GI Bills

GI Bill benefits include college fees, graduate school expenses, and training program fees. Since 1944, the GI Bill has provided financial help to qualifying Veterans and their family members by covering all or a portion of school or training costs.

GI Bill Eligibility Details –

Being a veteran, you can qualify for the GI Bill if: You contribute $100 every month in the first year of their inactive duty or qualify under VEAP conversion. You have passed High School or possess an equivalency certificate before applying for the benefits. You have the experience of
serving at least two years on active duty.

GI Bill benefits are transferred to an eligible spouse or dependent child(ren) of a serving veteran who qualifies for the Post 9/11 GI Bill.

VA GI Bill Benefits –

The GI Bill pays tuition fees to the veteran’s family for 36 months at public schools; if the veteran’s child is attending a private or foreign school, the GI Bill benefits can increase to $21,085.89 per year. Irrespective of a public or private institution, veteran students receive a housing allowance averaging $1,300 per month plus up to $1,000 every year for books.

GI Bill Programs

The Post 9/11 GI Bill is known to pay four years of college fees. With 36 months of coverage, the bill covers four 9-month academic years of school fees. As per the GI Bill benefits, the VA pays your tuition fee directly to your school.

Not to mention, the GI Bill can be transferred entirely. Plus, it can be divided between dependents or split between the veteran and dependents. The benefits transfer is divided by the number of months (0 to 36), starting when the transfer request is made.

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