Vice-President Kamala Harris To Control Migration Problem At Southern Border

Vice-President Kamala Harris

Vice-President Kamala Harris To Control Migration Problem At Southern Border

Since President Biden took over the office, the nation has experienced a significant influx of immigrants at the US-Mexican border.

To address this humanitarian crisis, Biden has appointed Vice President Kamala Harris to tackle this migration problem. While this seems like a huge opportunity, the president boasted that Harris is the most qualified person to handle all kinds of complex challenges this illegal migration presents.

Former President Donald Trump was severely criticized for his migration policies, especially towards minors. However, since January, Joe Biden is determined to follow a reversed policy and is planning to place these children with volunteer families in the US. This initiative was rebuked by Trump and his supporters.

However, if Biden and Harris are able to control this situation without following Trump’s policies, they can have an effective weapon for the next presidential elections. However, in case it fails, it could wreck all of Biden’s accomplishments.

According to an interview, Harris said that although it won’t be easy, it is important work and needs to be dealt with. She further stated that, “In order to deal with these migration surges, we must help our neighboring countries develop”.

Several studies have recorded an increase of 28% of immigrants since February. US officials had to welcome more than 100,000 immigrants from the border last month.

Most of the arrivers have fled their country to evade adverse financial conditions, starvation and gang violence.

According to the reports, minors are being held at detention facilities. While journalists are not being allowed inside these centers, pictures of a detention center in Texas emerged last week, which created a lot of dissatisfaction and concerns.

Reportedly, this facility is catering to more than 1,000 children and pictures portrayed children sleeping on thin mattresses under foil blankets. This raised many concerns over how the center was not following social distancing rules, despite the recent spikes in COVID-19 cases.



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