Fighting for Veterans’ Disability Benefits?

Fighting for Veterans’ Disability Benefits?

Are you a veteran with disabilities related to your military service? You need an advocate to fight for you. Our experienced team of accredited attorneys and claims agents are ready to assist you with your VA disability claims and appeals. In recognition of the tremendous sacrifice you made to our country, we can provide the quality representation that you deserve in your fight against the Department of Veterans Affairs. If you need to file initial claims, we will file them for you for free. With any appeal, we do not charge a fee unless we win you benefits.

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Are You Eligible for VA Disability Benefits?

To be eligible for VA disability compensation, you must be a veteran with a medical condition related to your military service. The severity of your service-related disability and its impact on your daily life will determine how much compensation you receive. VA will often under-value the severity of your conditions or simply deny your claims; that is why it’s important to have an experienced, aggressive advocate like Rob Levine on your side.

4 Ways To Service-Connect Your VA Disability Claim

Direct Service Connection

Your disability must be directly linked to an event, injury, or exposure that occurred during your military service. Medical records, reports, and other documentation can support this.

Presumptive Service Connection

The circumstances around a veteran’s service can make it easier to service-connect certain claims. If you served in a specific location involving chemical exposure, or if your disabilities manifested within a certain period of time after service, VA will presume that these conditions are related to military service. Specifically, presumptive conditions can include certain chronic diseases, or conditions related to Camp Lejeune water contamination or Agent Orange.

Secondary Service Connection

You may be eligible for benefits if you suffer from a disability caused or aggravated by a condition that is already service-connected.

Aggravation of Pre-Existing Condition

Benefits may be available if your military service aggravated an existing condition.

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Why Choose Rob Levine & Associates?

Tailored Representation

Our experienced team has veterans who served just like you. We leverage our own experience to cut through VA’s bureaucratic red tape, getting veterans MORE benefits, FASTER, and with MORE retro. We provide personalized and dedicated representation that each veteran deserves in their fight against VA.

Multi-pronged Approach

We handle every VA benefits case as a team, relying on team collaboration and expertise for the best possible results. We work with a multidisciplinary approach that allows for comprehensive analysis, thorough preparation, and effective representation throughout the entire process.

Years of Experience

We have an excellent track-record in helping veterans obtain benefits for their service-connected disabilities. Time and again, our extensive knowledge of the VA system, regulations, and requirements have helped increase the chances of securing benefits.

At Rob Levine & Associates, we represent veterans nationwide in their initial claims and appeals. We handle initial claims for free. Contact us today to win the VA disability benefits you deserve!

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