Benefits Agencies

Benefits Agencies

Multiple options are available for you to appeal if your claim for veteran’s benefits is denied. Though dealing with the VA or DOD is becoming increasingly less laborious than in past years, navigating claims with these organizations can still prove time-consuming. In fact, the VA had a backlog of over 500,000 claims pending and another 90,000 appeals pending since 2008, which may speak to why it might take you longer to process your claim.

Approximately six months is the average new-claim processing duration for those seeking disability compensation and pensions through the VA, whereas appeals could take years.

The Two Main Benefits Agencies

Though other agencies exist, two agencies predominately handle most of the issues concerning veteran’s benefits: the Department of Veteran’s Affairs (VA) and the Department of Defense (DOD).

Other agencies include the Office of Personnel Management (OPM), in charge of the veterans’ preference program for government jobs, and the Small Business Administration, in charge of the veterans’ small business loan program.

The Department of Veteran’s Affairs

Since its inception in 1930, the VA has expanded with an annual budget of approximately $86 billion and employees 230,000 people, operating 1,357 facilities such as regional offices, vet centers, medical centers, and outpatient clinics across the country.

Some benefit claims administered by the VA include:

  • VA healthcare, as explained in Chapter 4
  • Disability compensation, as explained in Chapter 6
  • GI Bill education program, as explained in Chapter 10
  • VA Pensions, as explained in Chapter 6
  • Veteran survivor benefits, as explained in Chapter 8

The VA healthcare program touts around 5.3 million registered veterans while more than 3.7 million veterans get disability compensation and pensions. Every year the VA handle a norm of 805,000 new claims for disability compensation or pensions.

Counselors are accessible at VA veteran’s centers and able to assist those with questions or in need of help. Service members must contact the VA regional offices closest in proximity to where they live, excluding those applying to medical care. Apply through a VE medical center to receive VA medical care.

The Department of Defense and military services

With 20 years or more of military service, individuals can retire from the military and apply for benefits with the Department of Defense (DOD) or their individual military service branch. There are five military branches under the DOD:

  • Army
  • Air Force
  • Navy
  • Marine Corps
  • Coast Guard

The branches listed each have an active-duty section (full-time service) and a reserve section (part-time service). There is also the National Guard with the Army and Air Force. The National Guard is categorized with the parent branch and under the individual state.

What the DOD covers

See Chapter 15 for a guide to military retiree benefits, for which a military retired Identification card is required. Those applicable—including family members—can obtain this card at the Pass & ID section of any military base. To receive an ID card, or renew one, retirees can visit a military base other than their parent service base and have their request taken care of, making this process simpler.

The DOD covers benefits such as:

  • Military retirement pay
  • Shopping and travel benefits
  • Military healthcare, or Tricare
  • Combat-related special compensation

Getting help from the Defense Finance and Accounting Service

In order to conclude retiree payment concerns, veterans can’t visit a military base. Instead, they are responsible to contact the relevant branch of the Defense Finance and Accounting Service (DFAS).

For any questions you have about military retired pay, the DFAS is available at 800-321-1080. Or you could visit their website at At the DFAS website, you can use myPay, a program that allows access to retiree pay accounts where you can make changes if needed.

Latest Veteran News:

  • donna rachal
    Posted at 00:47h, 03 March

    my husband, ronnie rachal, (XXX-XX-7676) was receiving VA checks every month then they stopped the check starting this month….they claim that we owe roughly $84,000 to them; claimed that i, donna rachal, his wife, worked at home health center which i don’t never have and i am using power chair and am unable to work at all…..we have tried and tried to communicate with them; filled out forms after forms and i was working another one; financial status form til the check didn’t come in…..i don’t know what to do now but being upset because of this……$84,000?? where does that come from??? my husband’s phone number is 318-678-9946…only i can communicate is email, text, and chats……my husband does have problem by being confused because of questions they answer is no where we could understand where its coming from……..we need help here… there someone can help us??? our budget are super tight…..

  • Eugenia Smith
    Posted at 07:15h, 24 February

    I have 0% are my children allowed to go to college for free?

  • Doyle Jones
    Posted at 17:10h, 17 February

    I am 100% P&T.

  • Doyle Jones
    Posted at 17:09h, 17 February

    How do I locate and submit VA Form 22-5490 on dependents college money?


  • Richard Kelly
    Posted at 23:41h, 02 January

    This is Richard Kelly, file #310KC00005.
    I tried to call you but you keep hanging up on me.
    I am not a veteran and I never been in the military service. I don’t understand how and why I owe you $3,017.60 and I don’t see $3,017.60 deposited in my account last year. If you did, why did you deposit in my account without my approval and I never sign for the money. I never apply for the money. I’m sure you got the wrong Richard Kelly who never serve in the military.
    Please, correct this problem. If I can’t get any reply from you by phone or this e-mail, I assume this is a scam who is trying to rip me off.

    I will try to call again and please answer, don’t hang up on me.

  • James Gallagher
    Posted at 21:22h, 10 November

    I call to VA and tried w make an appointment for my husband to Social workers. About my husband diagnosis PTSD. And we waiting for transfer about 5 minutes and no one there. So, would you please someone call give us a call. 480-234-0465 Because we live in Globe AZ. Thank you very much.

    Mei Han Gallagher 11-10-2015

    • Veteran Assistance
      Posted at 21:13h, 16 November

      Unfortunately, we are not able to control the response time of phone calls. You may find more information on how to directly contact a local office. Most government offices close at 4 p.m. Check this out for more help:

  • Donald A Bacha
    Posted at 23:28h, 08 November

    I like to enroll for the VA, I served from 1974 to 1978 in the Navy. How do I go about this

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