VA’s Initiatives for the Seriously Injured Veterans

VA's Initiatives for the Seriously Injured Veterans

VA’s Initiatives for the Seriously Injured Veterans

The VA is reputed for initiating efforts to offer registered military men information on services and benefits. Now they have decided to offer a seamless transition for returning soldiers from the Iraq War. Coordination within the departments has been improved and the VA now concentrates on eliminating bureaucratic complexities and providing the soldiers easy and immediate access to VA services.

All VA regional offices and medical service offices have a contact center to improve communication and coordination. The goal is to provide useful and fast assistance to the returning soldiers.

Besides, the VA is also increasing the counseling personnel strength in the hospitals or medical centers where seriously injured soldiers from Afghanistan and Iraq are treated.  A veteran’s first communication with the VA begins mostly by arranging the first treatment. In cases of serious injury, VA counselors visit the service member in the hospital and make sure that their financial compensation is ready when they separate from the VA. These counselors are there to assist a veteran in obtaining VA services and volunteers help in getting medical care and plan their separation.

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Coordinators of VA medical centers and each VA service regional office work together with military separation persons and separation counselors to make sure that a veteran gets all the VA benefits in a center nearest from his locality. The local office informs the hospitals and medical centers in veteran’s locality about the date of his discharge from VA hospital. This helps him to get continuous medical care once he returns home. The local centers are always there for the first contact.

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