Employment Tips

Getting a job outside the army could be a little harder if you are a veteran. First, you must have the experience and education that will show you’re qualified. Second, your resume must contain information that shows you to have the experience and knowledge of the duties and responsibilities required for the job.

Va.org connects you with employers and jobs most suitable for you. VA education advice and career advice – Va.org can help you find a job outside the army.

One of the most crucial Veterans employment tips we want to give you is to practice your interviewing skills before the interview. Look yourself in a mirror and record your voice using a tape recorder. You can conduct a mock interview at home with a family member or a friend to improve your interviewing skills. No matter what, you must sound and look professional.

Veterans who have already settled into civilian life also help other veterans find jobs, including a federal government job. If your friend from the army is working in a federal agency you want to work for, talk to them. Your friend might help you with how to get your application shortlisted or might also speak a few favorable words for you to the hiring manager.

Veterans who have post-traumatic stress disorder because of serving in a war-zone area find it more difficult to begin a life outside the army. Unfortunately, the majority of veterans suffer from multiple health conditions.

Getting help from the people you know in securing employment is one of the best ways to get hired after retiring from the military. Plus, we at va.org have pledged to help every veteran survive after retiring from the military.

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