4 Areas Veterans Can Choose New Career Paths by Upskilling for Free

Veterans Educational Benefits

4 Areas Veterans Can Choose New Career Paths by Upskilling for Free

Upskilling is one of the latest workforce development that has helped millions achieve success in their professional lives. However, little do people know that the military members have been doing this for ages after their retirement.

What is upskilling? 

Upskilling is a technique where companies identify the upcoming skills that will be helpful in the future to choose a career path. These companies then train the applicants in those skills for a secure future.

Upskilling does not require any degree or diploma. All you need to do is attend some classes and job training.

For Veterans, it is a great way to choose a new career without using their VA GI Bills benefits.

Here are four areas where Veterans can apply for upskilling-


The Microsoft Software and System Academy offers one of the best upskilling courses in the US. Through online training, the academy offers courses in fields like cloud development, server and cloud administration. Most of their courses are only for 17 weeks.

The program is affiliated with 600 tech monopolies. After the course completion, the academy conducts job interviews to find a job at Microsoft or other 600 companies.


VCP is designated to train Vets how to handle US Army’s archeological collection professionally. It is a five-month-long program that trains Veterans in cataloging, photographing, cleaning, and scanning archeological artifacts that belong to the US Army.


Under the “Hiring our Heroes” initiative, Booz Allen Hamilton offers hands-on training to retiring military members. This program also allows active military members to take courses six months before retirement so that they can switch their career paths smoothly and secure a job in the desired field.


Syracuse University’s Onward to Opportunity offers courses in a number of fields. Some of the courses offered are in the fields of project management, human resources and six Sigma process improvement. You can visit their official website to get a better glimpse of the courses.






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