Amounts Paid For Disability Compensation

Veterans are eligible for monthly disability compensation that is tax-free if they have a disability rating allocated by the VA for a service-related condition. This article discusses the types and amounts of compensation available.

Disabilities or Injuries Incurred During Specific Combat Operations

Combat-related conditions receive an extra amount of public attention, and the VA makes sure that veterans who might suffer from these conditions are given just as much attention in the examining room as they are in the media.

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How is VA Incapacity Compensation Arrived at?

Incapacity compensation is a non-tax advantage received by a veteran on being incapacitated due to an injury or sickness or worse, that had been incurred in the line of duty or inactive or active training duty. The disability compensation differs on the degree of incapacity, on the number depending on the veteran and his monthly emoluments.

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Improved Disability Pension for Low Income Veterans

Veterans who are low-income earners and are totally and permanently disabled or those who are above 65 years and have an active military record of at least 90 days (at least one of those days should be during periods of war) are eligible for monetary support. Officers who began their active duty on October 16, 1981, and onwards or veterans who began their active duty on September 18, 1980, and onwards are supposed to attain a longer active duty minimum period.

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Special Monthly Compensation (SMC) for Serious Disabilities

Any veteran who, as a result of military service or duty, incurred the loss of his extremities or use of other specific organs is paid additional compensation by the VA. Such loss is defined as an amputation and is a state where a veteran’s organ or extremity doesn’t have any effective remaining function.

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Special Monthly Grants, Allowances, and Additional Payments

Many allowance and grant programs are offered by the VA along with compensation for helping the disabled veterans in getting the required tools for disability. Adaptations, automobiles, clothing and housing money are included in these allowances.

The DTAP or the Disabled Transition Assistance Program

The DTAP is an essential element of providing guidance in transition which incorporates involvement in support of the members in service to the military who are subjected to discharge from service due to their disability or those members who have a disability and therefore become eligible to benefit from the Vocational Rehabilitation and Employment Program of the VA.


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