Benefits of Tricare Standard

Tricare Standard Plan Benefits

Benefits of Tricare Standard

This article briefly discusses some advantages of the TRICARE Standard plan, such as not having to enrol, greater flexibility to beneficiaries and being able to consult a healthcare provider of your choice.

The TRICARE Standard health care plan is another health care option that is provided by Tricare. There are certain key benefits that Tricare Standard has over other health care plans.

Certain Key Benefits of TRICARE Standard Plan

The first advantage is that you do not need to enroll for the TRICARE Standard health care plan, unlike the TRICARE Primary health care plan. As long as you have been registered in DEERS (Defense Enrollment Eligibility Reporting System) and meet the eligibility criteria, you can avail the services of the TRICARE Standard health care plan at any time. This means that family members of currently serving members, retirees and their family members, families of activated members of the National Guard or Reserve, survivors, certain ex-spouses, people who have received the Medal of Honor and their family members can all access the facilities provided by the TRICARE Standard health care plan. Therefore, you would not need to go through the process of enrollment if you choose to use this health care plan.

The second advantage of the TRICARE Standard health care plan is that it offers greater flexibility to the beneficiaries in terms of where they can actually obtain medical health care services. Under the TRICARE Standard health care plan, people can avail medical health care services from providers that are not a part of the Tricare network of providers.

Unlike the TRICARE Prime health care plan, you will not need to consult any primary care manager in order to obtain a referral or authorization, and you are free to go wherever you feel comfortable and safe going for medical help. This also means that you are likely to have easy access to health care services, as you are no longer bound to consult any one health care provider only. In fact, where TRICARE Prime plans are not available, this may be your only option.

Although it is more costly than the Tricare Prime health care plan, how much you will pay depends on the military status of your sponsor. In general, there is a deductible that has to be paid yearly, as well as cost shares services.

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