Do you think Donald Trump is helping America?

Do you think Donald Trump is helping America?

It’s been an exciting journey so far from the time, larger than life President Trump assumed the oval office. His political and social stands are generating overwhelming responses; both positive and negative. So, let’s dive in & quickly review some of his decisions as the President of the United States of America. He promised he would take stringent measures to enforce effective immigration laws. He ended DACA (Deferred Action for Childhood Arrivals) and forced Congress to take up the burning issue of what should be done with “Dreamers,” who were illegally transported to the USA when they were kids.

On the other hand, he pulled out of the Paris agreement stating global warming is not at all an important issue. He has also been able to create new jobs & bring the unemployment rate down to 3.9%, which is the lowest since 2000. Trump began a productive dialogue with North Korea regarding stopping its nuclear weapons program. He’s always been a very fearless & unrestrained speaker. About illegal immigrants from Mexico, he said: “We have some bad hombres here, and we’re gonna get ’em out.” This statement immediately sparked a reaction on Twitter from the Mexican community.

Trump also called former President Barack Obama “the founder of ISIS” at a rally in Florida. Trump also slammed China for stealing American technology and forcing US companies to hand it over. He took a determined step against Russia’s violations of the nuclear treaty. Trump said he intends to withdraw from the intermediate -range Nuclear Forces Treaty, stating Russia’s violations of the treaty and China’s missile arsenal as reasons for terminating the 30-year-old accord. Trump further rebuked Putin for backing Syrian President Bashar Assad, an “animal” who carried on a “mindless chemical attack,” that killed women and children. He’s been able to put much pressure on NATO by suggesting the US will unilaterally withdraw from NATO if other member nations fail to significantly increase their spending on the military bloc.

President Trump signed a new order blocking travel from six predominantly Muslim countries. However, the new mandate was upheld by the Supreme Court. He has always advocated tax cuts & the Congress passed a final plan to cut taxes for individuals and business enterprises. This can be one of the achievements of President Trump’s legislative agenda. He supports a 20 percent tax on all imports including imports from Mexico to pay for a border wall.

President Trump’s decision to impose a 30% tariff on imported crystalline-silicon solar cells and modules left many renewable energy conservationists unhappy. It was Trump’s attempt at punishing China for introducing low-cost solar panels into the US market and saving domestic jobs in the solar industry. As quoted by economist & politician Jairam Ramesh, “There never is a good time for tough decisions. There will always be an election or something else. You must pick courage and do it. Governance is about taking tough, even unpopular, decisions”.

But while the Trump administration has restored the US economy’s long-term growth potential in some ways, the other side of the entries is rather bleak. Recovery from the damage Trump is causing on institutions and political culture in the US may take years, and the associated economic costs could be significant.

Travel bans, and “The Wall” is being termed as ridiculous inceptions of an unbalanced mind by the opponents. A hate wave against Muslims or immigrants can further lead to a severe imbalance of the social structure.

It is hard to imagine that retreating from the Paris climate agreement is helpful for long-run growth, given that the costs of cleaning up pollution later vastly exceed the costs of mitigating it today.

A wholesome accord needs to be established on all fronts for effective governance. Trump administration has been accused of not realizing the importance of a thoughtful and a well-balanced stance on a socio-political issue. Insensitive and Immature are few terms widely being associated with Trump’s governance.

Those who love Trump boast about his role in economic growth, his goal-oriented immigration policies, and his commitment toward making America great. Opponents claim that the economy was already on the upside and criticize his foreign and immigration policies.

What are your thoughts? Do you think Donald Trump is helping or hurting America?

  • SFC W.J. Huether
    Posted at 19:34h, 06 April Reply

    Those who have an absolute, perpetual hatred the President are, I have found, political sycophants for the left. The rage directed at the President would be found unwarranted, if, for a moment, they set aside their anger and allow themselves a glimpse at reality.
    Although Barack Obama takes credit for it, the decisions President Trump has made is restoring America’s place of prominence!
    What I find to be absolutely ridiculous is the double standard the media has shoved in America’s face. The media, along with Pelosi and crew, rail on the President with clams of demagoguery and monarch-like leanings. This leads me to believe the media has selective memory while totally substantiating my claim of a double standard.
    Here was Obama, in full media darling splendor, saying he didnt care if Congress agreed and would not wait on Congress to make a decision.. He then went on to say that he didn’t need Congress as he had a pen and a phone. I’m sorry. Is that not the text book definition. of a demagogue?
    It was a sight to see when President Trump started dismantling the regularions. The economy started to move and shake and spitter and sputter but it was growing at a rate not seen in years. President Trump was getting America moving in the right direction while dealing with the previous administration having dug a deficit greater than all other Presidents combined. Anything happening that was good was due to Obama and all the bad was due to Trump.
    President Trump forced the hand of Europe by saying they need to pony up their share for defense in NATO. He was crushed for daring to say that! However, it was the right thing to do. For years, America has paid more than its share for European security. President Trump has made the hard right decisions rather than the easy wrong one. He has put America first in every situation. He refuses to be apologetic to anyone or any nation for America being great.
    The left is all about open borders and the criminals who come here illegally. When President Trump threatened to move all the illegals in custody to the left’s sanctuary cities, they screamed no no! Why would they act like that? The left says they support immigrants unconditionally! Why then, would they not accept them in sanctuary cities? Because it is just another way to oppose President Trump. He says up, . the left says down. President Trump says black, the left says white. I am saddened by thiis to the point where my heart hurts. I’m an Iraqi Freedom Veteran and an Army Retiree with better than 20 years of service. My son has taken up the colors and serves as a Captain in the Army. Although he is a seasoned Soldier now, every now and them he seeks my counsel. Not so long ago, he.asked, “What’s bothering you, Pop?” I thought a moment, then replied, “We as leaders in the Army are required to maximize effort and minimize wasted time, right?” He nodded in the affirmative. On went on, “Lately, I see my beloved Country getting the respect she deserves through the efforts of our President and his team. She is becoming great again! What bothers me to no end is the fact there was/is so much WASTED TIME caused by endless unfounded investigations and so much liberal subterfuge. Can you imagine how much more could have been accomplished were it not for pettiness and ego-driven narcissistic personalities? Furthermore, there are those, who I would venture a guess, are just absolutely and inately evil and self.serving who should be dealt with when President Trump wins reelection!”

  • Diane Deming
    Posted at 00:43h, 03 April Reply

    Compley hurting everything!!!! How about not being able to sign up for Obama care after my husband retires????????
    Self centered, narcacist!!! Does not care about anyone but himself there is much .ore I could say but kind of worry about repercussions if I do. I just want/need insurance after retirement with coverage for pre existing conditions!!!!!!!!!!!! !°

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