Veterans Identification Card: Sign-Ins Finally Open

The announcement was followed by delays, but one of the U.S. Department of Veterans Affairs’ long-promised amenities is now open for business. The Veterans Identification Card site has returned, and the VA has outlined the process of receiving a printed card that will clearly delineate veteran status and benefit eligibility.

Getting the Card

We’ll put aside the long saga of the Veterans Identification Card, leading from a 2015 legislative promise to a working web portal in 2018. Right now, the most important thing to know is how to apply for the new ID. Fortunately, the revamped VA website comes with a fairly straightforward procedure, consisting of the following steps:

  • Before starting, vets must have their existing state or federal ID handy for reference purposes, as well as a photo to put on the new card. The file for the photo can be up to 3MB.
  • Signing into the VA website requires a DS Logon account. Those without such an account can create one at this stage. Individuals with a non-premium account must then verify their identity via the service With the verification process completed, the user can proceed to the actual sign-up for the VIC.
  • At the next step, an applicant reviews his or her personal information and makes any relevant changes. This is also where users upload a copy of an existing federal or state ID card, and the portrait photo that will appear on the newly issued ID. The VA notes that the only piece of personal data that isn’t changeable is the character of a person’s discharge. If that info does need an update, users should upload a copy of the DD-214 form.
  • After all of the above steps are complete, it’s time to preview the card and submit your request. The VA emphasizes that if there are errors of any kind during the process, vets should email to get the process back on track.

History of Delays

The VIC process stated above has been a long time coming. The initial announcement of the card site’s opening came on November 29, 2017, and acknowledged the “overdue promise” for an easy, all-in-one ID card that will help vets claim their discounts and benefits at retail outlets. The VIC is an alternative to carrying a DD-214 form on one’s person and is meant to be a simpler option for individuals with honorable service records who didn’t receive a medical discharge or serve long enough for retirement. noted that of the millions of vets who qualify for the card, 14,600 had managed to apply by Jan. 29, around when the site reopened for everyone. The first cards will begin appearing in mailboxes in March. Until then, those who qualify can download and print a picture of their new cards as a temporary solution, or show the VIC image on a smartphone screen.
For more information on your veteran ID card and the benefits that come with it, check out today.

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