A Court Ruling Might Make Veterans Eligible for An Additional Year of GI Bill Benefits

GI Bill Benefits

A Court Ruling Might Make Veterans Eligible for An Additional Year of GI Bill Benefits

According to a recent court ruling, millions of Veterans might qualify for an additional year of VA GI Bill benefits under the Post 9/11 and Montgomery Programs.

While the US Department of Veterans Affairs is still assessing the court decision, the department “remains committed to providing the benefits all Vets deserve and are eligible for.”

The decision came out as a ruling for the Rudsill vs. McDonough Case, which was pending for the last six years.

According to the VA’s guidelines, an applicant can either use the Post 9/11 benefits or the Montgomery benefits, but not both.  A Veteran, Jim Rudisill, who was wounded in a bomb attack in 2005, challenged this policy.

The federal circuit court agreed to this theory. It ruled that Rudisill should not choose between his benefits, as he might be eligible for a total of 48 months of education benefits.

According to Tim McHugh, who was the lead attorney of the case and also an Army Veteran, “Congress doesn’t try to trip up veterans with their benefits. They want to protect them and take better care of them.”

The Post 9/11 GI Bill Program provides educational benefits to eligible applicants for up to 36 months. The program aims to cover the tuition fees, rent and money for school supplies.

The Montgomery GI Bill Program provides fewer material benefits. The program assists Veterans who joined active duty before 2001. It is expected to phase out in the next decade.

According to the policies of the department, an applicant has to choose between either of the programs. However, this recent federal court ruling has opened up the possibility to redeem the benefits of both the program.

This ruling could be quite helpful, especially for the applicants who are not able to complete their education within 36 months.

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