Can Veterans With Bad Credit Still Get VA Loans? Find Out Here

Can Veterans With Bad Credit Still Get VA Loans? Find Out Here

It’s exceptionally usual for Veterans and active military members to question the state of their credit score while considering getting a VA loan. And, here’s a fact- it’s pretty normal for service members to have a not-so-good credit score, which makes it really hard to qualify for any mortgage.

Keeping this in mind, the US Department of Veterans Affairs (VA) makes sure to help Veterans after they part from their military careers. One such initiation by the department is the VA home loans.

VA mortgages are revolutionary VA benefits that allow Veterans to purchase their dream home without making a downpayment. Moreover, the loans are available at lower interest rates and have lenient financial requirements.

But, can you qualify for VA loans with low credit? Read on to find out.

A Brief On VA loans

The Veterans Affairs home loans are offered by VA-approved private lenders and guaranteed by the VA. These loans have extremely easy eligibility criteria and come with additional benefits like-

  • No downpayment requirement
  • Lowest interest rates
  • No Private Mortgage Insurance (PMI) requirements
  • Flexible guidelines
  • Lower credit score requirements
  • Government-guarantee
  • The loans are assumable
  • You can qualify even if you had a foreclosure before

To qualify for these loans, you would have to pass the three requirements-

The Definition Of Low Credit Score

Before we evaluate the credit score required to qualify for VA loans, let’s take a look at what is considered a bad credit score. A bad credit score can be defined as something that stops you from qualifying for a loan.

However, it’s not that simple. Lenders often use various platforms to determine your credit score, and it’s usually much more complicated than that.

Is There Any Minimum Credit Score Requirement For VA Loans?

Factually speaking, the VA has no credit score requirements. This means you don’t need to have a minimum credit score to qualify for a VA loan.

However, as stated above, these loans are provided by VA-approved private lenders. And these lenders might have their own credit requirements.

Regardless, you need to have a minimum credit score of 620 or 600 to qualify for the loan. Some lenders might be willing to work with a score as less as 570.

This requirement is exceptionally low compared to the credit score requirement of 730-750 for a conventional mortgage.

While the lenders might check your credit history to determine your eligibility, you can even qualify with a history of bankruptcy or foreclosure.

What Are The Other Financial Requirements?

In addition to having a credit score of at least 620, you must also meet other financial requirements required by the lenders. You must have a debt-to-income ratio of less than 40% and enough residual income to ensure the lenders that you’ll be able to take out the payments while sustaining your other expenses.

Moreover, though you don’t need to make a downpayment to qualify for the loan, if you have enough funds, it is recommended to make a small downpayment as it could go a long way to reduce your monthly installments.

How To Improve Your Credit Score?

If you have a credit score of less than 600, don’t worry. You can work on your credit score to qualify for the loan.

Here are some tips to improve your credit score-

  • Try not to max out your credit cards.
  • Consolidate any outstanding debt.
  • Pay your monthly installments on time.
  • Make sure to pay all the bills on time.

It is wise to work on your credit score even if you have a score of more than 620, as a higher credit score would mean lower interest rates and lower monthly installments.

Summing Up

VA home loans are made to help Veterans and active military personnel streamline their way through the civilian transition. And, because Veterans might not have enough funds to make a downpayment, you can take advantage of these revolutionary benefits and take one step forward toward your dream home.

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