Term Limits for Congress

Term Limits for Congress

President Trump in his election campaign for the presidency veraciously supported limiting the terms of the congressmen in both the House of Representatives and the Senate. Banking on the undertones of this populist resolution and the fact that the approval ratings of the Congress, in general, had been abysmally low, President Trump ensured that as soon as he comes to power, he will take the seat in the white house, the people of the US will see a drastic shift in the structure and the functioning of the Congress. Although no such half measures have been implemented as of yet. It remains to be seen how the US lawmakers themselves will decide upon the fate of their own tenure.

Currently, legislators from both the houses are not bound by a particular duration for which they are supposed to hold the office. They can get themselves re-elected again at the behest of the mandate. But lately, murmurs of restricting the law-makers presence in the office has been doing the rounds. Curbing the House of Representatives’ tenure to six two-year terms and Senate’s to two six-year terms- 12 years for both- has majored in numerous Republican’s and a handful of Democrat’s agenda. In the backdrop of poor approval ratings, anti-incumbency, and rampant corruption, some lawmakers believe that rooting out the rotten will fix what is wrong in the system.

According to a recent poll conducted by Gallup, three-quarter of Americans would also support establishing term limits for the Federal Lawmakers.  But opponents argue that this will eventually lead to the removal of the good legislators as well on whose shoulders the entire country is functioning. Calling the decision precipitous, they contend that it will be undemocratic to rob the people of America from deciding by whom they would want their district to be represented. Derailing the influence that the common public has on legislators and shifting it to the unelected bureaucrats is another ramification cited by those contending the term limits. Also, the common law of elections which has been embedded in the US constitution since time immemorial does well in countering the agenda of term limits.

The longevity, as well as seniority in each of the house, has been attributed to institutional knowledge and expertise on the different subjects of the lawmaking body. But in conjunction with this attribution, the claim of lawmakers treating their positions in the office from the standpoint of careers is also vocal enough. Instead of working upon the policies that could benefit the constituents of their district, many legislators are prone to spending too much capital for their re-election campaigns and posturing in public.  The incessant interpersonal bickering between the two major factions- the Democrats and the Republicans- that the US public at times must be privy to can potentially be eliminated if the congressmen are constantly reminded of the limited amount of time they have in the Congress. It will pressurize them to work arduously for the masses. The transient nature of politics also beckons the inclusion of new ideas and fresh blood in the US Congress, which can only be ascertained when equal and fair opportunities are provided.

Although the current political scene in the US is still inundated with the lobbyist and populist advocacy, once the congressional term limits are brought into order, the situation can get even worse. The lobbyists will leave no stone unturned to assist those candidates to enter the office whom they would deem aligned with their own ideologies.  But with the Americans firmly in favor of setting the terms limits for the congressmen just like the President, the needle on the decision still hangs in the balance. So, what do you think, Should there be term limits set for members of Congress?

  • Stephens E. DeLaye
    Posted at 15:16h, 10 January Reply

    Those people ELECTED by “We The People” serve at Our Behest, they are Our Peyons, They work for US, WE do not work for them. They are nothing more then “SERFS” of “We The People”. They are nothing more then LAZY BASTARDS who refuse to work for a living like those They Serve.
    They claim respect from us, which they NEVER return. They ASSUME to be better than those who put them where they are. I have exactly NO RESPECT for a Dirt Bag that does not know his, or her, proper place. I have very little respect for a scum sucker that knows nothing about the Constitution of this country, which the greater majority of Congress is vastly devoid of reading or knowing.
    I am a Veteran, I served my country proudly, right now, because of Congress, I have NO PRIDE. I fought to preserve the Constitution from all enemies,Foreign and Domestic. As far as I’m concerned, this Congress is a “Domestic Enemy” of “We The People”. I was Honorably Discharged from active duty, but I was Never Discharged from the Oath I Swore.

  • David Moore
    Posted at 21:48h, 22 November Reply

    I would also like to see when you have server your term limits, you could no longer run for any other congressional seat. Example you server 12 years in the House, you would not be able to run for the senate and the opposite. I also do not believe that Congress should be able to vote for their own pay raises, that should be voted for by the American people.

  • Sue
    Posted at 03:06h, 25 July Reply

    Absolutely we want term limits for Congress. Maybe if seats change, we won’t have so many multi-millionaires made from Congress’ kickbacks.

  • Ronald Keith Dyess
    Posted at 11:02h, 15 June Reply

    I thank that both should be set up just like the military retirement system. But they would need to service 20 years before they would be eligible for any retirement that could be no more than 35% of their annual salary. The America people would vote a pay raise for all congress and senators. Their pay would stop (no back pay) when they cannot approve issue that effect the America people by the set deadline. The work for the American people not to get rich by servicing in the Congress and senate.

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