VA Unveils Website in Push to Hire More Vets

VA Unveils Website in Push to Hire More Vets


A new website has been launched by the Department of Veterans Affairs for hiring more vets. The website is filled with a variety of tools that aid in job-searching, and might help the department in hiring more veterans.

Eric Shinseki, the Secretary of Veterans Affairs has created a new goal of increasing the number of veterans working for VA from 30 percent to 40 percent.

The Assistant Secretary for Human Resources and Administration, John Sepulveda, asked Eric Shinseki to create a useful bundle of tools that can aid the veterans in their transition to private employment from the military.

The ‘VA for Vets’ website was launched on Veterans Day, and veterans can access it on,

The ‘VA for Vets’ is only a part of the bigger endeavor of finding new jobs for the veterans. In October 2011, one month before the launch of the ‘VA for Vets’ website, the unemployment rate of veterans was 12%. Whereas, the rate of unemployment on the National level is at 8.6%.

The problems can be much more difficult for young veterans. The unemployment rate of veterans aged between 18 to 24 years is 30%, however, John Sepluveda said that this large percent of unemployment among young veterans is because many veterans start attending school in order to take the benefits of the GI Bill.

On this new website, veterans can use a wide range of tools, like the translator for military skills, which allows them to document their experience of working in the military onto a resume and in a language that potential employers can easily understand. The website can also help you in connecting with career coaches that prepare veterans for the interviews.

Sepulveda also said that these types of tools were available in the past as well, but the difference is that this new website has bundled it all together at a single place to allow the veterans to effortlessly pass through all the required bureaucracy that comes along with a federal job acceptance.

He also stated that his team has worked thoroughly to eliminate all the bugs on the website to ensure that the veterans do not face any problems when the site is launched. And, since the launch of this website, more than 50,000 have tested it to make sure that everything works seamlessly.

Now, his goal is to alert even more veterans about this website when the VA department will host a career fair in the state of Washington. The career fair will provide the veterans with more than 4000 job opportunities, and ability to log on to the ‘VA for Veterans’ website for creating their resumes right on the spot.

Sepulveda also mentioned that if this website is successful, they’ll also work on increasing its reach to various other federal agencies, and will also be used to connect the veterans to other civilian jobs as well.

Even though, getting an increased number of veterans to work for VA is an important inspiration of this project, providing them with work is its main motive.

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