VA Loan With Bad Credit: Can You Qualify With A Shaky Credit Score?

VA Loan With Bad Credit: Can You Qualify With A Shaky Credit Score?

Veterans and service members can have poor or bad credit and still ultimately land a VA loan. What’s important to understand is that the VA doesn’t set credit score requirements, and the VA doesn’t mandate a minimum credit score.

But the VA also doesn’t make these loans, and they’re made by banks and lenders like Veterans United, which will almost always have a minimum credit score that buyers need to qualify.

Is it possible to get a VA loan with bad credit?

There is no problem getting a VA loan with a bad credit score. The first issue is tackling vague phrases like “bad,” “poor,” or “less than perfect.” This language is used because it is difficult to determine what constitutes “good” credit or at least a credit score that can help prospective buyers achieve home ownership. Credit scores and credit scoring models differ; credit score minimums are the same for mortgage lenders.

A FICO score of 580 might be acceptable to some VA lenders, and it will be more appealing to others if it is higher. There is no one-size-fits-all solution here, and VA home loans for first-time buyers without great credit could still buy with a VA loan.

Research and dig to find a lender who can work with your credit profile. If you cannot move forward in the short term, you will also need some patience.

The minimum FICO score required by Veterans United is 620. Credit consultants can help veterans who need more time to be ready score-wise to develop a plan to improve their credit and get pre approved for loans. We offer this complimentary service without any obligation. Tens of thousands of Veterans have benefited from our credit consultants.

Let’s understand how long it takes to improve a bad credit score:

Your credit score will vary depending on your credit situation, the adverse events impacting it, and other factors. Sometimes, Veterans who work with our credit consulting team can improve their credit scores within a few weeks, and others may need a few months. In some cases, we have worked with VA home loans funding fees with veterans for years to rebuild their credit.

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