Syrian Refugee Crisis – What should be our stand?

Syrian Refugee Crisis – What should be our stand?

US President Donald Trump has made it crystal clear that he is not going to compromise with the national security, and it is visible in his actions, and his national security team’s plan for Syria. With the Brutal civil war still going on in Syria, the US administration is not at all looking forward to accepting large numbers of Syrian refugees in the country. Some say the US should not provide a home to more refugees as they can’t risk safety and security while others say the US is not doing enough and can comfortably accommodate more refugees. This country is, after all, a nation of immigrants.

Here let’s go through the arguments which say: The US should not accept Syrian refugees:

  • A considerable percentage of Syrian refugees have a good opinion about ISIS, the US will not think twice to restrict people with such ideology into their boundaries. Although it is not a huge number; it took only 19 terrorists to carry out 9/11 attacks, so putting national security on stake will not be a smart move. The US Government also does not have any access to the database in Syria that can be used to keep a check on the criminal records of incoming people.
  • The money which is going to be spent on refugees could be spent on Americans inarguably. Resettlement of refugees is not cheap, and it will need government involvement in the earlier stages especially. According to an estimate, around 40 million Americans are living in poverty, the US is not able to afford such expenses with no financial gains.
  • Why ‘only’ US should accept Syrian refugees while other neighbours of Syria are in no mood to do so? For example, Saudi Arabia, which has GDP compared to the US and is ten times than Syria. The US could easily get away with this issue using this reason and ask other countries to come forward for the cause.
  • President Donald Trump stands clear on his idea of Nationalism. Many of his supporters believe him for this ideology, in no condition people of America will accept that their leader who thinks of the nation first should risk the national security for Syrian people for no substantial reason.

Here’s another side of the coin which sees the US accepting Syrian refugees without any problem, let’s go through them:

  • National security is undeniably the most critical issue of the country but if we look at the statistics since 1990 America is the home for 2 million refugees from all over the world and none of them have carried any act of terrorism.
  • If the US really want to accept Syrian refugees than as they say where there is a will there is a way, a process can be made to register them and avoid any possible threat in the future. This process is entirely feasible and will take only one-time investment and will ensure that anyone who dares to threaten the security of the nation will be behind bars or at least be on official records of the government. In the beginning, giving them a token number and allowing them to settle can be a good way.
  • Accepting refugees will not only make America stronger culturally but also economically, the latter point might sound unconvincing, but if we look at the history of the economic impact of refugees worldwide, we will get to know that if properly managed these people can help contribute to nations GDP up to a more significant extent.
  • The US must take the responsibility of the rocketing inflation in the number of refugees; civil war in Syria has forced around 11 million Syrian people to leave their homes. So, the US has a moral responsibility to respond to this crisis and a vested interest in indulging in a matter which is going to impact the whole world.

Bottom line

The response of the US to the Syrian crisis puts the question to the security, American ideals and the image of the US in the world. While the Syrian civil war does not look like its ending very soon, the US must come forward with a definite decision.

What are your thoughts? Should the U.S. accept refugees from Syria?

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