Drug Decriminalization

Drug Decriminalization

It has not been long since the US government has legalized the use of medical as well as recreational drug, chiefly marijuana. The US general population has vastly polarized views on this subject, and thus it matures into a hot topic for debate. While a section of the community thinks growing and distributing drugs like marijuana is rather beneficial economically as well as for the people, there is still a considerable proportion of society that looks at drug decriminalization of marijuana as an epidemic.

With such diverse views on one topic, it is likely for an individual to get biased without having proper knowledge of both the sides of the coin. Since discerning the real pros from the cons of these advancements can be a tough task, you can read below and make your perception with a fully informed mind.

Pros of drug decriminalization:

  1. a) Many people who advocate the growing and distribution of marijuana put forward the argument that decriminalization does not necessarily mean the same as legalization, giving a reference of Portugal’s step of decriminalizing every single drug in the market in the year 2001. Decriminalizing of any drug does not make it legal for distribution and cultivation. Instead, the possession and substance abuse cases are dealt with as a matter of public health and not as a criminal offense.
  2. b) Decriminalization of drug is argued to be exceedingly beneficial for those suffering from various sorts of addiction and substance abuse. Rather than exposing them to criminal charges and putting them behind bars, these people are handled by psychologists and counselors. This softer approach towards addicts not only helps them heal better but also reduces the risk of stuffing the youth population behind bars.
  3. c) Many states in the US have legalized the use of marijuana and Colorado is one of them. As an estimate, the marijuana industry has an economic impact of around $2.4 Billion and is also responsible for creating more than 18,000 jobs per annum. Although, Wisconsin still has not legalized the possession and usage of marijuana, as an estimate, if authorized, this industry can bring about a tax and fee revenue of $140million per year.

Cons of drug decriminalization:

  1. a) Even though the usage of a drug would be illegal even post decriminalization, the fact that the drug would be readily available can be a tempting scenario for anybody with a biological makeup contributing towards addiction. These individuals would barely care about the legal prosecution they might face, and the presence of these drugs can strike a wave of marijuana endemic.
  2. b) The fate of marijuana is not restricted to just its usage; instead, its entire life cycle is very questionable. Right from its cultivation, to its distribution, penal codes are marking every stage of the life of these drugs. Decriminalization of marijuana will add up to a lot many new laws and even more reason to violate them. This making and breaking of rules and regulation are likely to keep the judicial bodies busy with no apparent growth.

On one hand there are organizations like The National Organization for the Reform of Marijuana Laws (NORML) that openly advocates and emphasizes on the benefits that this ‘wonder herb’ brings into our lives, while on the other hand, there are judicial bodies that give reports of worsening endemic like condition with the decriminalization of Marijuana. Different people have their own set of beliefs backed up with reasonable logic, what are your views about it? Are you in favor of decriminalizing drug use?


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