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We have been hard at work creating a space and an experience that recognizes the needs of military veterans in the United States. These brave men and women have given their service, sweat and toil, laying everything on the line in defense of this country. That is why we are rebuilding this site as a resource for their needs. It is our goal to be the center of efforts for recognizing everything they have done, and to maximize the rewards to which they are due.

Because survival is simply not enough.

Yes, there are support organizations, and yes, there are existing charities – but there are also confusing forms, unclear processes, and lack of funding. And the other side of the coin is hardly any better, with unscrupulous charities and general societal apathy towards this issue.

According to 2014 figures, there are 21.8 million veterans in the United States and of that amount, 1.5 million live in poverty. Another 2 million live just above the poverty line. That’s how many people hang in the balance, and that’s who we hope will benefit through our cause. And while there are approximately 44,000 non-profit organizations that aim to serve veterans in various capacities, the vets who spoke to us relayed a consistent pattern of problems related to obtaining these services; locating the right support groups; pinpointing the correct non-profit for their specific issue; and growing frustration while attempting to navigate the confusing maze of what is supposed to be a supportive service.

Despite their best intentions, existing organizations have not been successful at responding to the difficulties veterans face in obtaining assistance. Listening to their feedback allows us to account for the human factor, which we are harnessing to build an easily navigable and centralized place where veterans may go to quickly locate the information they need, thereby obtaining the compass for guiding them towards the right organization.

This is where Veterans Anonymous can change the world.

Veterans Anonymous was founded by entrepreneurs, veterans, former Anonymous members, and current hacktivists to bring about a simple technical solution to the complex issue of navigating through the various channels of support that are available. To put it bluntly, the goal is to organize and curate the existing information so that Veterans spend less time searching for it, and more time actually getting the support they need.

Currently, is focused on the following:

• Information Resources
• Community Website
• Non-Profit Database
• Veteran Owned Business Database
• Veteran Advocacy

Helping to lead this charge is long-time activist and entrepreneur Gregg Housh, who in 2008 played a critical role in launching a global wave of Internet and real-world protests under the banner of the Anonymous internet collective. During this decade of digital activism, he has developed specialized project management practices, media and social media management skills, and technical expertise, all while maintaining the “Do-ocracy” attitude that has made Anonymous’ successes possible. His unique skills and unparalleled access to the technology space will be leveraged against the challenges facing Veterans.

Survival is truly not enough: for Veterans to come home and be beside themselves in the face of a whole new set of challenges is not something our society and culture should stand for. There is a better way, and Veterans Anonymous is intent on creating the connections and solutions that will take us there, no matter how complicated it may seem. The smallest line of code and the initial forging of human connections can make all the difference in the world-if it’s aimed towards the right cause.

For those who have yearned to help our vets and bring them stability in the country they fought for, Veterans Anonymous is the answer. It’s time to empower veterans and build an army for good. Funded by donations, Veteran Anonymous will create tech solutions which will bring our veterans closer to the level of stability which they have earned. A level of stability which is well-deserved. We need your donations to help create these solutions become a reality, and ultimately, support the brave men and women who have sacrificed so much for us.

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