Richard Ojeda On Dirty Politics

Richard Ojeda On Dirty Politics

Sometimes people don’t realize how dirty politics is until they find themselves directly involved in it. One of the things that really bothers me in the game of politics is ‘saturating the vote.’ And this happens a lot, especially at the local level. If you’re a person who wants to run for office, you will feel that you’re being played. For instance, if you’re trying to run for a particular position and then suddenly, people reach out to you and tell you to run for a different position. If you run for the position that they suggest you to run for, they will support you. And that is absolute nonsense! 

Guess what happens after that? Instead of running against one person, you find yourself running against 15 or 20 people. What’s happening is these people want their own people to win that position, and they want to ensure that by playing you. When 20 or 25 people are running against an incumbent who has held that position for a decade or so, it becomes quite obvious that the incumbent will easily win by securing 20-25% of the total votes. At the end of all this, you realize that you’ve been duped and that my friend is called saturating the vote. Many people use this tactic, and it works pretty well for them. So if you’re running for a particular position and people tell you to run for a different position, you can ask them to mind their own business. 

Another dirty game in the world of politics is last-minute filing. That’s what happened in my last race in the senate. Here’s what many people do to win the election. They wait until the last day because they don’t want anyone else to jump in the race to make sure it’s just them against the other person because they think they have a better chance of winning. 

Religion is another weapon used by politicians to win the unsuspecting people. Right before the elections, these politicians start going to every church and making little donations. They start singing in the choir, even when they’re not least bit religious. But they know there are people who’re not smart enough to realize what’s real and what’s not. That’s how little they think of the people.

Don’t get played by these phony spectacles. When you elect a person for a position of power, just think do they have the vision to elevate the chair, and then decide!

Vote wisely!

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