U.S. President Joe Biden Calls For Ceasefire In The Israel-Palestine Conflict

Palestine Conflict

U.S. President Joe Biden Calls For Ceasefire In The Israel-Palestine Conflict

As the ongoing clash between Israel and Hamas enters its second week, U.S. President Joe Biden calls for a ceasefire. Reportedly, Biden spoke to his Israeli counterpart Benjamin Netanyahu over a phone call on Monday. He voiced his concern for the loss of innocent lives.

As per the telephonic discussion, Biden expressed America’s willingness to help Israel end this conflict through a ceasefire. It’s the first occasion when the Biden Administration has mentioned a ceasefire since the start of the struggle in the middle east. However, sources also claim that Biden’s move is diplomatic because he does not explicitly encouraged Israel to stand down. This was the third telephonic conversation between Biden and Netanyahu.

They also discussed Israel’s strategies against Hamas, whom both America and Israel view as a terrorist organization. While Biden said that it’s Israel’s right to defend itself, he also encouraged Israel to make efforts to save innocent lives.

White House press secretary Jen Psaki said that the U.S. is using a quieter and intensive approach to control this violence. She said, “Every single action we take and every statement we make is to end the violence.” She also added, “There are times in diplomacy when we have to keep our conversations private. However, our objective is only to end violence.”

While Israel has shown its intention to continue bombing Hamas’s locations in the second week, Democrats in Washington have pushed Biden to raise his voice.

More than 25 democratic Senators have called for an immediate ceasefire agreement between Israeli and Palestinian authorities. Other Democrats have asked Biden to take strict measures to end the violence immediately.

While commenting on this, Jen Psaki said, “Sometimes one has to step back from politics.”

She also added that while it is heartbreaking to watch innocent people die, being discrete and diplomatic is the only way to control this.


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