill, you will receive the stipend of $1000 annually for books. At the starting of each term you will receive this stipend. The amount to be paid depends on, how many credits have been taken by each student and then it will be paid proportionately. Per credit hour the rate decided is $41.

Benefits of IHL under the Montgomery GI Bill

The number of classes you attend would decide the payment paid to you:

  • Full time if timing is 12 hours or more
  • Time will be 3/4th if timing will be 9-11 hours
  • Halftime if 6-8 hours
  • If timing is less than 6 hours then reimbursement rate will not be more than tuition and fee charged for the course.
  • The training time will be determined by the college for the graduate level training and we can understand this by an example:-the VA will pay you full time rate if school will consider your 2 hour class as a full time course.

You can see the current active duty Montgomery GI Bill rates at this link: See the current Active Duty Montgomery GI Bill rates.

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  • Brandon Murphy
    Posted at 13:54h, 23 January Reply

    Hi I plan on applying to to Graduate Doctoral Physical Therapy school and wondering if the G.I. Bill will cover this type of program thank you.

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