Veteran Transition Assistance

The Veteran Transition Assistance Program (TAP) offers information, resources, and tools to veterans and their family members to help them begin a life outside the military. Veterans begin TAP a year before separation or two years before their retirement.

A Transitioning Service Member is an individual serving the military (including separation leave) who opts for employment services and has 24 months of retirement left or 12 months of separation.

Veterans can follow the following steps for a better transition from the military to civilian life –

Attend a Transition Assistance Program (TAP) workshop –  TAP was formed to provide training and employment information to veterans within 180 days of retirement or separation. TAP organizes a three-day workshop for all ex-military job seekers.

Think about transferable skills

Look for military-friendly employers –

A lot of employers are fond of the qualities veterans bring to a civilian job. Plus, you’re likely to work with people who have formerly served in the military. They can help you step by step as you embark on a new journey.

  • Adjust from military to corporate language – 
    Don’t use military jargon. Rather than naming yourself as a “black swan” expert, elaborate your job by saying you developed contingency plans for rare events.
  • Rather than using military time, stick to civilian time. That is, instead of scheduling an interview at 15-hundred hours, say 3 pm.
  • No need to address your seniors as Sir or Ma’am. You can casually address your immediate bosses by their first name.

Connect with recruiters and job providers, specialized in veterans transitions assistance. 

Work up to your strengths as an ex-veteran.
Build Network – 
Build contacts with veterans who are working in offices. Don’t ask for a job at the first meeting. If there’s no job available, you will be disappointed. Instead, spend time to know the person. Learn from them how they made the transition from the military to a civilian career.

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