VA Home Loans- Revolutionary Homeless Vets Programs

VA Home Loans- Revolutionary Homeless Vets Programs

Are you a Veteran who is at risk of becoming homeless? The US Department of Veterans Affairs (VA) can help you in many ways. VA home loans are revolutionary homeless Vets programs that can help you attain homeownership.

This mortgage facility is backed by the VA and comes with a set of noteworthy benefits like no down payment requirements and lower interest rates.


VA home loans are available to Veterans, active military members, national guards and selected family members. With easy eligibility criteria and flexible guidelines, these homeless Vets programs have helped millions of Vets transition smoothly into civilian lifestyles.

VA loans come with the following benefits-

  • No downpayment or PMI requirements
  • No Pre-payment penalties
  • Lower interest rates
  • Government-guaranteed
  • Lower closing costs
  • Easier to qualify
  • Flexible guidelines

Qualifying for a VA Loan

To qualify for a VA mortgage, you must attain COE.

You are eligible for COE if any ONE of the following is true-

  • You are a former/current service member who has served at least 181 continuous days during peacetime OR 90 continuous days during wartime.
  • You are a current/former national guard with at least six years of experience.
  • You are a family member/spouse of a Vet who went MIA, was a POW or died in line of action.


Besides helping with homeownership, the VA also provides healthcare under the Health Care for Homeless Veterans Program (HCHV).

Currently, this program assists more than 40,000 Veterans every year.

Homeless Vets Programs for healthcare provides services like physical and psychiatric health exams, programs for mental health problems and extensive outreach.

Following are some initiative included in Homeless Vets Programs-

  • VA’s Domiciliary Care for Homeless Veterans (DCHV) Program- This program provides rehabilitation and medical care in a residential setting to disabled Veterans who did not need hospitalization or extensive care. The program also offers vocational counseling, physical screening and assessment, post-discharge community support and rehabilitation.
  • Veterans Benefits Assistance at VA Regional Offices- Under this initiative, the VA designates its staff members to get in touch with homeless Veterans.
  • Acquired Property Sales for Homeless Providers Program- This homeless Vet program allows homeless vets to purchase foreclosure properties at huge discounts.
  • VA Excess Property for Homeless Veterans Initiative- This initiative under homeless Vets programs provides personal properties like clothing, sleeping bags, blankets, and footwear. The program also employs former homeless Veterans to ship these personal properties to homeless Vets.
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