What The Fourth Amendment Is And What Its Not

What The Fourth Amendment Is And What Its Not

Let’s start with the basic problem. Most people are fooling around with the law when they’ve not even read the constitution. So first understand this. The fourth amendment protects U.S. citizens from illegal or unreasonable searches and seizures by the government. Under the fourth amendment, law enforcement must receive written permission from a court of law to search and seize evidence lawfully while investigating criminal activities. If a police officer comes to your door and wants to search your property, he must have a warrant, and the warrant must state the purpose of the visit. Law enforcement can’t just misuse their power and curb an individual’s rights. 

Furthermore, a suspect arrested without a warrant is entitled to prompt judicial determination within 48 hours of the arrest. Now let’s talk about the DUI checkpoints. A DUI checkpoint, also known as a sobriety checkpoint, is something law enforcement uses to test drunk drivers. Checkpoints are commonly set up at intersections and during times when impaired driving is more common, such as nights, weekends, and holidays. Here the fourth amendment that prohibits unreasonable searches and seizures gets amended to mitigate the risks involved with drinking and driving. And in some states like Iowa and Wisconsin, have statutes that prohibit sobriety checkpoints. In states like Washington, Michigan, and Oregon, sobriety checkpoints violate the state’s constitution. However, we have the United States constitution, but its important to know that each state has its individual state constitution. If you are arrested under the influence or any other illegal activity, you can contact a qualified attorney who can look at your case in accordance with the state rules. I want to make it clear that Richard Ojeda does not support drinking and driving. A person who drinks and drives has no consideration for the safety of other people on the road. 

Now the main reason why I chose to talk about the fourth amendment. I can guarantee the President of the United States has never ever read the constitution, and he’s surrounded by people who have read the constitution but choose not to follow it. At about 2 am on July 15, after a night spent protesting at the Multnomah County Justice Center and Mark O. Hatfield Federal Courthouse, Mark Pettibone and his friend Conner O’Shea decided to head home. They had barely moved past half a block when an unmarked minivan pulled up in front of them. Four or five guys popped out of the van in camos and pulled Pettibone’s beanie over his face to blind him, heald his hands over his head and tossed him into the van. He was driven around downtown before being dumped inside a building. He wouldn’t learn until after his release that he had been inside the federal courthouse. Next, he was put in a cell, and two officers read him his Miranda rights. They asked him if he wanted to waive his rights and answer some questions. Pettibone declined and said he wanted a lawyer. He was released after 90 minutes, and he did not receive any paperwork, citation, or record of his arrest. Snatching away people in unmarked minivans can’t be called an arrest. Its plain abduction. Just because people were exercising their rights of peaceful protest under the first amendment, it doesn’t mean they are criminals. Why are federal officers using civilian vehicles and snatching people away in them? 

The problem is the people at the top sometimes don’t do what the people at the bottom want. I stand with the working-class citizens, and the working-class citizens deserve to have a voice. We can’t let people being snatched away in minivans or federal officers rummaging your personal belongings without a valid warrant. This malpractice has got to stop.

Make sure when you vote this November, you choose the right side. The side who respects our constitution at least.

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