If you feel like you are eligible for some VA benefits or the benefits you are receiving are not enough perks, you can always apply for the VA claims and appeals. 


VA claims are filed in case you want to apply for any VA benefits like disability benefits or health benefits. VA appeals, on the other hand, are filed if you do not agree with the VA’s decision or feel that you deserve more benefits. 



You can start with the VA claims and appeals process by filling the claim at your regional VA office or a healthcare facility. If you need assistance, you can take the help of a lawyer or get in touch with associations like Disabled American Veterans.


After filing the claim, you need to provide all the necessary information to support your claim. Make sure to provide as much information as possible so that the VA provides you with the benefits you deserve. 


After providing information, the US Department of Veterans Affairs (VA) will review your case and make the decision. If you have not provided enough information, the VA will push back your VA claims and appeals file back to the second phase. 


After the VA has made its decision, you will be notified of it. You will also receive a notification letter stating the decision of the department. 



If the VA has denied your claim or you feel that you could qualify for more benefits, you can file an appeal, which will be reviewed by the Board of Veteran Appeals (BVA). You can also file an appeal if you feel that your disability rating is less than what you deserve. 


After filing the VA appeal, you must mail the Notice of Disagreement to the BVA. NOD should contain a statement that you do not agree with the VA’s decision and would like to sign for an appeal. The NOD can not be mailed after a year of the announced decision. You can also request a personal hearing in this step of the VA claims and appeals process. 


After the VA receives your NOD, it will create a detailed Statement of Case (SOC), which will include all the necessary evidence and information that led the VA to come to the decision. 


Once the SOC is created, it will be mailed to you along with Form 9, in the form of a Substantive Appeal Form. To move on with the VA claims and appeals process, you must fill out this form within 60 days of the SOC being sent. 


After analyzing all the information, the BVA will declare its decision for the VA claims and appeals in the form of a personal hearing or through a video conference. 

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