Using Tricare Overseas


Using Tricare Overseas

If you are residing on overseas military bases, then the TRICARE Overseas plan might suit you needs. Click here to find out more about this extension of the TRICARE system.

The TRICARE Overseas health care plan is designed to be an extension of the TRICARE health care system that is in place in the United States. In order to provide managed care to eligible beneficiaries, TricareTRICARE has formed contracts with health care providers in the relevant regions overseas. TRICARE, to ensure that the best quality of services is being provided, closely monitors the performance of these medical health care facilities.

Most of these health care services are provided from military health centers and clinics, which are located on the military bases. However, these usually give priority to servicing members of the military and their family members. If you are residing overseas, then you need to be very careful if you are choosing a health care provider that is not a part of the TRICARE network. A number of potential problems may arise; for example, it is possible for them to charge exorbitant rates, which TRICARE cannot do anything about.

How does it Work?

In order to be eligible for the TRICARE Overseas health care plan, you will be required to go through the process of enrollment. However, there is no enrollment fee that is involved. The TRICARE Overseas health care program is designed in a way to make sure that all the bare minimum health services that are regarded to be essential for an individual are covered.

Once you have enrolled for the TRICARE Overseas health care plan, a primary care manager (also known as a PCM) will be the main person who will look over the medical care that you need. As in the TRICARE Prime health care program, the primary care manager will be responsible for managing all your health care records.

In addition, the primary care manager will also make sure to make any appointments with the doctor on your behalf. If the primary care provider cannot provide any special care that you may require for a chronic medical ailment, he or she may refer you further to another specialist who can provide you with the required care. As authorization is normally required for referral to a specialist, the primary care provider usually works with an organization such as International SOS.

Who is Eligible for the TRICARE Overseas Plan?

People who are eligible to enroll for the TRICARE Overseas health care plans include individuals who are actively serving in the medical forces, as well as the family members of actively servicing members who are command-sponsored. In addition to this, all members of the National Guard and Reserve can also enroll for the TRICAREOverseas health care plan, as well as their family members who have been command-sponsored.

If a man or woman has retired from his or her position in the military forces, then he or she is not eligible for enrolling for the TRICARE Prime Overseas health care plan, and neither is his or her family.

What Will You Have to Pay?

If you have enrolled for and are covered by the TRICARE Overseas health care plan, then you do not need to pay any enrollment fee, as was mentioned above. Furthermore, you can rest assured that there will be no co-payment for any medical care or treatment that you are receiving from the primary care manager that has been assigned to you. If you are visiting a specialist doctor after obtaining prior referral from your primary care manager, then you do not need to pay any co-payment. However, if you go to receive any form of medical care services without obtaining a prior referral from your primary care manager, then you will need to pay point-of-service fees.

What Kind of Services Are Covered?

The Tricare Overseas program offers coverage for several different types of health care services. An individual can seek emergency care when there is a threat perceived to his or her life, safety, limb or sight. In the case of an emergency, the individual does not need to contact his or her primary care manager before obtaining medical services. However, it is important for the individual to notify his or her primary care provider within one whole day (or 24 hours) of receiving medical help. Various emergencies can occur; the individual may be bleeding severely, may not be able to feel the pulse, may have received a severe injury to the back or spinal cord, may have broken a bone, may be experiencing chest pains or may not be able to breathe properly.

Secondly, TRICARE Overseas also covers urgent care. An individual may seek urgent care when the injury or illness is such that it does need professional care within one day, but there is no fatal risk to the individual, nor is a disability likely. In order to receive urgent care, therefore, a person will have to get in touch with his or her primary care provider first. Urgent care can be sought in a number of different situations, such as minor cuts, high fever, headaches due to migraines, sprains, urinary tract infections (or UTIs) and earaches.

Thirdly, Tricare Overseas also covered routine care, which includes routine health checkups. This primary care also refers to the preventive care that a person may need in order to maintain his or her health. For primary or routine care, you will typically not need to go see a specialist because your primary care provider will be able to cater to most of your needs. Primary care can be received in the case of any chronic illness or disease. Furthermore, you can also go see the primary care provider for a follow-up if you are already suffering from a certain medical condition.

Fourthly, TRICARE Overseas also covers specialty care, which is usually administered by a specialist physician and cannot be provided by the primary care manager. Although you will first get in touch with your primary care manager, he or she will usually refer you to a specialist when you need extra medical attention. Specialty care may be needed in the fields of cardiology, gastroenterology, dermatology and obstetrics.

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