CHAMPVA and Shared Healthcare Costs

CHAMPVA and Shared Healthcare Costs

There are no provider lists maintained by the VA. CHAMPVA is accepted by a significant number of TRICARE and Medicare suppliers (however, make sure to inquire from the supplier). In the event of difficulty in locating a provider, we suggest you go to the Medicare site at  and with the use of “Search Tools” at the end of the page, find a Medicare supplier. You could also browse through the TRICARE website by clicking the following link to get through to a service provider in your area.

If you wish to use the services of a supplier not dealing with CHAMPVA, you will be liable to settle the invoice in full and forward it for a refund of the share of the cost. Nevertheless, please bear in mind that CHAMPVA will refund only the permitted amount.

CITI Affiliates

The CHAMPVA In-house Treatment Initiative (CITI), a non-profit scheme, permits its clients to receive treatment from affiliated VA healthcare centers without any additional charges.

All VA health care centers affiliated to the CITI plan provides varied services depending on the unutilized amount. On identifying a CITI center of your choice, you can get in touch with the CITI representative to get an idea of what is being offered at that particular healthcare facility. If, on the other hand, you happen to be a receiver also enjoying CITI facilities, regrettably you would be unable to make use of the Medicare facilities as Medicare do not reimburse money for health care attention offered by VA Healthcare facilities. For more details, you can download a brochure from Brochure.pdf.

Pharmaceutical facilities offered by CHAMPVA

Through the CHAMPVA scheme, it allows substantial pharmacy facilities and settles 75% of the allotted amount for prescribed medicine at any/all pharmacies. CHAMPVA also has a program where medication is sent through the mail which is called MEDS BY MAIL.

Pharmacies that recognize CHAMPVA

CHAMPVA recognized pharmacies have agreed to collect the share of cost and forward CHAMPVA a charge sheet for the balance payable.

Not every pharmacy recognizes the card. In that event, you would have to settle the bill in full and subsequently send for reimbursement to CHAMPVA.  An ideal method of locating pharmacies that agree to take the CHAMPA medical card is to make use of the networked Medical Matrix.

Prescribed Medication Deliveries

It is possible to get prescribed medication delivered up to your doorstep through the Meds By Mail scheme. What is most attractive about this offer is that there is no share of cost or reimbursements involved. For comprehensive details on the same, please visit

CHAMPVA and Other Health

Insurance (OHI)

In the event you have been covered by any other Healthcare insurance policy you should inform the Administrative Center for Health of those adjustments (change of healthcare plans, dropped down coverage, etc.) as soon as they come into effect, ensuring appropriate settlements on your charges are made.

Should you secure a comprehensive medical insurance cover, you are requested to inform the Administrative Center for Health of your new cover and the date on which it will come into effect.

It recommended that you read the CHAMPVA booklet before attempting to acquire any of the benefits that CHAMPVA has to offer. The booklet has valuable information on benefits and services. The CHAMPVA booklet can be downloaded from

For further information on CHAMPVA, please visit CHAMPA booklet and fact sheet made available at the VA site:

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